12 Best Clipping Software for Gaming [2024]

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Clipping software is the best way to take short clips of your gaming experiences and share them with others, whether you want to show off something amazing you just achieved, or you want to make a tutorial about a game. We share the best clipping software for gaming in this guide.

Quick summary

Editor’s choice for making simple yet high-quality recordings: Gecata by Movavi

For instant replay style recording: NVIDIA Shadowplay

For simple editing functions after making recordings: EaseUS RecExperts

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Best clip software

What is the best clipping software? Below, we discuss the best clipping software for gaming you can try on your PC, Mac, or Linux.

Gecata by Movavi

Best for: simple yet high quality recording

OS: Windows

Steam rating: 7 out of 10, ‎436 reviews

Gecata by Movavi is one of the easiest clip apps for a PC, allowing you to easily grab HD footage in up to 120 FPS. You can record video and audio from multiple source and overlay your webcam video as well. Besides screen recording, you can also stream your gameplay.

Key features:

  • Record audio from multiple sources

  • Include camera overlays

  • Use simple controls, including shortcuts


  • Simple to download and start using

  • Hardware acceleration to boost the encoding time

  • Great for short clips and easy sharing


  • No Mac version

OBS Studio

Best for: streaming and capture

OS: macOS, Windows, Linux

PCWorld rating: 4 out of 5

OBS Studio is one of the best clip software options for those who want something that is free, and that can also handle streaming. OBS is totally open-source, which comes with its own pros and cons, but the game clip software works on most operating systems and has some professional features, though it can be a little tough to get to grips with.

Key features:

  • Has audio mixer for recording multiple sources

  • Switch between “scenes” when streaming and capturing

  • Capture video in real time using shortcuts


  • Totally free to download and use

  • Allows streaming as well as clip capture

  • Powerful filters and audio editing


  • Can be difficult to get to grips with the software

  • Not as much support as paid software

Game Bar

Best for: Xbox gamers on a PC

OS: Windows

PCWorld rating: 3.5 out of 5

This clip recording software is made by Microsoft and works with the official Xbox app for a PC, making it quick and easy to grab clips while playing video games like Valorant and Fortnite online with friends. It’s some of the best game clipping software for PC users, who do most of their gaming through Xbox game pass.

Key features:

  • Easy shortcut control

  • Audio mixer to adjust levels

  • Integrates with Xbox layout including chats and other plugins


  • Easy plugin for those using Xbox on Windows 10

  • Simple controls and audio levels

  • Linked to your Xbox account


  • No real editing options


Best for: easily sharing your clips

OS: Windows, macOS

Trustpilot rating: 3.5 out of 5, 66 reviews

Medal.tv is somewhere between gaming capture software and social media. With this clipping software, you can share clips online for people to see. Both Mac and Windows users can use Medal.tv, and this is good clipping software for gaming, but it is also great for discovering more content and seeing what your friends have been up to. Medal.tv also links with other accounts such as Discord, which all helps to add to the gaming experience and sharing with your friends. 

Key features:

  • HD capture

  • Cloud storage for your files to download in the future

  • Social sharing platform


  • Up to 1440p downloads

  • Simple interface for downloading

  • Has a mobile app as well as a desktop clipping program


  • Clips are all limited in length, even on premium

  • Premium required to access all of the features and desktop recording

Capture from multiple sources

OBS Studio

Easily capture and stream your gameplay

Gecata by Movavi

Make basic edits after recording

EaseUS RecExperts


Best for: Android app control

OS: Windows

G2 rating: 4.8 out of 5, 12 reviews

Action! has a lot of the same features as the other best clipping software for a PC, but it has a smart feature that sets it apart, allowing control via an Android app. This means that even if you aren’t at your computer but you want to make a quick recording, or you want to tweak things like audio, the Action! app will help. You don’t have to record via an Android app, and the desktop clipping app works just as well without, allowing you to support multiple audio inputs and even linking directly to sites like YouTube for upload purposes. 

Key features:

  • Record gameplay up to 120 FPS

  • Directly export to YouTube

  • Support for multiple audio inputs


  • Makes smaller audio files than a lot of other software

  • Easy to control and make recordings

  • Has livestreaming options


  • Expensive to unlock the full version

  • Watermarks videos in the free version

EaseUS RecExperts

Best for: simple editing

OS: Windows, macOS

TechRadar rating: 4 out of 5

EaseUS RecExperts is the best way to edit videos that you have captured without having to use any additional software. The game clipping software comes with a few different options, so that when you have made your recording you can trim it to size as well as use AI-powered features like noise removal and audio extraction. 

Key features:

  • Region selection

  • Scheduled recordings

  • Unlimited recording length


  • Flexible options for gaming clips and screenshots

  • Schedule automatic recordings for a specific time

  • Simple to make basic edits and extract audio

  • No watermarks


  • One of the more expensive options


Best for: high FPS recording

OS: Windows

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5, 40 reviews

Bandicam is some of the best clipping software for capturing a high FPS game. It can capture at up to 480 FPS, which is more than double what some of the competing options can manage. This also has features like hardware acceleration for quicker processing, and it also gives the option for a webcam overlay for making gaming reaction videos.

Some people find the Bandicam layout a little clunky, and it does watermark if you use the free version, plus there is not much in the way of support for users. 

Key features:

  • High FPS recording

  • Multiple audio sources capture

  • Scheduled recordings in the premium version


  • Simple to control and set up recordings

  • Capture from multiple sources


  • Watermark in the free version

  • No Mac version

  • Not the best customer support options


Best for: older systems

OS: Windows (up to Windows 7)

G2 rating: 4.2 out of 5, 47 reviews

Fraps is an older game clipping software that does not boast some of the more modern features out there. It can be useful for those using older systems who want an option to screen-record, such as retro gaming on XP or even Vista. The software doesn’t get regularly updated so it is extremely limited, we only recommend it in specific situations.

If you want modern recordings of AAA games, then Fraps probably isn’t going to be the option for you, but retro gamers may find that it is the perfect way to grab footage from older games. 

Key features:

  • Screenshots and video recordings

  • Up to 120 FPS recording


  • Works on systems that some other software no longer supports

  • Relatively affordable


  • No real support or updates

  • No option to use it on modern operating systems, making it very limited

Capture from multiple sources

OBS Studio

Easily capture and stream your gameplay

Gecata by Movavi

Make basic edits after recording

EaseUS RecExperts

NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Best for: instant replay recording

OS: Windows

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5, 20 reviews

ShadowPlay is game clipping software created by NVIDIA, a huge name in the world of PC gaming. With this clipping software, you can record using an “Instant Replay” mode. That means it constantly stores the last 30 seconds of gameplay, and you can capture it with the click of a button. So, when something unexpectedly amazing happens in your game, ShadowPlay is a great way to show off, even if you weren’t recording. The game clipping software is a little limited as it only works with other NVIDIA setups, including graphics cards by the brand. 

Key features:

  • Record, stream, and broadcast straight to Twitch

  • Choose bitrate and stream in HD


  • Can record “back in time” with the Instant Replay function

  • Very simple layout, easy to make changes and tweak settings

  • Great for those who have NVIDIA setups


  • Only works with NVIDIA hardware

  • Constantly running so can be demanding on your system

Icecream Screen Recorder

Best for: annotating live video clips

OS: Windows, macOS

G2 rating: 4.1 out of 5, 26 reviews

Icecream Screen Recorder is not made specifically for gaming, but it is still some of the best game clipping software out there, allowing you to easily grab short gameplay videos or even make simple tutorials. This has an auto record function that allows you to schedule your recordings, and it also has excellent options to annotate and even show hotkeys, making it a popular choice for making screen recordings.

Key features:

  • Multiple audio inputs

  • Simple annotations and edits possible

  • Options to add a custom logo to the video


  • Easy to use for a variety of different purposes, including game clipping

  • Some of the pro plans include free cloud storage

  • Simple interface

  • Works with a variety of OS


  • Watermarks videos in the free mode

XSplit Broadcaster

Best for: simple streaming

OS: Windows

Capterra rating: 4.1 out of 5, 57 reviews

XSplit Broadcaster is a great game clipping software option for those who want to livestream and broadcast their gaming but don’t have the skills and expertise to use some of the other, more professional software. Of course, we’re talking about the best clipping software for gaming, so it also has the option to allow people to take clips of what they are playing and record full gaming sessions, too.

Key features:

  • Switch between a number of scenes while streaming

  • Broadcast to multiple streaming services

  • Capture from multiple audio and video sources


  • Great for adding some details to livestreaming

  • Simple layout, even when using multiple scenes

  • High FPS and unlimited resolution


  • No Mac version

  • Watermarks in the free version


Best for: online hosting

OS: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

G2 rating: 4.3 out of 5, 71 reviews

ScreenPal is the game clipping software available for a variety of different devices, it’s simple to use, and relatively affordable, too. ScreenPal can capture from your mobile device as well as your desktop, so you can capture a variety of different games, and it also has editing and even stock footage available.

Key features:

  • Editing tools

  • Online storage for videos

  • Unlimited video length on premium plans


  • Wide compatibility so you can record from desktop as well as iOS and Android devices

  • A variety of plans to suit each user’s needs

  • Store your videos on the cloud


  • Monthly payment is required to use the service

  • Free version won’t allow you to record game audio

Capture from multiple sources

OBS Studio

Easily capture and stream your gameplay

Gecata by Movavi

Make basic edits after recording

EaseUS RecExperts

Tips on choosing the best game clipping software

So, what is a good clipper? Choosing the best clipping software for gaming isn’t always that straightforward. There are many different types of game clipping software and everyone needs to consider a few different aspects before they decide which to buy:

  • Compatibility. This is the number one consideration before buying game clipping software (or using free versions). Is it actually compatible with the device and game that you want to use it for? Some game clipping software is Windows-specific, and it is harder to find a reliable option for a Mac sometimes, but there are options out there as our guide to clipping software shows.

  • Price. There are numerous ways to pay for the software. Some of them are free, which is great but can mean limited features and watermarks. Some options require a monthly subscription and some others allow you to pay a one-off fee for unlimited access to all the features as well as updates.

  • Ease of use. Using the game clipping software shouldn’t feel like a huge challenge. A lot of these options come with simple and straightforward ways to start the recording. For instance, many of them use hotkeys so that with the simple press of a button or two on your keyboard you can start the process and save your clip.

  • Audio options. The audio that you are getting from the game may be crucial to the video, and you’ll want to find an option that supports the audio options you need. For instance, if you need to include sound from multiple sources such as a microphone to allow you to commentate on the game you are playing. A lot of clipping software options let you use multiple audio sources, but not all of them. Always check how the software deals with audio.

  • FPS and definition. If you are playing a game that is visually impressive with a high FPS, then you may want software to handle this. Some of the clipping software on the market can record at up to 480 FPS, which is a way to get smooth clips of many different games. HD should come as standard, or at least be available on any software that you pay for.

  • Streaming options. Not all of us want to stream, but a lot of people capturing their game would love the ability to share on Twitch or other gaming platforms. A lot of game clipping software has a built-in ability to stream to other platforms.

  • Editing options. Some of the software on the market also includes editing features, which can make it easy to make simple changes, such as editing the length of the video, and can also allow users to add effects and transitions. Again, it depends on whether you are looking for this sort of feature, some editing options are superfluous if you just want to take a few seconds of footage from your game. 


Whether you’re looking for the best free clipping software for gaming, or you don’t mind paying for a more effective option, there are numerous different software options out there. Game clipping software can make it easy to take clips of playing your favorite games, make tutorials, and even send the clips to your friends on social media. Some of the platforms for game clipping even have cloud storage and ways to tag and share the video clips online.

Gecata by Movavi

Simple and solid game recorder and streaming program

Frequently asked questions

What is clipping software?

Clipping software is a way to take short clips from the games that you are playing. Finding the best clip software makes it easy to quickly press a button and capture clips of a game, ready for sharing online.

Why does FPS drop while recording?

Some clipping software uses more CPU due to being more intensive on PC resources and power. Software such as Gecata by Movavi is nimble and effective when it comes to recording at high FPS and helps users avoid dropped frames.

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Have questions?

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