March 30, 2021

How to Make a GoToMeeting Recording

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  1. Download the streaming video recorder
  2. Adjust the recording parameters
  3. Save live streams and TV shows to watch them later
  4. Convert the screencasts to other formats

Don't waste precious time – record important things now!

Taking GoToMeeting recordings is an essential part of our day mayhems. A lot can be said in a meeting/webinar, and without the means to track the discussions, you're likely to forget vital decisions. Recording GoToMeeting sessions is even more worthwhile for people who cannot attend or watch live webinars. Because, often, they have to piece together the meeting proceedings, albeit unsuccessfully.

Fortunately, you can capture live meetings, tutorials, and webinars, save the file in a preferred format, and send the recorded GoToMeeting session to workmates, friends, and family.

This guide explores 5 free apps for creating a GoToMeeting video recording: Movavi Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac, the built-in GoToMeeting recorder, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder, the Record it! App for iOS, and Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android.

How to Record a GoToMeeting Session or Webinar on PC

PC users can take GoToMeeting sessions (and webinars) using various screen recorders available in the market – at a fee or, in this case, for free.

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the exceptional screen recorders in the market. As an advanced program, Movavi Screen Recorder has a wide range of settings, including an automatic scheduler, specific keyboard & cursor effects, and same-time recording of different streams. With Movavi, you can take screen captures and edit them in the preview window. Moreover, its high-quality recordings make it easier to revisit your recording, while the built-in usage tips save you some learning time.

To learn more about this screen recorder, read the review below:

Review of Movavi Screen Recorder by G2

How to Record GoToMeeting Sessions with Movavi Screen Recorder

First, download the recorder for Windows or Mac. To do so, click the download link for your computer operating system, launch the installation file once the download is complete, and follow through with the installation.

When the installation process is completed successfully, configure the preferred settings. To do so, launch the screen recorder and go to the Settings panel. On the settings window, you'll find different options, including audio and video formatting, scheduling, keystrokes, and shortcuts. Customize each to your liking.

Click Start recording and adjust the recording frame as needed. As a presenter, be sure to enable the Microphone and Webcam. As a participant, disable the Microphone to eliminate external sounds and enable the System Audio to capture the internal sound. To record the GoToMeeting session, press the REC button, sit back, and enjoy the meeting.

If in need of taking screenshots with the video recording in progress, hit the Screenshot icon. While at it, edit the resulting image in the preview window – if need be – all without interpreting the screen recording.

Once the webinar is over, hit Stop. In the preview window, click Export. Select your preferred video format (MP4, AVI, or MOV) in the preview window and hit the Save button. Note, you can make it easy for your workmates and friends to access the recording by uploading it to Google Drive or YouTube.

How to Get a Recorded GoToMeeting Call with Built-In Tool

Most (if not all) devices have a built-in screen recorder, which you can use to capture video and audio at the same time – all without downloading other software/programs. Note, you're required to have free space on the hard disk (think of 100 MB+) for a successful recording.

How to Record GoToMeeting Sessions with a Built-In Tool

Locate the Organizer Control Panel and on the View panel, hit the Recording button. In the Recording window, click the Settings hyperlink.

In the Settings tab, select/disable audio or video recording options as per your preferences. Note, selecting Windows Media Player as the preferred output format calls for large hard disk space to accommodate the recorded file.

Next, select the folder in which you'll save the recording and hit OK. If you skip this step, the local recording will be saved in the “Documents” folder by default.

To record the webinar, click the Start Recording button. Conversely, hit the Stop Recording button once the GoToMeeting is over and give the program time to format and save the file as per your preferences.

How to Record a GoToMeeting with AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

If you don’t have much space on your device, you may be interested in online recorders. The one by AceThinker is one of the most popular online. With an average of around 4.2 out of 5 stars rating and 121 reviews, it’s a reliable pick for any user. The main advantage of the software is its ability to record any screen activity, while many other online recorders can only capture what’s happening in your browser. It also lets you draw on the screen while recording, which is essential for recording brief tutorials.

How to Record GoToMeeting Sessions with AceThinker

First, go to the official AceThinker website:

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Click Start Recording and wait for the software to install its launcher on your computer.

Then, set the recording frame over your GoToMeeting window. Choose the sound source (System&Mic is what you generally need for a meeting recording).

As soon as you’re ready to start, click REC. You can pause or stop recording whenever you need. When you’re done, you can cut out the end and the beginning of the recording, save it to your computer, or upload it online (to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Apowersoft cloud server).

How to Record a GoToMeeting on iOS

Record it! is the go-to screen recorder for iPad and iPhone users. The app has the highest rating on App Store – 4.6/5 stars from 328K verified users – and for a good reason. It enables you to record game walk-throughs, tutorials, video demos, training videos, and favorite games; while allowing you to customize the recordings with video reactions or audio commentary.

How to Record GoToMeeting Sessions on the Record it! App

As an attendee, download the app on the App Store following the link below and install it on your iPad or iPhone.

Download Record it! on the App Store

Next, launch the app and hit the Record it! Capture button. The recording will automatically begin, with the recorded video's length displayed next to the capture button. Once done, hit the Stop Broadcast button to end the recording session.

Note, the one-tap-to-start recording option only works with an iOS 12 – for iOS11 and below, find some easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube.

Once done with the recording, enhance the resulting file, Camera Roll Videos, or YouTube videos with customizable FaceCam Reactions. Can you also edit the recording with various options? Yes, the app enables you to apply filters, trim and rotate your video, adjust playback speed, and change canvas and background color.

Finally, you can organize your recordings, save to Camera Roll, upload to YouTube, or share to other apps via AirDrop or email.

How to Download GoToWebinar recording on Android

Record GoToMeeting sessions, your favorite games, video, applications, and live broadcasts on Android with Mobizen Screen Recorder. The screen recorder is the editor's choice on Google play with a rating of 4.2/5 stars from 2,871,361 verified users.

How to Record GoToMeeting Sessions with Mobizen Screen Recorder

First, download the Mobizen app from Google Store or Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone.

Get Mobizen Screen Recorder on Google Play

Next, open the app. To do so, click the Open button in the Google Store or hit the Mobizen icon in your applications drawer. Either way, the Recording window will appear in the upper-right section of the screen.

To record the webinar, click the floating icon on the app and hit the Record button. Note, the capturing process takes up to 3 seconds to start.

Use the Pause button to temporarily stop the recording at any time. Once the meeting is over or when you want to end the capturing process, tap on the recording widget on the app and click the Stop button. The app will then save the recorded GoToMeeting session, tutorial, or webinar to the Android gallery.

In conclusion, the ability to record meetings and webinars for future reference is a necessity in the current social and work environment. Thus, follow the simple guide above to capture your GoToMeeting recordings on PC, iOS, or Android. You can start with a built-in tool and shift to other software based on your needs. While at it, remember you have a partner in Movavi – an IT company dedicated to producing quality software for photo and video editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can record a GoToMeeting session using a built-in tool or other screen recording software, as discussed above.

If you had used a built-in tool, the local recordings are, by default, saved in the “Documents” folder. To retrieve it, follow this sequence C:\Users\%user_name%\Documents. That is, head to your Computer, hit the Computer tab, click the Local Disk button, scroll down and select Users, and finally, open the Documents tab.

Alternatively, change the default location to your preferred folder or location for easy and faster access.

To retrieve the original “pre-converted” recording, look it up in the subfolder named originals- all GoToMeeting files are stored on this folder after a successful conversion.

As an attendee, you can record GoToMeeting sessions or webinars for future references. The recorded GoToMeeting will include the audio portion of the meeting, all activities on the screen during the session, and any file sharing done by the participants.

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