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To change the format of your music files, use this OGG-to-MP3 converter free online. Using it, you can change OGG to MP3 online in just a couple of clicks. To convert multiple files, use a desktop program.

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How to convert OGG to MP3

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Even though OGG is open-source, files in this format are not well supported by mobile devices – iPhones and iPads, for starters. Your best solution here is to change the OGG files to a more accessible audio format. All you need is a suitable OGG converter to MP3.

How to convert OGG files to MP3 with Movavi Video Converter

There’s a lot of OGG-to-MP3 converters to choose from. First of all, there are online options. They’re easy to use and do not require installing any additional software. However, OGG-to-MP3 online converters are limited in features and don’t support batch conversion. Second, you can find a free desktop converter. There are some good options you can find on the Internet, but they usually have restrictions that are unlocked in the premium paid version. So, it’s better to read about the restrictions of the free version beforehand.

Movavi Video Converter is a premium OGG Vorbis-to-MP3 converter with a free trial version. With over 180 supported file formats, simple editing tools, and the batch conversion feature, it’s a reasonable option to consider. Download the software to convert .ogg to .mp3 and see if it suits you.

Step 1. Install the OGG-to-MP3 converter

Run the file you’ve downloaded and complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Add the audio files you want to transfer

In the upper left-hand corner of the program window, click the Add Media button and then Add Audio. Locate and select the OGG file you want to convert to MP3. You can also add multiple files to batch-convert OGG to MP3. This feature is specific to the desktop converter; the OGG-to-MP3 converter online can only convert one file at a time.

Step 3. Select the output format

Go to the Audio tab and open the MP3 preset group. Choose the appropriate preset for your device.

Step 4. Choose the folder and convert OGG to MP3

Hit the Save to button to set the destination folder for your converted files, then click Convert. Your files will be converted in no time!

OGG vs. MP3: what’s the difference?

OGG vs. MP3: which format to choose? It depends on your needs. If you want to listen to music on a device that doesn’t support one format or the other, just choose the one that’s supported (generally, it’s MP3). If the device you’re using can play both OGG and MP3, OGG generally has a smaller file size and better quality. If you convert OGG files to MP3, they may lose the quality of sound. However, if you do the opposite, nothing will be gained. If you want to check out the difference by yourself, convert your OGG to MP3 online: it won’t take much time, but you will be able to compare the results.

Here’s a short table comparing .ogg files to .mp3.

Comparison parameter






Format type



Device support

Only Windows and Android devices

Almost any device



Open-source format, but it falls under constraint at times due to the patent

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Frequently asked questions

What is an OGG file?

A .ogg file is an audio file in the OGG format. It’s an open-source format that supports up to 256 distinct channels. That’s why OGG audio files are usually smaller than the MP3 ones and have better audio quality.

How to open .ogg files?

Opening a file with a .ogg extension may be more or less difficult, depending on your platform. If you’re using a Windows PC or an Android device, try the default player and, if it doesn’t work, try VLC. If the file still won’t open or you’re using a Mac device, try uploading the audio on Google Drive – its built-in player can open OGG audio files.

Is OGG better than MP3?

It depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to listen to the track on a device that doesn’t support OGG, choose MP3. If you want the best size and quality ratio, keep the files in the OGG format – the OGG’s quality is better than the one of MP3s, and the files are smaller in size.

How to convert OGG to MP3 on Windows 10?

To convert an OGG file to MP3, try Movavi Video Converter. It’s an OGG-to-MP3 converter that’s free to download. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download, install, and launch the software.
    Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows

  2. Drag and drop the OGG files into the program’s window.

  3. Open the Audio tab and select MP3 as the output format.

  4. To start converting OGG to MP3, click Convert.

How to convert OGG to MP3 on Mac?

To convert from OGG to MP3 on Mac, you can use Movavi Video Converter:

  1. Download and install the software:
    Download Movavi Video Converter for Mac

  2. Drag and drop the OGG files into the program’s window.

  3. From the Audio tab, select MP3.

  4. To change OGG to MP3, click Convert.

How to convert OGG to MP3 on Linux?

On Linux, you can use an OGG-to-MP3 converter online, for example, the one at the top of this page. Here’s how to convert OGG files to MP3 online:

  1. Scroll up to the online converter:
    Online converter by Movavi

  2. Click Add Your File and locate the OGG file you want to convert.

  3. Make sure that MP3 is chosen as the target format.

  4. To convert OGG to MP3 online, click Convert.

How to convert OGG to MP3 with VLC?

Here’s how to change the format of an OGG file to MP3 with VLC:

  1. Get VLC on your computer:
    Download VLC

  2. Open the Media menu and select Convert/Save.

  3. Click Add and select the OGG to convert to MP3. Click Convert/Save.

  4. In the Profile list, select Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4).

  5. Click the Wrench icon. In the Encapsulation tab, select MP3. In the Audio codec tab, open the Codec drop-down list and choose MP3. Click Save.

  6. Click Browse, select the target folder, and enter the name for the converted file, including the “.mp3” extension.

  7. Finally, click Start.

How to change OGG to MP3 using Audacity?

Audacity is an audio-editing program. You can use it as an OGG-to-MP3 converter and download it for free. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Download, install, and launch Audacity:
    Get Audacity from the official website

  2. In the File menu, select Open, locate the file you want to convert, and click Open to confirm.

  3. Open the File menu again, hover over Export, and click Export as MP3.

  4. Locate a target folder for the file and enter a filename.

  5. To start processing, click Save and then OK.

How to play OGG online?

You can use Google Drive as an OGG player online. Upload your audio file to the drive and click it. Google Drive has a built-in player that opens OGG audio.

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Have questions?

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