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ScreenFlow is a popular screen recording and editing tool for MacOS, but can you find ScreenFlow for PC? Unfortunately, there isn’t available ScreenFlow software for Windows, but there are several attractive alternatives on the market today.

Quick summary

  1. For lossless video quality on small-screen recordings: Bandicam.

  2. For live streaming and gameplay recordings: OBS Studio.

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Best Screenflow Windows alternatives

  • Best for:

    Capturing 4K screen recordings with system and/or microphone audio

  • OS:

    MacOS, Windows

  • G2 rating:


Movavi Screen Recorder is a popular alternative to ScreenFlow for PC with free trial, so users can check out its interface before committing to a purchase. The screen recording software makes it easy to capture part or all of a user’s screen, and it includes live-drawing and annotation capabilities during recording. Users can also highlight keystrokes and mouse movement, along with other live video enhancements. After you’re done recording, you can edit your video in Movavi without any other third-party video editing software. 

Key features:

  • Easy screenshotting with annotation tools
  • Can capture your screen and camera feeds in up to 4K quality
  • Can grab system sound and mic noise-free
  • Enables you to create demos and tutorials with your voice commentary
  • Allows you to show mouse actions and keystrokes
  • Lets you annotate videos with text, shapes, and arrows 
  • Can export your recording in any popular video or audio format
  • Can upload your video to YouTube directly


  • Has a built-in scheduler tool so that you can record online events without taking part in them

  • Offers basic video-editing tools so that you can make your footage shorter and delete unwanted parts

  • Can remove noise from the audio stream


  • The full functionality is unlocked with a subscription

OBS Studio

  • Best for:

    Live streaming gaming videos and presentations

  • OS:

    Windows, MacOS, Linux

  • PCWorld rating:


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is a freeware alternative to ScreenFlow for Windows, Mac, or Linux. The open-source software is extremely powerful, especially for a 100% free program, but users should be warned that OBS comes with a fairly steep learning curve. The user interface isn’t the most intuitive, and some features can be difficult to find and use. 

Download OBS Studio

Key features:

  • Live streaming capabilities

  • Export capabilities for multiple file formats

  • Unlimited video sources and scenes


  • Advanced output settings

  • Gameplay recording options

  • 100% free software


  • Difficult learning curve

  • Lack of customer support


  • Best for:

    Capturing short videos for free

  • OS:

    Windows XP SP3/7/8/10

  • TechRadar rating:


Ezvid is an attractive alternative to ScreenFlow for Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as XP SP3. The software is free and allows users to record up to 45 minutes of screentime with no watermark on their export videos. Along with screen recording, Ezvid also includes video editing, live drawing, and a free stock music library.

Get Ezvid

Key features:

  • Built-in video editor

  • Live-drawing

  • Slideshow maker feature


  • No watermarks on free videos

  • Easy-to-learn software

  • Instant voice synthesis


  • Only exports to YouTube (no saving capabilities)

  • Limited recording time

  • No way to hide recording widget in export videos


  • Best for:

    Recording high-quality videos from smaller screens

  • OS:


  • G2 rating:


Another good ScreenFlow alternative for Windows, Bandicam is very popular with gaming streamers. It’s a fairly powerful program with recording capabilities for multiple devices. A lot of gamers like Bandicam because it provides a way to record videos from small screens without losing video quality in the export. Users who opt to purchase both Bandicam and Bandicut can also edit their videos without downloading any other software.

Download Bandicam

Key features:

  • Screen recording for Windows, Xbox, Playstation, phones, and tablets

  • Seamless integration with Bandicut video editing software

  • Video and audio recording and mixing capabilities


  • Lossless video recording from smaller screens

  • High compression rate

  • User-friendly interface


  • Requires Bandicut for video edits

  • Limited screen capture options

  • Recordings limited to 10 minutes without registration


  • Best for:

    Recording presentations and training videos in Windows or Linux

  • OS:

    Windows, Linux

  • Trustpilot rating:


Users on the hunt for a ScreenFlow free Windows alternative may be interested in ScreenRec. This free software includes screen recordings with live annotations and screenshots, as well as audio capture. ScreenRec is especially popular with users who need to create online tutorials and presentations, and it works well to create onboarding and training videos, as well. It also automatically encrypts and uploads export videos to the cloud, and a convenient link is provided for users to easily access videos.

Get ScreenRec

Key features:

  • Automatic file encryption

  • Analytics capabilities

  • Quick screenshots while recording


  • Fast, secure access to videos stored in the cloud

  • 100% free screen recordings


  • Lacks video editing tools

  • Bugs reported with annotation functionality


ShareX is free, open-source file sharing, screen capture, and productivity software for PC. It offers several options to record part or all of your screen, including fullscreen, custom region, scrolling capture, active window, and active monitor, among others. The software also includes several tools and features to enhance screenshots and screen recordings after capture, including QR code scanning, local file deletion, text recognition, and image editing.

Download ShareX

Key features:

  • Scrolling capture capability

  • QR code scanning

  • Text recognition


  • Multiple features and capabilities to enhance screen recordings

  • Productivity tools included with free software


  • Cannot capture videos from external devices (e.g., game consoles)

  • Unintuitive user interface


  • Best for:

    Capturing screen recordings under five minutes

  • OS:

    Windows, MacOS

  • G2 rating:


TinyTake is a screen recording and screen capture program with a free download for Windows and Mac. The free version limits screen recordings to five minutes and offers two gigabytes of cloud storage. To increase recording times, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the paid licenses, but be aware that the Standard and Plus subscriptions still limit recordings to 15 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively. The user interface is fairly straightforward, but the free version does include ads and promotions that you won’t be able to get rid of unless you opt for a paid subscription.

Get TinyTakes

Key features:

  • Live annotations

  • Screen capture while recording

  • Video sharing


  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Streamlined video sharing capabilities


  • Limited video lengths on free and lower-priced subscriptions

  • Ads and promotions on free version

Icecream Screen Recorder

  • Best for:

    Pre-scheduling automated recordings

  • OS:

    Windows, MacOS, Android

  • Capterra rating:


Icecream is a top pick for a ScreenFlow Windows alternative. The software includes options to record your full screen, part of the screen, or a selected application. Many users choose Icecream to record their Whatsapp calls, as well as to create recordings of live streams and video tutorials for later use. One of its biggest benefits is its recording scheduler feature. If you have a webinar or online video that you need to record at a specific time and you may not be available to record it manually, you can automate your recording with Icecream. However, the free download version is extremely limited, and the only way to record webcam footage is as an overlay on your screen.

Download Icecream Screen Recorder

Key features:

  • Automated scheduling for recordings

  • Live cursor highlighting

  • Basic video editing (trim, crop, etc.)


  • Live drawing and zooming while recording

  • Cloud storage included with subscription


  • Extremely limited trial version

  • Webcam recording only available as part of a screen recording

Game Bar

Game Bar is the native screen recorder included with Windows 10 and 11. This program allows you to record your computer screen or your Xbox gameplay without a download. PC users can find Game Bar by navigating to Settings > Gaming > Game Bar. The app is very convenient when it works, but users have reported issues with glitches and lagging recordings.

Get Game Bar

Key features:

  • Hotkey commands for quick screen captures and recordings

  • Xbox recording

  • System audio capture


  • Built-in with Windows 10 – no PC download required

  • Quick and convenient screen recording


  • Occasional lagging video recordings

  • Inconsistent functionality

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a screen recording platform designed to help teams improve collaboration and presentation capabilities. It includes system and microphone audio capture, and exports videos in multiple formats, including MP4, WMV, and AVI. Along with features for corporate teams, it also includes adjustable gaming settings and picture-in-picture features.

Download FlashBack Express

Key features:

  • Video editing capabilities

  • Picture-in-picture features

  • Gaming settings


  • Easy to use

  • Lossless video capture

  • Live annotations


  • Expensive compared with other programs

  • Only includes basic video editing features

Tips on choosing the best ScreenFlow alternative for Windows


Best for


Capturing 4K screen recordings with system and/or microphone audio

Live streaming gaming videos and presentations

Capturing short videos for free

So, does ScreenFlow work on PC? Unfortunately no, but as you can see here, there are plenty of alternatives. Before you pick one, though, you may want to consider a few key factors:

  • Price: What’s your budget? If you need to record a longer video without a watermark, you may need to opt for one of the paid programs we reviewed.

  • Features: Do you need cursor and keyboard highlighting? What about video editing functionalities? You may want to invest in an option that includes all the features and tools you’ll need – so you don’t have to purchase more software unnecessarily.

  • Customer support: Some of the most popular free and low-priced screen recorders don’t have much (or any) customer support. If something goes wrong, will you have someone to turn to for help quickly?

Summary: Is ScreenFlow for Windows? No, but you have options

ScreenFlow may not work for Windows, but now you should know everything you need to find the best PC screen recorder for your next video project. If you’re still struggling to choose one, why not try Movavi Screen Recorder today?

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

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