How to Convert SWF to MOV

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How to Convert SWF to MOV

Short, humorous SWF cartoons have taken over the web. And there’s good news: now you can watch them using any media player on your Windows or Mac computer, not just in Adobe Flash Player. With Movavi SWF to Video Converter, you can easily convert SWF to MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MP4 to watch your favorite cartoons on your computer or portable media player.

If you are a Mac user, it’s best to convert your SWF videos to the Mac-compatible MOV format for ease of viewing. Here, you can learn how to convert SWF files to MOV with Movavi SWF to Video Converter in just a few mouse clicks.

Step 1: Install the SWF converter on your PC

First, download and run the Movavi SWF to Video Converter installation file. Follow the Installation Wizard instructions to install the software correctly.

Step 2: Add the SWF File to the Program and Choose the Destination Folder

Step 2 - Add Your File to the SWF Video Converter and Choose the Destination Folder

Click the Browse button next to the SWF file field. In the dialog window, locate the SWF file you want to convert to MOV and click Open.

Now specify the folder where the output video will be saved. Click the Browse button next to the Destination folder field and choose an existing folder or create a new one. Click OK.

Step 3: Choose the MOV Format and Specify Video Settings

Step 3 - Select the Format and Specify the Settings

Go to the Video settings tab. On the left, you will see the list of available video formats and settings. Select the MOV format and specify the desired frame rate in the Frame rate field. The frame rate is the number of video frames recorded per second - the higher frame rate you specify, the smoother the video playback and the larger the output video size will be. We recommend specifying a frame rate of between 10 and 20 fps.

Step 4 (Optional): Record Sound

Step 4 - Record Sound

If you want to record a soundtrack for the output video, go to the Audio settings tab and check the Sound check box. To record the sound from the original SWF file, choose Original sound. If you want to narrate the video yourself, connect a microphone to your computer and choose Microphone. The available sound devices are listed under each option. Typically, each list contains only one sound device, but if there is more than one listed, choose the device you want to use for sound recording.

Step 5: Set Video Resolution and Launch the Conversion

Sep 5 - Set the Resolution and Start Converting SWF to MOV

Go to the Resolution tab. You can choose a standard video resolution from the Standard list or set the resolution manually. To specify a custom resolution, check the Custom check box and enter the required Width and Height values for the output video.

Make sure that all the settings are specified and click the Convert! button to start converting the SWF file to MOV. The video file will be recorded in real-time, so remember that the converter window should be active during conversion. Don’t switch to other applications while the conversion is in process.

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