10 Ways to Record Internet Radio [2024]

Need to record a radio stream? Try Movavi Screen Recorder!

  • Capture audio from a browser window
  • Grab mic and system sound
  • Trim, export and share audio
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Want to learn how to record Internet radio? Here, you will find desktop sound and screen recorders, along with other means to capture and create radio shows.

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Best Internet radio recorders for your PC or Mac

Picking the best Internet radio recorder is all about your habits. Since many of us now listen to radio online, you need a recorder that easily records clear sound while you’re busy on your PC. Of course, this is only relevant for those who listen on their PCs, not on an entertainment system in the house.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Best for: recording video and audio

  • Operating system

    Windows, macOS

  • Price

    Free trial, $59.95 for a lifetime version

  • G2 rating

    4.5 stars, 49 reviews

Yes, this is a screen recorder, but it’s effective for capturing audio too. Movavi is also a very dynamic option since you can pick one of many output options after recording. MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, and JPG are all supported. For example, if it’s a podcast you’re recording, use an image of the host as artwork to help organize your files on your PC.

Movavi supports over 10 languages, and there’s a free trial available. You just have to accept features like having a watermark over any video you record.

Updates to the software come free, and you’ll see how easy it is to use when you start. With tips embedded across the layout, simply use your cursor to have them pop up and guide you.

Key features:

  • Screen capture, complete with keystrokes and mouse movement

  • Recording in HD and 4K quality

  • Drawing tools to add notes, shapes, and arrows on your video

  • Seamless high-quality audio recording

  • Scheduled recording to save audio even while you’re away

  • Trimming tools to cut out unnecessary parts from your recording

  • Sharing right from the app – send your recordings via e-mail or WhatsApp


  • A handy tool to record Internet radio and edit recordings

  • Comprehensive functionality to grab audio and screen, take and edit screenshots

  • Lag-free performance on Mac and Windows systems


  • Enjoy unlimited functionality with a subscription plan of your choice


Best for: audio recording

  • Operating system

    Windows, macOS, Linux

  • Price


  • G2 rating

    4.5 stars, 386 reviews

Key features

  • Great quality recording

  • Designed especially for audio

Audacity is open-source software. This is already good news because you’re guaranteed quality, and if there are any problems, developers sort them out quickly. It’s specifically designed for audio – unlike some products created with video in mind as well – so you know you’ll get relevant functions.

If your PC setup includes a mixer, you’ll find it easily compatible with Audacity. When you’ve got your radio audio, you can cut sections out, copy them or paste them elsewhere. If it’s your radio streaming you want to improve, this option makes it easy to create final quality results.

You can choose Audacity to install on Windows 10, Mac, or Linux.

Download Audacity


  • Open-source program

  • Easy audio editing options


  • It might be a bit complicated for first-time users

Free Sound Recorder

Best for: recording audio

  • Operating system

    Windows, macOS

  • Price


  • Softonic rating

    3.2 stars, 1646 reviews

Key features:

  • Schedule recording
  • Free recording of any internal or external sound

Free Sound Recorder may not have the best rating on our list, but it still functions sufficiently for basic actions like recording radio.

It’s a free tool, and you can use it on either Windows or Mac.

A handy feature is the ability to set up a recording schedule. When you want a specific broadcast, and you know you won’t be at your PC at that time, simply let this software cue the recording. You can even set this as a repeat, which is ideal for your favorite weekly radio shows.

With the cut, paste, and edit options, you can improve recorded tracks or enhance them with echoes and fades.

Download Free Sound Recorder


  • Plenty of presets for efficient recording

  • Enhance recorded audio with various editing options


  • Basic program; not meant for professional use

Nexus Radio

Best for: recording the radio stations available on its network

  • Operating system


  • Price


  • CNET rating

    3.7 stars, 117 reviews

Key features:

  • Record from more than 30,000 radio stations

  • Free recording feature

With Nexus Radio, you can record from over 30 000 radio stations, and it’s all free!

This tool is designed with users’ needs in mind because there are features for what many of us enjoy doing with the audio we record. For example, you can easily send audio to your iPod or another device. You can even create a ringtone from the audio you capture, all thanks to a trimmer.

Formats you can use:

  • AAC
  • MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4
  • OGG
  • WMA
  • WAV

This tool is often updated to get rid of bugs, and you now don’t even need a user account to use it. The recording is as easy as pressing one button.

Download Nexus Radio


  • Seamlessly send audio to other devices

  • Create ringtones from captured audio


  • Full of bugs


Best for: recording audio from various entertainment sources

Key features:

  • User-friendly program

  • Smart tool – starts from where the user stopped

If you want one tool to manage various of your entertainment features, Jobee can help because it works for RSS feeds and television and radio. The designers made this tool very user-friendly, from using tabs to keep elements organized to listing your radio stations according to genres.

The tool is smart – it will remember where you stopped listening to a recording.

Download Jobee


  • Sleek user interface

  • Organized features in various tabs


  • It might lag at times

  • Leaves behind a folder upon uninstallation

Best tools to record radio online

Online tools make sense to use when you’re listening to online radio stations. Of course, for this, you’ll usually need to be connected to the internet for it to work effectively.


Best for: recording audio and creating radio content of your own

  • Operating system

    Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

  • Price


  • Rating

    4.9 stars, 153 reviews

Key features:

  • Provides seven export formats

  • You can use it on your mobile phone

A 3-step process allows you to record radio online with Apowersoft. It also enables a total of seven export formats, and you’ll find it compatible with resources like Windows Media Player and iTunes.

This is a tool you can also use on your mobile phone, whether iPhone or Android. We appreciate the tutorials on the brand’s website that will help you master it quickly.

If you’re looking for a tool to create your audio for streaming radio of your own, this tool makes it easy because you can easily add your voice to tracks.

Go to Apowersoft


  • Stream your audio with a streaming radio of your own

  • No need to download any extra program


  • Basic recording interface that might lag at times

Online Voice Recorder

Best for: creating radio content of your own

  • Operating system

    Any (web-based application)

  • Price


Key features:

  • Record live radio with one click

  • Provides great quality MP3 output

Here’s one of the best options if you want a radio recorder online to help you with your radio show. The online free resource allows you to record live radio at a click of a button, and afterward, you’ll have a quality MP3 file to work with.

To improve your track, you can adjust the microphone settings, and it’s also easy to cut sections. Certain functions happen automatically, simplifying the process. For example, you won’t have quiet intros and outros to your tracks because the tool cuts those silences for you.

Go to Online Voice Recorder


  • Cut recordings according to the section you need

  • Provides auto silence trimming


  • Provides only one output format

Best browser extensions to record radio streams

One reason to know how to record online radio with a browser extension is how easily accessible it is. While you’re listening to a radio station, if you realize you’d like to record something, only a few clicks will open up the tool and enable you to start recording. No time wasted!

Chrome Audio Capture

Best for: capturing audio from browser windows

  • Operating system

    Any OS that can run Google Chrome

  • Price


  • Chrome web store rating

    4.4 stars, 1493 reviews, 300 000+ users

Key features:

  • Record multiple tabs at one time

  • Start recording with one click on the extension

Chrome Audio Capture is a popular extension to record radio stream, and it will copy the audio from the tab you’re working on at a specific moment. It works with time limits, so you don’t necessarily have to stay and monitor it the whole time. The tool will stop, and then you just have to save it manually. Saving doesn’t happen automatically as with some other tools, so make sure you don’t lose data because you forgot to finalize the process.

With this tool, you have an output option of MP3 or WAV.

Get Chrome Audio Capture


  • Record audio from the tab that you work on

  • Easy to use interface


  • Limited recording time of 20 minutes

  • Saves files only in WAV or MP3

Best smartphone apps to record streaming radio

If you prefer listening to the radio on your smartphone, check out the radio recorders available for Android and iOS devices below.

Audials Plays

Best for: recording more than 100,000 radio stations

Key features:

  • Find out what is currently on air before you tune in

  • Search radios that play specific artists

Audials Play is a radio recording program that you can use for mobile phones. It supports both Android and iOS. The best thing about this radio recording program is that it can record from more than 100,000 radio stations with 260,000 podcasts. You can find anything you want under genre and country. It also comes with a car mode that is easy to use. The database of this program gets regular updates with the addition of new stations after every update.

Get Audials Plays for Android

Get Audials Plays for iOS


  • Record radio programs to listen to later

  • Efficient and easy to use the search function


  • Cannot save radio records directly to internal storage


Best for: easy screen recording

Key features:

  • Easy recording feature

  • Edit your recording using basic editing features

Mobizen is a screen recorder that you can also use for recording internet radio. You capture any radio streaming and edit the same whenever you want. It comes with easy to start-stop recording feature that will let you record audio from radio stations without any hassle. There is no need to sign up to start using this program.

Get Mobizen


  • Open any radio station, and you can record any audio on the current screen

  • Cut, remove and attach audio sections as per your need

  • Save your recordings in external memory


  • No unique feature to record audio-only

How to record a radio show

Step 1. Install Movavi Screen Recorder

You can download a version for free, and you simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2. Set your parameters

You can start the radio broadcast or other source of video and audio on your desktop. Also, launch Movavi software. You need to pick Screen recording on the screen’s right and position your cursor on the window or tab you want to capture the radio audio from. If required, you can change target areas later on.

You need to highlight icons for System Audio and Microphone. This allows you to record both your sound and that of the radio source. You can pick a device for recording by expanding the menu above the Microphone icon.

Step 3. Start recording

Start the recording by clicking the REC button. Handy features from Movavi include the ability to pause a recording. To control Mac functions, use the control panel’s buttons or   1 and   2 for pause and stop, respectively. On a Windows operating system, you’ll use F9 for pause and F10 to stop recording. Movavi automatically saves in MKV format in a default folder on your computer. It also opens a preview window. Now you can continue with converting and editing if needed.

Step 4. Edit the result

To perfect your recording, you can cut unwanted segments. Simply use the timeline and the Scissors button. Place the marker at the place on the timeline where the recording must start and end.

You can send isolated segments to Trash Can while the wanted version you can Export. Now you know how to record a radio show with Movavi Screen Recorder!

Tips on choosing the best radio recorder

Right before you choose a recording method or program, there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Usability: no matter which recording program you choose, it should be hassle-free and easy to use. Opting for a complex program or the one that comes with loads of features can make your work harder. Also, you will have to ensure that the chosen program is compatible with how you want to record.

  • Price: price plays a vital role as you choose any program. Try to find a recording program that comes within your budget. It would be better for you to get a program that offers a free trial.

  • Features: it is necessary to ensure that the program comes with all those features you need. A good program will be able to record internet audio in excellent quality with superb editing features.

  • Support: it is always a good thing to check if the program developer provides any kind of support. You can check for support on the official website of the programs like email and live chat support.

Best ways to record Internet radio

  1. Movavi Screen Recorder – best for video and audio capture
  2. Apowersoft – best for unlimited online sound recording
  3. Chrome Audio Capture – best for one-click recording
  4. Audacity – best for audio recording and editing
  5. Free Sound Recorder – internal and external sound capture
  6. Nexus Radio – best for recording stations available on the network
  7. Jobee – best for recording entertainment sources
  8. Online Voice Recorder – best for audio recording and trimming
  9. Audials Plays – suitable for recording more than 100,000 radio stations
  10. Mobizen – best for for Android users


Recording internet audio should no longer be a hassle for you with the wide range of programs that you came across in this article. Keep in mind all the tips we discussed, and you’ll definitely find the perfect radio recorder that suits your needs.


Best for


Recording and creating your own radio content

Movavi Screen Recorder

The perfect way to record anything from your screen

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

Movavi Screen Recorder

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