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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 10, 2020

12 Prezi Alternatives

Presentations can explain and showcase information for any purpose better than anything else. Building a successful presentation is easy enough when you have a proper program to work with.

One of the most popular apps for making presentations is Prezi. There’re plenty of customizable templates to choose from. Prezi enables you to turn your existing PowerPoint slides into a dynamic presentation. Insert story blocks and charts to your slides and add the narration. You can track how viewers interact with the presentation through the analytics tool. Prezi is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

In this article, we listed the top 12 Prezi alternatives for you to find the program that suits you best.

Software and Websites Like Prezi

Movavi Academic

Create stunning video presentations with the Movavi Academic app. The program is easy-to-use that allows you to make any projects in no time. Use built-in intros, backgrounds, and music. Add themed stickers, titles, and callouts to your videos. Make seamless presentations inserting transitions between segments. The program also enables you to record computer screen, highlight mouse and keyboard actions, and edit the recording. Save your projects in any popular format and upload them online directly from the program.


Movavi Academic

Enhance the learning experience

  • Explain new topics through video
  • Record lectures and webinars
  • Create online training courses
  • Design engaging classroom projects


The Vyond software provides solutions for everyone, regardless of your skills. The interface is easy to navigate. Anyone can create dynamic content with the help of Vyond.

You can choose from thousands of templates, use stock characters, backgrounds, and music. It’s also possible to create your own animated character. Reuse and repurpose any content you've made before in your future projects. Start from scratch if you don’t need any templates. Add a voice-over to your videos.

Share your projects with teammates using the shared libraries. Exchange templates, characters, and assets. You can control the access to the platform: invite or remove members. Protect data with a password to ensure security.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is one of the websites like Prezi. You can create, present, and publish your presentations with the help of the Zoho Show. You can pick from 20+ themes and 100+ fonts to modify your own template. Add charts, text boxes, tables, shapes, videos, and photos to the slides. Insert animations to tell your story.

Your team can work on the slides together simultaneously. It’s possible to view, edit, and comment on the slide or any of its elements. Control access to the presentation. You can broadcast your presentation online. Share a link to a project to let anyone view it wherever the person is.

You can import PowerPoint presentations to Zoho Show and edit them as you like. Apps for iOS and Android will help you access your files from anywhere in the world.


Keynote is a free Prezi alternative for macOS users. It’s compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Select from 30+ themes for your presentation. Add images, charts, and 700+ customizable shapes. Spice up the slides by applying transitions and effects. Embed narration and sounds to your presentation. Use Apple Pencil to draw illustrations or add handwritten text.

Work on the same presentation together with your colleagues or watch how they make their presentations in real time. Any member of the team can continue working on the slides on Mac, iPad, iPhone, or PC web browser, no matter the location. You can also store presentations on iCloud.

Save the presentations as PowerPoint files for the colleagues working on PCs. It’s also possible to import and modify PowerPoint documents in Keynote.


Powtoon is one of Prezi competitors. You’ll get a professional-looking presentation as a result of working in Powtoon. Make use of hundreds of ready-made templates and drag-and-drop interface. You can modify slides as you like: choose the structure of the scene, add animated characters, captions, images, videos, and backgrounds. Upload your presentation to YouTube and Vimeo or download it in different formats.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app similar to Prezi used for creating presentations. You can do it on the web, iPad, or iPhone. Enhance the slides with things like fonts, filters, and layouts. Choose from thousands of templates for your presentation. Search for creative stock images to embed into slides. Access the presentation stored in the cloud from your devices.

Haiku Deck turns the process of creating a presentation into a very simple one with its Haiku Deck Zuru tool. This tool uses artificial intelligence to transform your files into a great presentation in minutes.


Being an alternative to Prezi, RawShorts provides software for building presentations. It saves time by using artificial intelligence. Upload your video script to the platform and the algorithm will scan the text to find the main points of your story. The mechanism finds the media assets that match your script and adds a voice over. Then, you just review the draft and make the necessary changes.

Access the platform from any browser. Adjust the presentation with animated charts and media assets, apply the text to speech feature. Use a bunch of stock photos, videos, icons, and animations right from the program.


Visme is another Prezi alternative for creating presentations. Make use of hundreds of templates, content blocks, icons, images, and fonts to start making a presentation. Embed charts, maps, sounds, and reports. Animate any object of the slide. Upload your presentation online or download it and use it offline. The file is viewable on any device from anywhere in the world.

You can use three storage libraries on Visme. All the photos and videos, you’ve ever uploaded to Visme are saved in the media library. Save the slide you really like in the slide library to use it again. Select an area of your slide to save it in the content library.

Visme has a built-in analytics tool. It shows the location of the viewers and the activity on the presentation.


Create a great presentation for any purpose with Emaze. Embed audio, images, videos, live iframes, web pages, and infographics into the slides. There’re thousands of ready-made templates that are fully customizable.

Download the presentation in HTML, PDF, and MP4 or upload it online to your website or blog. You can also check on the analytics.


Slidebean is one of the presentation programs. It’s powered by artificial intelligence. You can upload your images or texts to the platform and the system will find the decision to design your slides. Use a blank slide or choose from over 100 templates. Collaborate with your team in real-time.


Create custom presentations with SlideDog software. You can mix PowerPoint, Prezi, and PDF files in your playlists. Share a live stream of your presentation in real-time. Send a link to the people you want to show your presentation. They can watch it on their devices from any browser.

Get immediate feedback about the presentation by creating comments, live chats, and polls. Build a set of questions to the audience and create a poll during the presentation. The viewers will answer on their devices anonymously.


Another Prezi alternative is Focusky. There’re several ways to start creating your presentation. Start with a blank project, upload a PowerPoint document, edit an existing presentation, or start with a template.

Direct the attention of the audience with zoom and pan features. Zoom any details of the presentation preserving the quality of the picture. Select a music clip to follow the slides. Use the WordArt effect to turn your text into something special. Choose from 1000+ built-in animated characters or draw the characters yourself and animate them.

Save presentations in HTML, ZIP, PDF, MP4, and more formats and share them with others. You can choose between desktop and mobile versions of the program.


Movavi Academic

Enhance the learning experience

  • Explain new topics through video
  • Record lectures and webinars
  • Create online training courses
  • Design engaging classroom projects