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The Best Presentation Software

Edited by Ben Jacklin

Searching for the best presentation software? There are plenty of options available depending on what you need. The following are some of the best presentation programs available based on the types of features and capabilities you're looking for in the ideal software.

Top free presentation software

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi Slideshow Maker uses a combination of simplicity and capability to allow users to create engaging slideshows. The tool includes all the features needed for beginners to get started, and it's also ideal for more experienced presentation creators. Simply upload your photos and videos, add an audio track, and complete your professional-looking presentation. Whether for personal or professional use, you can create the perfect slideshow with this easy-to-use software.


  • Easy to use with an intuitive design

  • Plenty of features available for creating top-quality presentations


  • The free version is limited to 7 days

Software type

Desktop app that's compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.


  • Allows users to create slideshows in three simple steps

  • Users can record their own voiceover commentary

  • Saves slideshows in any file format

  • Works with both Windows and Mac devices

Visit the CNET site below to see more reviews for this product.

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Visme makes it easy to create and share interactive presentations and other types of visuals such as infographics. The tool enables users to take any set of data and transform it into engaging visuals. It's a great tool to use for individuals and teams, and it allows you to publish your presentations online, download them locally, or use an embed code to put it on your website. Millions of users love Visme and rely on this presentation software.


  • High-quality output

  • Easy to use

  • Contemporary appealing templates for presentations

  • Includes branding features


  • Duplicate images needed for each project

  • Can take some time to learn how to use it

  • No offline version

Software type

Web-based browser program for computers and tablets.


  • Data visualization features

  • Content database for images and more

  • Video and streaming support

  • Drag and drop function

  • Microsoft Office integration

  • Interface for collaboration with a team

For more information and reviews about this product, visit the Capterra site below.

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Haiku Deck

For one of the quickest ways to piece together a good-looking professional-level presentation on the web or with your iPhone, Haiku Deck is a great option. With a library consisting of over 40 million royalty-free images and thousands of design templates, you'll have everything you need to complete any presentation. You can also export your presentations in PPTX or video format.


  • Intuitive design makes it easy to use

  • Plenty of design options and photos


  • Limited in overall capabilities without many advanced options

  • Not too much room for customization

Software type

Web-based software that's compatible with browsers and iOS using the app.


  • Controllable via iPhone remote

  • Compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers

  • Can export files as PDFs or Powerpoint presentations

  • Can import and resize images

  • Private and public notes

For more information and reviews about Haiku Deck, visit the Capterra site below.

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If you're looking for a good alternative to Powerpoint that can give you more visualizations and a variety of design options, Prezi is a great presentation software. Prezi allows you to begin with a blank canvas, and from there you can add and change content at any point on the page. Unlike Powerpoint and other tools, it's non-linear in its layout for more free-flowing presentation design. It's also free and web-based, allowing you to access it using any web-enabled computer.


  • Non-linear layout for free-form control

  • Free and web-based

  • Easy for everyone to use, regardless of experience


  • Non-linear format could lead to motion sickness for some, but simple moves between screens can prevent this problem

  • Requires some learning to get the hang of it

  • No local version

Software type

Desktop and web-based editor with viewer apps available for both Android and iOS.


  • Allows users to import Powerpoint presentations

  • Works with both Windows and Mac computers

  • iOS viewer app allows streaming on Apple TV devices

  • Can publish presentations locally, organizationally, or for all audiences on the web

  • Premium version includes analytics to give you insight on performance with audiences

Check out the review at PCMag below to find out more about Prezi.

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As Powerpoint's complement for Apple devices, Keynote is another reliable tool worth considering. If you're familiar with Mac programs and their functions, you should learn how to use Keynote in no time. Plenty of templates and layouts are available, and you can easily include animations in your presentations. Adobe also powers its appealing interface and templates, and you can choose from different formats to save your presentations.


  • Easy to use for beginners and veteran users alike

  • A wide variety of designs and templates for presentation themes

  • Can handle animation

  • YouTube, Quicktime, and other formatting options


  • PC users won't have an easy time using this program if they aren't used to Mac programs

Software type

Mobile (Android & iOS), desktop, and web-based app requiring an iCloud account to use.


  • Users can open, save, and edit Powerpoint files and convert Keynote to Powerpoint format, but glitches can occur

  • Available through iCloud

  • Can control presentations using iOS device with Keynote remote for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

  • Remote presentations using Keynote Live and a web-enabled device

  • Live Collaboration for team projects

For reviews that can help you decide if Keynote is right for you, visit the Macworld site below.

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Google Slides

If you have a Google account, you can access Google Slides for free along with its other cloud-based programs. Google Slides comes with plenty of customization options to create a great-looking presentation with every use. You'll find it to be a great tool if you're looking for something free and easy to use. However, like other cloud-based versions of Google software, formatting presentations across programs like Powerpoint can require some tweaks.


  • Easily accessed via the cloud on Google Drives

  • Presentations created with the program will look the same across all devices


  • Web-based only with limited offline capabilities

  • Importing from Keynote or Powerpoint can yield poor results because of formatting differences

  • Exporting could also result in unfavorable results using different software

Software type

Mobile app on iOS and Android, along with a web-based Chrome App with an offline editor that requires either Chrome OS or the Chrome browser.


  • Powerpoint-Google Slides conversion, but glitches can occur

  • Real-time collaboration through comment, chat, and review

  • Can display on secondary screen using Airplay or Chromecast

  • Audience interaction feature that allows for live comments and questions

  • Presenter View can include notes and slide previews using a second window

  • Remote control via Android or iOS devices

  • Remote presentations through Google Hangouts

  • Connect with other Google apps including YouTube

Visit the Capterra site for more reviews and details about Google Slides.

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Slidebean is a great user-friendly presentation software that anyone can use, with easy access to all of its resources. It also includes integrated AI that can help with formatting and design by assisting with font choices and slide arrangements. Create high-quality presentations using Slidebean in no time, and you can choose from different sharing options based on privacy preferences.


  • Easy to use with minimal learning curve

  • AI integration to make creating presentations even easier

  • Top-quality production


  • Some startup bugs

  • Need to spend money to access many features

Software type

Web-based software accessible using web-enabled devices.


  • AI design feature

  • Custom templates with custom colors and fonts

  • Collaboration with team

  • Audience insight

  • Branding with company logo

  • Professional reviews for presentations

  • Export presentations as PDFs

The G2 site linked below can take you to more reviews for Slidebean.

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Zoho Show is a cloud-based program that enables presentation creation and collaboration, along with broadcasting and publication. Plenty of visuals are available with this software to help you fully customize your presentations, whether you want to include photos, videos, tables, or charts. It also makes it easy to work with your team to collaborate on a small or large project.


  • Includes many features to customize your presentations

  • Chrome extension allows easy draft creation at any time

  • Live broadcasting allows you to showcase a presentation to an audience and engage in live chat and comments


  • Consumes resources and, subsequently, isn't as fast as Google Slides and other cloud-based programs

Software type

Web-based app along with native editor apps for both Android and iOS, with viewer apps available to download for Apple TV and Android TV.


  • Can import and export both Powerpoints and PDF files, but conversion may not be perfect

  • Internal, organizational, or public publishing of presentations, with iframe embed codes available to paste on websites

  • Web-based presentation view and remote capabilities via two browser windows

  • Android and iOS app for remote presentation creation

  • Streaming on Chromecast, Android TV, and Apple TV

  • Chrome extension helps optimize speed and web-based editor control

Visit the link below for additional reviews for Zoho Show.

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Bring your presentations to life with CustomShow, which enables you to create engaging content with custom background images and video. You can also broadcast your presentations using the included webinar feature, and you don't even need to be online to give your presentation as you can share them with people to look through on their own. If you make any updates to your library, all linked slides are also updated accordingly.


  • Easy to create and share presentations with anyone

  • All changes are updated automatically if library changes

  • Simple management of presentations and library


  • No search function in library

  • Can't open links using mobile devices

  • A lack of editing features

Software type

Web-based software for any web-enabled computer.


  • Create a personal library combining images, text, video and Adobe Flash content

  • Updates are automatically shared with all users

  • Use with browsers, on both Mac and Windows computers

  • iPad application allows for seamless integration and remote presentations using iPad tablets

Visit the Capterra website to see more reviews for this program.

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If you want to incorporate animations in your presentations, Powtoon is an excellent choice of presentation software. You'll find no shortage of images and templates for your presentations, and you can create them in little time. You can keep your presentations engaging through the use of an animated slideshow that plays like a video as opposed to a traditional click-through slideshow, but you can easily switch between both modes.


  • Many features to customize your presentations

  • Easy to use

  • A wide variety of templates

  • Can share presentations with the public

  • Offline saving is available


  • The interface can seem a little disorganized

  • Can take some time to load another user's presentation

  • Limited features on the free version, including the inability to download presentations over five minutes long

Software type

Web-based software for web-enabled devices.


  • Offline local presenting

  • Screen sharing to showcase presentations to others

  • Communication and content management

  • Image library

  • Project templates and planning

  • Search functionality

  • Drag and drop function

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Collaboration tools

Visit the link below for additional reviews and information about Powtoon.

Proceed to the Softwarehow website


Formerly known as GoAnimate, Vyond is another tool that's ideal if you want to create animated presentations. You can also collaborate with a team to work on a video project together. Features are also easy to use, regardless of your experience presentation software. The quality of animation and presentations is consistently high, and you can easily customize your presentations using audio files such as voice narration, sound effects, and music.


  • Very user-friendly and easy to use without any experience

  • Affordable for many businesses to use

  • High presentation quality


  • A bit of a learning curve to get used to the software

  • Library is limited in terms of character poses, styles, and objects

Software type

Cloud-based software accessible using any web-connected device.


  • Automatic lip-syncing with audio uploaded as MP3 files

  • Three styles that each come with pre-made templates along with characters and pre-animated assets

  • Version history allows you to revert to a previous version to track changes or create new videos from an existing custom template

Visit TrustRadius below for more reviews from customers who've used Vyond.

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Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most recognizable presentation tools, and there's a reason why millions of users still utilize it today. It's quick and easy to use, with plenty of customization options that give you complete control over your presentations. You'll also see better quality when presenting slides to a large audience compared to other software. Powerpoint isn't likely to go anywhere anytime soon.


  • Easy to use regardless of experience

  • Plenty of features with versatile presentation options

  • Can use it just about anywhere for any kind of presentation


  • Limited to users with Office 365 subscriptions

  • Can make it easy to overload slides with information to the point of being overwhelming

Software type

Microsoft Office 365 app for Windows and Apple computers.


  • SmartArt feature allows for creation of high-quality professional diagrams

  • Many transitions between slides

  • Animation effects

  • Slide Master View allows for consistent updating across entire presentations

  • Project from your devices to large audiences with consistent quality

For additional reviews and details about Powerpoint, visit G2 below.

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Unlike other presentation software, Slidedog is specifically intended for presenting existing presentation files as opposed to creating them. You'll want to use Slidedog if you have a presentation but need a professional solution to present it to your audience. It's a great tool to use whether you want to present in front of a live audience or have the audience access the presentation remotely.


  • Interface is easy to use

  • Many useful features

  • Works with most presentation file formats

  • Organized and sleek design


  • Can't make changes to presentations

  • Can take a while to install

  • Many features are restricted to the paid version

Software type

Windows application for desktops and web-based app for any web-enabled device.


  • Presentation playlist allows for easy arrangement of files and media

  • Supports all file types without any glitches

  • Real-time sharing with remote control for playlists from any web-enabled device

  • Connect with audiences through presentation feedback, polls, and live audience chat

  • Dual-screen support

  • Can use for digital signage

To see reviews of this presentation software, visit the G2 site below.

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Canva is a great presentation and design software that can make your presentations look great with custom graphic design. Over a million fonts, graphics, and images are available on Canva, and it's accessible for just about any user. You can use Canva to turn a simple idea into a beautiful professional-looking design that helps you get the most from your presentations.


  • Plenty of pre-made templates available with free and paid versions

  • Allows for easy collaboration with a team

  • Very user-friendly interface


  • Can slow down during use

  • Limited GIFs and many other feature limitations

Software type

Web-based design software accessible with web-enabled computers.


  • Unlimited folder storage for presentation designs

  • Team functionalities

  • Can upload any images

  • Unlimited storage for all images and other assets

  • Save templates locally or for your organization

  • Search functionality in the library

  • Can export files as GIFs

  • Compatible with custom fonts

  • Easy resizing of images and assets to custom dimensions

To learn more about this software and see additional reviews, visit the Techradar website below.

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