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Instagram Story Dimensions – Create the Best IG Posts

Edited by Ben Jacklin

Know the best dimensions for Instagram stories to display your content effectively on one of the most popular social media platforms today.

Never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to social sharing or marketing online. With the Instagram story implementation, you have other options suitable for fast shares of photos and videos. Over 250 million people take a look at stories every single day, and more join in the fun all the time. Before you get started, you need to know the best Instagram story dimensions to use.

Here are the specific details about Instagram story size, aspect ratio, dimensions, and file requirements:

Pixel dimensions – 1080 by 1920

Aspect ratio – 9:16

Minimum resolution – 600 x 1067 pixels

Maximum file size – 4 gigabytes

Every single story post you make on the IG social media platform must conform to these standards. If they do not, the site will either force them into compliance by cropping or zooming in or simply will not let you post what you want to.

Dimensions for Instagram stories matter when you choose which picture and clip to share with friends and followers. Each one used to show up for just 24 hours, so people had to make sure the format was right and every pixel was perfect. The time limit disappeared in 2017, but the requirements for dimensions did not change. If you want to boost your sharing power, consider sticking a story highlight on your main profile, too.

Whether you use IG for your own personal use or include it as part of a brand marketing strategy, understanding how to create stories that catch attention matters. Instagram story size design is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Explore the link below to learn more about engaging content displayed with the right specs.

Create cool Instagram stories

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Since stories was released a few years ago, it has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. It quickly outpaced Snapchat as the quick and easy posting spot. It is especially popular with younger adults and teenagers, who are incidentally one of the most powerful groups of consumers who shop and do business online today. The IG stories setup lets them get the content they want easily and quickly no matter where they are in the world.

The perfect Instagram Story size

Every Instagram story photo or video clip must fit inside the vertical rectangular space. The necessary dimensions are 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels. If you make on smaller than this size, it might get automatically zoomed in, which will result in a really unattractive and poor resolution image. If you make it too big, IG crops automatically. You and your followers will not get to see some of the interesting content you want to share.

The image size limit they choose for stories matches the vertical dimension of a lot of popular smartphone models. So many people complain about people who take videos this way instead of horizontally. Now you have the perfect reasons to keep your phone upright while capturing your next piece, however. Grab a quick clip of your friends hanging out. Film your adorable dog playing with their toy. Make a reaction to your pizza and breadsticks meal at the new restaurant you just checked out.

For businesses who use Instagram story platform to market to a younger demographic, the possibilities are virtually limitless. As long as you stay within the confines of that 1080 x 1920 pixel size, that is. At this size, you are 100% sure that anyone viewing IG on their phone can see exactly what you want them to.

If in doubt, consider using a template that forces your picture or clips into the right size and shape. This can speed up the process if you happen to post frequently, too. Another option is to use a small program like Movavi to create and edit the content files.

Professional plans for Instagram Stories

Many people love IG because it feels casual and friendly, but tons of businesses and individual professionals – not to mention influencers – use it every day to build an audience and get more attention on their brand. It is a great way to interact with the public and grow your follower list.

While other aspects of the social media pages and profiles matter too, the stories feature gives another layer of possibilities to companies or organizations these days.

A few basic rules will help your IG story posts shine.

  • Keep it casual. IG isn't the place for stuffy, corporate displays.

  • Make it eye-catching. Forget the ordinary.

  • Think stories, not ads. People want connections with brands, not marketing messages.

  • Always use the best dimension, resolution, and size for IG stories.

Tons of popular brands like Converse, Starbucks, and Hubspot use Instagram and the Stories feature. They have expert designers creating vertical images and video clips for them all the time. Do not worry if you lack a marketing department or design team, however. With knowledge of the size requirements and something about your target audience, you can also create stunning and effective IG story content.

Understanding the dimensions for Instagram stories perfectly makes a difference when it comes to marketing power. After all, if you end up posting a blurry, pixelated, or oddly cropped photo, graphic, or video, your targeted audience will get a really bad impression of you.

Another option for creating Instagram story video clips that use the right size and resolution from the start is Movavi. This video editing app lets you easily resize and rotate the captured clips as needed. You can upload anything from your phone or your content storage.

Unless you have a strong background in video editing, you should use some user-friendly tool specifically created for the purpose. There are quite a few available online for all operating systems. Why not choose one that lets you change aspect ratio, create transitions, apply filters, and tweak the speed besides simply resizing? After all, you want your Instagram story videos to really attract attention.

Edit Instagram videos

With the ever-increasing popularity of Instagram and the sharing and marketing power of its story feature, you need to know exactly how to create your own photos and video clips the right way. Proper dimensions, resolution, and size matters to catch attention and make an impact. Movavi App can help you create the best possible IG story content. Its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities offer a one-stop solution for your Instagram photo and video sharing needs.

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