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How to convert MP3 to FLAC on Windows and Mac with Movavi

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An online free MP3-to-FLAC converter is a great choice to convert a single file. But if you want to convert a few audio files or need more advanced features, try a desktop program instead. Our choice is Movavi Video Converter. It is not just about video files, it can actually turn your audio into different formats, too.

Our MP3-to-FLAC converter app recognizes over 180 different video and audio files. You can even extract audio from a video file first before converting MP3 to FLAC. Here’s our step-by-step guide to using Movavi Video Converter and enjoying the MP3-to-FLAC converter with free download and simple instructions.

Step 1. Install the MP3-to-FLAC converter

First, you need to download and install the app. You can install the MP3-to-FLAC converter on Windows or Mac. Follow the instructions to install the converter, and the program will open automatically, ready for the MP3-to-FLAC conversion.

Step 2. Add your files to the program

In the top left, you will see the option to click Add Media and then Add audio. From here, you can navigate to the MP3 files you are looking to convert. If you have a big music library, you can import them in batches.

Step 3. Choose FLAC as the output format

Open the Audio tab and expand the file options, where you can select FLAC as the output file format, as well as choosing a number of different audio options.

Step 4. Convert MP3 to FLAC

On install of the MP3-to-FLAC converter, a Movavi Library folder is made, this is the default for output files. But when you click Save to in the software, you can change the destination folder.

Once your destination folder is set, click Convert and let the best MP3-to-FLAC converter work its magic. When it’s done, the folder you set up for the converted files will open and you should see the FLAC files there, ready to open and play on your favorite devices. Now you know how to convert MP3 to FLAC with ease, without having to go to any risky sites with ads you’d rather not have on your computer.

MP3 vs. FLAC

Comparison parameter



Compression type



Standard file parameters

16 bit/44.1kHz

16-bit to 24-bit/192kHz


Moving Picture Experts Group

Xiph.Org Foundation

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Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the best MP3-to-FLAC converter suitable for your needs. You can use an online MP3-to-FLAC converter for free or choose an advanced desktop program. There is also MP3-to-FLAC converter freeware available that can work for you, too.

If you don’t want to install any additional software on your PC, we recommend you try our MP3-to-FLAC converter online. For converting multiple audio files or larger files, our MP3-to-FLAC converter software does the job perfectly, quickly, and in high quality to preserve your audio. With over 180 different file types recognized, you can use Movavi Video Converter for all kinds of different conversions.

Frequently asked questions

MP3 or FLAC: Which is better?

MP3 vs. FLAC: which format is better? It depends largely on other audio settings and the quality at which they have been mixed and produced. However, FLAC files are generally better due to the fact that they have lossless compression, which means that they contain more detail and data than the average MP3 file.

On the other hand, if you are looking for small files and the most possible compatibility, then MP3 files could be a good option, it is all about choosing what is suitable for each scenario.

Does converting MP3 to FLAC improve quality?

Not necessarily, if you are starting with a file that has already lost details by going through lossy compression, then the conversion to FLAC will not be able to restore that data. FLAC files should be sourced from the highest possible original audio quality to keep loads of the data there and preserve quality.

Is MP3-to-FLAC a lossless conversion?

The process of converting MP3 to FLAC won’t lose any data, but it also won’t restore any of the data that may have been lost in creating the MP3. Many people are looking for information on how to turn FLAC into MP3 files, too. Though this is lossy, it does result in much smaller file types.

How do I convert MP3 to FLAC in iTunes?

If you have iTunes installed on your computer, then it is possible to convert MP3 to FLAC there.

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. In the menu bar, select Edit and then Preferences.

  3. Change the settings in the General tab by clicking Import Settings.

  4. Click Import Using menu to choose the encoding format as FLAC.

  5. Select the songs in your library you want to convert.

  6. Choose File and then Convert, then the Create FLAC Version button.

How do I convert MP3 to FLAC in FFmpeg?

FFmpeg can seem confusing to use at first. Once you’ve got to grips with the software, it is actually relatively simple.

  1. First, download FFmpeg software and install it on your computer.

    Download FFmpeg

  2. Next, you need to work out the command that you need to convert MP3 to FLAC.

  3. Use the following command for an MP3 file you want to be converted to a FLAC file: ffmpeg -i input.mp3 output.flac

  4. This command takes an MP3 file called input.mp3 and converts it into a FLAC file in the same location.

If you want to, you can delve into more information including different codecs which you can alter in FFmpeg, but this is not something many beginners start to experiment with if you just want a simple conversion.

How do I convert MP3 to FLAC with VLC?

VLC is another option for converting MP3 to FLAC files.

  1. First, download, install and launch the VLC media player.

    Download VLC

  2. Next, select Media from the home menu, and then the Convert/Save button.

  3. Now you can click Add and select your MP3 files, you can use multiple files to convert at once if you wish.

  4. Select the Convert/Save button at the bottom of the Open Media window.

  5. Choose Audio-FLAC as the output format.

  6. Another dialog box named Settings will open when you select Convert/Save. Under settings, select Convert. In this menu, you can choose FLAC as the output file, and by clicking Browse you can also choose your destination file (where it is saved).

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Have questions?

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