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The Best Instagram Video Editors

Edited by Ben Jacklin

Instagram has become one of the world’s most important social networks. With over one billion users, Instagram has become a hub for influencers, corporations, and users who want to document their lives. From posting images or videos to a user’s main feed or sharing their day in an Instagram story, this social media juggernaut plays a huge part in driving our collective conversation – both online and offline.

Generally speaking, Instagram is easy to use. All you do is take your camera (whether it is from your cell phone or some other camera), capture audio or video, and upload to Instagram. If you would like more tips on how to post videos to Instagram, click the link below.

Full guide on how to post a video on Instagram

No matter your goals with Instagram, you can be successful by simply pointing and shooting. That said, we can always learn how to use Instagram more efficiently. Specifically, one way to use Instagram more effectively is to use an Instagram video maker. By leveraging a video editor for Instagram, you can create more professional, compelling videos.

But which editors to use? That’s where we come in. Below you will find our list of the best Instagram video editors on the market today. Instead of being based on order or preference, the list contains a collection of our favorite editors. Whether you are shooting on an iPhone or Android device, you will find that these are some of the best video editing apps for Instagram.

The top six Instagram video makers

Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips is a terrific Instagram video maker. It contains a simple, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to quickly and effectively edit your Instagram videos. With Movavi Clips, you can edit your videos on a handy timeline, trim your videos with a swipe gesture, and easily combine clips into one video. Whether you want a crop or no crop video, Movavi Clips can do the job. You can even create an Instagram video with music by selecting tracks from Movavi Clips’ built-in collection or from your device library.

Once you are finished editing your video, you can preview your creation in a built-in player window. From there, you can either save the video to your device or share it to social networks (including Instagram) from within the app. Ultimately, this is a powerful, effective editor, whether you are a creator with just a few followers or hundreds of thousands of followers.

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Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera is an app that lets you both record and edit video from your mobile device. Horizon auto-levels your photos and videos when you are recording and lets you record horizontal videos – even when holding your phone in portrait mode. As for the editor itself, you can take advantage of features like lossless zoom, eight fun filters, and a video library with clever item selection.

After editing, Horizon Camera lets you share your creations to your favorite social network – like Instagram. You can also open your videos in other apps, which makes Horizon Camera an extremely versatile video editor. Horizon Camera is available on iOS and Android devices.


Anchor is a company that helps users create podcasts, but this app also contains a great editor if you wish to share audio on social networks like Instagram. With your mobile device, you can record any type of audio within the Anchor app. Once you are finished recording, you can use Anchor to trim or edit your recordings. If you need to move certain segments of audio around your clip, you can easily do so with Anchor. Uploading your audio to Instagram is also a breeze, as Anchor makes it seamless and painless. If you have an iPhone or Android, you will be able to use Anchor.

Quik by GoPro

Quik by GoPro is a free Instagram video editor that is especially useful if you love extreme sports. You can get Quik on both iOS and Android devices.

To start, Quik is extremely powerful. Upon downloading and opening the app, Quik obtains data from your GoPro footage, analyzes your photos and videos, and selects the greatest moments.

Whether you have raw footage from a skiing adventure or a slideshow of images from your camping trip, Quik can take arrange the media into a compelling movie. Along with this useful feature, Quik lets you easily rotate, trim, and edit photos and video clips. Using this app, you can also speed up or slow down your video. And to make your video stand out, Quik helps you pick the perfect soundtrack. You can choose from over 100 songs in Quik’s library, select a song from your own iTunes library, or import music from hosts like Dropbox or iCloud.


Finally, KineMaster is a powerful video editor that you can use to create awesome Instagram videos. Similar to other video editors (like Inshot), KineMaster comes with a long list of features, like transitions, special effects, voiceovers, and tools for immersive audio. Want to speed up or slow down your videos? It’s no problem with KineMaster.

KineMaster is unique in that it lets all users access an Asset Store. This store, which is updated every week, contains a wide range of music, fonts, stickers, and clip graphics that you can add to your videos. You are sure to find that graphic or font that can make your video shine. KineMaster is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Creating awesome videos

Using any of the video editors above, we are confident that you will be able to create terrific Instagram videos. Whether you are a sole creator that is trying to become an influencer or the CEO of a young startup that relies on Instagram for your marketing, these Instagram video makers can certainly do the job.

Finally, we once again invite you to check out Movavi Clips. Movavi Clips is an effective, easy-to-use, and free tool that you can use for all of your video editing needs. To learn more about Movavi Clips, click here.

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