How to Add a Watermark or Logo to a Video (Windows/Mac)

To add watermarks or logos to a video, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add the video to the program

  2. Add an image or a text to the video

  3. Save the result

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In this guide, we’re exploring how to add a watermark in video projects, whether you are looking to put a watermark on to protect copyright or as just a part of your branding, ensuring if your video gets shared, your brand gets the credit. Luckily, there are some really easy methods to add a JPG image or text logo to your video using simple software or even a video logo creator or editor online. Remember that many people find the best way to add a watermark to a video is using a simple and efficient watermark adder such as Movavi Video Suite.

Add a watermark or logo to a video (using photo or text)

Movavi Video Suite allows adding your watermark to a video in a matter of minutes through a simple video editor. You can also enjoy other features with this easy tool.

Step 1. Install the video watermark maker

Download and install Movavi Video Suite by following the install instructions on either Mac or Windows. The on-screen instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Step 2. Add the video to the program

Before watermarking, you need to add the video itself to the program. Select the Edit Video option. Click Add Files and then navigate to the appropriate video file. You can also click and drag a video file directly into the window.

Step 3. Add your logo or watermark to the video

Add as a photo

Now it’s time to upload your logo or watermark to the program. It’s best to ensure the image you are going to use is transparent unless you want it to appear opaque. You can use both static and animated images.

Add the file with your logo or watermark to the timeline. Now start dragging this file up until a new Overlay Track appears. Drop the file onto the Overlay Track, so that it appears on top of the video. By changing the position of the image clip on the Overlay Track, you can change when it appears in the video. To make your logo or watermark appear throughout the entire video, drag the right edge of the image clip to the end of the lower video clip.

To edit the image, double-click it on the timeline. To the left of the player window, you’ll see the open Clip Properties tab where you can change the position and Opacity of your logo or watermark, set the on-screen Duration manually, or add Fade in and Fade out effects.

Add as a text

Open the Titles tab and drag the Simple text title onto the timeline. Enter the desired text for the watermark and change its size, font, and color. In the preview window, drag the watermark to the desired position.

Step 4. Save the result

When it is time to save and render the video, click on Export. You’ll see a new export window where you can turn the video into the desired output format, set the file name and the folder to save it to, and select the quality. When all this is done, click Start to begin the process.

Frequently asked questions

How do I add a watermark to a YouTube video?

YouTube allows users to use their own video logo creator and suite to add a watermark in video projects. Unfortunately, this video watermark maker will impact all of the videos you upload rather than letting you choose, which is why some choose to watermark their videos before they consider uploading them.

  1. Navigate to YouTube Studio and click on the Settings tab in the menu, followed by Channel, and then Branding.

  2. Select Choose Image from the menu and then upload the image file you want to use for the watermark.

  3. Select options under the menu for Display Time, which lets you set the time and location of your watermark in your YouTube channel’s videos. You can just have it on the intro or a separate clip if you want.

How can I add a watermark to a video online?

For those looking for how to add a logo to video projects or wanting to add free and simple effects without wanting to download video editing software, there are some easy methods online. Though they tend to be simple and have special templates for different types of videos, keep in mind the fact that online methods usually have limitations, for instance, they might limit the file sizes that you can use and prevent you from using any HD footage.

The following watermark generators let you place a cover, logo, or watermark on your video projects online without having to pay for software.

How do I add a logo to a video in iMovie?

  1. Create a new project or open a project in iMovie for Mac, and add your video clip as usual.

  2. Open Finder on your Mac and drag your file to iMovie to add this logo to your video clip. You can drag it to size and make adjustments to the edges of the video.

  3. Ensure the watermarked clip is running in parallel with your video for the desired length before exporting the video in the desired file type and quality settings.

Keep in mind the fact that the process will be slightly different using iMovie on iOS as you won’t be able to click and drag the file. Instead, ensure that you have a transparent PNG of the image you want to use as your watermark and import this separately in the same way that you would import the video file. You are then able to overlay it.

How do I put a watermark on a video in Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is another free method to put your watermark on the clip. The app makes it simple to combine the watermark image or text with the video you want to.

  1. Import video files. Click on the Import button and navigate to the video file that you plan to add your watermark to.

  2. You can click and drag your own image into the project’s timeline to use this as a watermark. Alternatively, click Elements in the toolbar and you can add a design element on top of the video and use this as a watermark.

  3. Export or upload. Windows Movie Maker lets you upload directly to YouTube if you wish. If not, click Export. You’ll be met with a menu to choose a variety of formats and set quality options for the final product.

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