15 Best Game Streaming Platforms and Sites

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Want to know about the best game streaming platforms? There are various options in the market, from paid to free, from simple ones to high-tech platforms. We will talk about some of the most popular video game streaming platforms in this article that will make it simpler for you to choose.

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The video game world is full of highs and lows, intense raids, and headshots. When you have a great video game live streaming and recording program, you can quickly grab the intense moments of your gaming experience. Gecata by Movavi is one of the best apps that will let you record and share your game streaming with your followers worldwide. It is easy-to-use and lightweight that permits lag-free gameplay streaming.

Best video game streaming sites

Live video is a growing and popular way for content creators to seamlessly connect with all their audiences. The best feature of live streaming is that you can interact with your audience and this, in turn, increases your popularity. Streaming live game is a trending topic today for which you will need a good platform or site. So, if you also want to live stream video games, here are some of the top gaming streaming sites that will make your streaming experience much more straightforward.

Best for: Easy follower interaction

Twitch got started as Justin.tv in 2007 and is one of the best video game streaming sites you can find today. On average, there were 2.5 million people watching streaming on the platform at any given time in July 2021, as derived from reports. You can use Twitch anywhere. You can use it on your PC, phone, Xbox, PS4, or any other device from which you can stream gaming content. In fact, viewers can also access the streams from any device. The best aspect of this platform is that it has immense community support. It is now a part of the e-commerce giant Amazon. So, free money is given out to Amazon Prime members to support their favorite streamers on Twitch. Let us have a look at the critical features of Twitch.

Key features:

  • Easy follower interaction with streamer profile

  • Stream live comments

  • Emote slots to enhance interactions

  • Subscriber badges for the fans

  • Cheermotes to boost earnings

  • Scheduled times for streams


  • Average 1.8 million viewers at any given time

  • New revenue channels to earn money

  • Simple and effective subscription model for long-term earnings


  • With a massive number of available streamers on this platform, getting noticed is a task

  • Minimum fifty followers run ads and monetize streams

Twitch will let you monetize your streams using ads if you can meet specific requirements. Some of them are – seven separate streams in one month, 500 minutes of streamed content in one month, or a minimum of fifty followers.

Best for: Huge audience base and support tools

All of us are aware of the stats of the video streaming giant, YouTube. Being a part of the largest search engine globally, Google, YouTube Gaming has a comprehensive collection of streamers who give the audience what they want. Gaming is now a big thing on YouTube. As the generation of children who grew up with technology and gaming started to get into the sector of making videos, YouTube turned out to be the most significant place for online video. The best thing about YouTube Gaming is that it provides streamers with plenty of tools that make video game streaming a cakewalk for them. The streaming platform is simple and easy to use. It is more or less like the typical YouTube platform you are accustomed to.

Key features:

  • Easy and simple UI

  • Video quality choices, such as 480p, 1080p, and others

  • Superb support system and tools

  • Huge audience base for gamer streaming


  • Free live streaming

  • Great audience interaction

  • Stream saving option that audience can watch later


  • The interface takes up lots of space

  • Cluttered display

  • No form of special incentives or rewards

YouTube Gaming is a part of YouTube. So, it uses partner programs and advertisements like standard YouTube to provide revenue. It is an excellent option for all those who have small followings. It also offers donations.

Best for: Seamless streaming of both mobile and desktop gaming

According to reports, in the first quarter of 2021, people worldwide watched one billion hours of live game streaming on Facebook Gaming. In recent years, Facebook has committed a lot to games. There is a dedicated Facebook Gaming application to keep the whole community in one place. However, people can access the same on the Facebook desktop website and mobile application. The UI of Facebook Gaming is relatively straightforward. Also, it is pretty easy to set up a live stream. The best thing is that when you start a live gaming stream, you will already have viewers from your friend list. You can schedule your broadcast that can help to create anticipation among your viewers. Moreover, Facebook is a social media platform. So, you will have an enhanced chance of getting discovered.

Key features:

  • Easy streaming of PC games and mobile gaming

  • Perks of in-stream ads playing

  • Reply to reactions and comments from the audience

  • Get stars from fans that come with real monetary value


  • Easy to use platform

  • Huge audience base

  • Audiences can search profiles to watch live stream

  • Supports both mobile and desktop gaming

  • Alert feature when streaming starts

  • Easy to get subscribers


  • Audiences can quickly scroll down to watch other stuff

  • Mandatory account requirement to watch streams

It is an easy thing to earn money from Facebook Gaming. The platform provides three primary ways of making money – stars, donations, and monthly fan support. As you level up your streaming on this platform, more revenue streams will open for you.

Best for: Huge recognition and rewards

DLive is a live game streaming service that came up in the year 2017. BitTorrent purchased DLive in 2019. Content creators can receive immense respect on this platform. All the generated revenue goes to the streamers directly. The UI is significantly simple and is an excellent option for new game streamers. The audience base is also great.

Key features:

  • The layout of the platform is superb

  • Provides excellent support

  • Permits prompt follow up with interests

  • Lag-free performance with smooth streaming


  • It comes with a donation button

  • Informative support section for users

  • No share from generated revenue


  • Cluttered display

  • No feature like “subscription”

The monetization process of DLive is not much transparent. However, the platform got immense popularity in the last few years, which indicates that the revenue system of the platform is quite good.

Best for: Real cash earning with the use of beans

Bigo Live is one of those platforms that deliver audiences with quality live game streaming. The best thing about Bigo Live is that it does not belong to a specific geographical area. You can use it for streaming both on your desktop and mobile as well. Apart from the general live streaming technologies, the streaming platform also uses Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. With the help of such new technologies, you can provide your audience with a vast collection of benefits. But the audience needs to be of at least 18 years of age to watch streaming. You can be more creative, improve your skills, and allow your viewers the enjoy the best. It is possible by getting into competition with other streamers on the platform. As you win a contest, you will be able to win Beans that can help earn real cash. The competitive events from this streaming platform can help properly analyze your performance and improve it even more.

Key features:

  • Streaming available for a global audience

  • Allows in-app purchase

  • Easy interaction with the audience

  • Participate in in-app competitions

  • Simple UI and easy to use


  • Get famous within a bit of time with a global audience

  • Enjoy handsome revenue

  • Enhance skills by being part of competitions


  • Feature of automatic posting using Facebook

  • No saved chat records

  • Strict rules that you need to abide

You can make money from Bigo Live by encashing your virtual gifts. When you get famous on the streaming platform, your followers will send you virtual gifts. You can stick them up and simply transform them into beans. Keep in mind that the more popular you get, the more beans you can earn. Then, you can easily encash all your beans for real money. The present exchange rate is $1 for 210 beans.

Best for: Simple and easy to use UI

Afreeca or AfreecaTV stands for Any Free Broadcasting. It started as a streaming service that is mainly from South Korea. In the starting phase, it was only a website that re-transmitted TV channels. But today, it provides various types of broadcasting services as well. You can upload new videos, participate in chats with your audience, and also live-stream your gaming. Because of its immense popularity among gamers, this streaming platform has become a famous place for the live streaming of mobile games. It is now a sponsor of the Esports League of Legends team. The best thing about this live streaming platform is that you can use desktop and mobile devices to live stream.

Key features:

  • Easy to use UI

  • Clutter-free streaming screen

  • Real-time interaction with the audience

  • Earn real money


  • Gives preference to all sorts of content produced by local streamers

  • Expertise in video games and Esports streaming


  • No form of international competitiveness

  • Minimal feature platform

  • Takes a percentage of revenue earned

  • Incur charges for sponsored broadcasts

The live streamers on AfreecaTV can make profits in a unique way. Known as the “star balloon,” it is a digital currency given to the streamers as a gift by the audience. Viewers need to buy star balloons using real money and then send the same to the live streamers at the time of streaming. You can exchange the star balloons for real cash. But there is a catch. AfreecaTV takes a percentage of the earnings, generally like 30% - 40%. Also, there are not plenty of streamers who can earn stars. Another way of making money is with the help of sponsored broadcasts. Companies and brands approach live streamers to get featured in their videos and earn money. But the platform takes a cut from the revenues as well.

Best for: Keep track of your position using the ranking page

GosuGamers is an excellent site for all those who are fond of Esports. You can find all kinds of detailed information regarding Esports from all over the world on this platform. The best thing is that viewers can find about the match schedules and live streams. Also, viewers can shop Esports merchandise from the portal. Some familiar games covered here are PUBG, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS: GO, and many others. Indeed, the platform of GosuGamers is primarily for tournament live streams. That is why you can use a special section named “tournaments” as a filter. Viewers can sort the tournaments according to their preferences. There is a “replays” section where the audience can watch the past streams easily. The best part is that the video quality of replays is relatively high. So, viewers won’t need to compromise on the stream quality.

Key features:

  • Tournament live streaming

  • Keep track of team ranking

  • Latest Esports news

  • On-time notifications


  • Live streamers from all over the world

  • International tournament streams

  • All kinds of news and notifications regarding the latest streams


  • Non-attractive platform

  • Not so easy to use

There is not much news or info regarding the monetization of live streams on this platform. However, as Esports is related, the revenue provided can be considered to be wholesome.

Best for: Great platform presentation

Caffeine comes with its capture card software for PC; however, you can also integrate it with third-party apps, like OBS. As you integrate with OBS, you can play any game on your PC or console and stream the same on Caffeine. The best thing about this live streaming platform is that you can get notifications of the latest updates, chat with other streamers, and converse with your audience. But there is no option of creating clips, saving footage, or rewatching streams. It is an excellent option for all those streamers who are new to the world of gaming. You can stream anything that gets picked up by the webcam with just a press of a button. You can also snap pictures to use in the form of a thumbnail. However, this platform lacks mobile live streaming. Viewers can watch and interact with live streamers on mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Easy to use interface

  • Attractive platform

  • Stream with a click of a button

  • Supports mobile viewing


  • Completely free with no ads for viewers

  • Stylish presentation

  • Easy setup

  • Great discoverability

  • Easy to make money


  • No form of mobile live streaming

  • Low resolution for gamers

  • No option to archive streams

The reward system in this live streaming platform is the classic one – stickers. The audience pays for stickers using gold currency. Caffeine comes with a partner program for favorite channels with various perks such as access to other partners, swag, and invites to special events. As you become a Caster Program member, you can generate stickers from your viewers. After generating $200 worth of stickers, you can encash the same for real money.

Best for: Supports stream customization according to need

Owncast is a live streaming platform that is open source and free as well. You can self-host your channel. It is an indication that there is no sort of centralized corporate entity selling subscriptions and games or showing ads over the channels and dividing the revenue among the streamers. As the platform will need you to self-host your streaming channel, it is more or less like developing a new website. Also, you get the chance to create your URL, like abc.dub.ninja. If you are not used to such things, the platform provides great documentation that can help you to get started as soon as possible. You can also customize the stream settings, like the resolution and frame rate.

Key features:

  • Superb customization of stream settings

  • Self-hosting feature

  • No ads and open source

  • Great audience interaction


  • Provides excellent customization

  • Works well with existing and popular streaming software

  • Permits viewing live streaming on mobile application


  • Complex installation process

  • Constricted community

  • Requires to buy and maintain your server

  • No option to directly earn money from live streaming

There is no direct way of earning money from your streams on this platform. You can make some money, but the process is quite complex.

Best for: Great option for new streamers

If you are into mobile broadcasting, Mobcrush is one of the platforms that you need to try. Mobile broadcasting is more common today, and so the popularity of this platform is increasing every day. The platform provides the convenience of unifying your presence across various services within one application. The setup process is quite simple. You will have to download other third-party streaming software like XSplit or OBS as you create your account. Mobcrush will take your stream and then broadcast the same to other platforms that you select, like YouTube, Twitch, and others. The platform is only available on mobile and desktop platforms. There is no option to use it on set-top boxes or gaming consoles. The UI is relatively smooth and handles screen recording in a slightly different way. The Android version functions more or less like Facebook Gaming. You can easily interact with multiple viewers at once.

Key features:

  • Accessible tools and features for new streamers

  • Supports PC and mobile streaming

  • Great audience interaction


  • Option to broadcast stream in other platforms

  • Easy to use and simple UI

  • Supports multiple viewer interaction


  • No direct support for viewers

  • No use on gaming consoles and set-top boxes

  • Requires other third-party streaming software

Being famous and attracting a vast audience is of no worth to a streamer if they cannot make money from it. The Go Live Get Paid program of Mobcrush permits streamers to earn cash. You have the option to earn about $2,500 every hour if you get approved as a broadcaster who is ready to take part in sponsored streams. You can also make money from fan donations and develop a loyal community.

Best for: Supports live stream countdown to build anticipation

Uscreen can cater to you with all kinds of tools that you will require to support, create, and scale your live streams and content business. You can monetize everything on this platform with monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions along with PPV or pay-per-view access to all your streams. The platform can provide you with handy marketing tools, such as coupons, discounts, and free trials, to promote your live streams. Also, you will be able to integrate your CRM tools and email marketing into this platform. As you engage with your audience, you can provide them access to your broadcasts. In simple terms, Uscreen will let you host and stream your content along with everything else that you will require to make money. The streaming service is entirely in HD. You can add customized thumbnails, subtitles, and captions and set custom filters for viewers to discover quickly.

Key features:

  • Create trailer video

  • Easy tracking of viewers

  • A wide array of marketing tools


  • Transparent pricing

  • Excellent customer support with 24*7 service

  • Huge audience base

  • Live stream countdown to build anticipation


  • No ad-based video for monetization

  • Lacks support for viewers

Making money with Uscreen is an easy thing. All you require to do is to choose a video monetization strategy and opt for a pricing model. The platform comes with a three-tier pricing model that will help you to earn revenue as well.

Best for: Easy one-click broadcast

All of us are aware of the famous social media platform Twitter that belongs to the group of the biggest social media platforms. Twitter Live is an excellent option for live streamers to reach more viewers with just one click. It is hassle-free, and there is no need for tricky setups. All you need to do is to take your mobile device and go live. So, anyone can go live on Twitter. If you want to stream your gaming from various sources, you can use an encoder as well. In Twitter Live, there is no particular hashtag or tab that will help you access live streaming on the platform. In place of that, you will have to encourage all your viewers and followers to enable notifications for your activities and just promote the live stream much ahead of time. The best aspect of this platform is that the video will get saved automatically in the platform so that your viewers or audience can rewatch it. Also, you will get video analytics at the time of streaming and also after that.

Key features:

  • Start to broadcast videos with a single click

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Clutter-free display

  • Great for reaching a massive audience at once


  • You can invite guests in your stream; three people at once

  • Send out invites to viewers that will get in their DMs

  • Live interaction with viewers


  • It might be a bit tricky to gather an audience when starting new

  • No tab for live streaming

Twitter will not charge you for using the platform similar to other social media platforms. You can make money here from advertising. You can monetize your streaming content only if you are eligible for the platform’s monetization program.

Best for: PIP or picture-in-picture streaming

TikTok is slowly becoming a dominant force in social media as it got downloaded on 840 million mobile devices in 2020. You can use this platform for streaming games as well. As it is a new player in the game of social media, this platform is improving itself actively with daily updates to the offered features. Recently, TikTok received an update where users can host live events. It means that you can promote your live stream, and viewers can discover the events they find interest in. It is easy to use. The only limitation is that you can use the platform on mobile devices and not on PCs.

Key features:

  • Picture-in-picture mode so that you do not lose your viewers

  • Invite others to your live stream and go live together

  • Q&A sessions where viewers can ask you questions


  • The “top live” category will let your content get easy discovery

  • Option to add a moderator to live streams

  • Keywords filter for comment moderation


  • Need to meet eligibility requirements to make money

  • Not meant for new gamers

You can host live streams for free in TikTok Live. You have the option to monetize all your streams by getting gifts from your audience. The contributions come with real monetary value. But there are specific eligibility criteria to enjoy monetization features. Some of them are – need to be over 18 years of age, need to be based in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, or France, must have a minimum of 10,000 followers, and many others.

Best for: Trusted streaming

The majority of users trust and love Reddit. It comes with a higher net promoter score compared to other social platforms. The community of this platform concentrates on making it a place where you can develop significant connections with all your viewers. Unlike other live streaming platforms, Reddit Live will not allow you to go live whenever you want. There are particular places and times. You can do live broadcasts every Wednesday between 1 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT. Also, there are limited spots that you can find to broadcast on this platform. You require to be a member of Reddit for a minimum of two weeks and have a minimum of 125 comment karmas so that you can broadcast. After you finish your stream, you can save the video on the platform so that your audience can view it once again. You can stream for a maximum of three hours. You can extend the time limit with the help of rewards from your viewers.

Key features:

  • Community-based live streaming

  • Large audience base

  • Build great connections with viewers


  • Live stream video gets saved on the platform

  • Receive comment karmas from viewers

  • Establish bonding with your audience


  • A time limit of 1 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT every Wednesday to live stream

  • Maximum 3 hours of live stream permitted

  • Not great for everyday streamers

There is no extra cost if you want to live stream on Reddit. However, you will need to get comment karmas to be eligible for live streaming. Viewers can provide you with awards for your streaming. They are bought using Reddit coins and can provide you with real money in exchange.

Best for: Interesting features

If you are looking out for a reliable streaming solution that does not depend on the scale, device, or network condition, Wowza is an excellent choice for you. It acts as a downloadable media server software that gives power to on-demand and live streaming. Moreover, you can customize everything according to your requirements. You can also live stream to any device. The platform comes with excellent tools and great features that can make live streaming seamless for you. Instead of being a website where your audience can go and watch your live streaming, Wowza helps host live streams. You can embed the same anywhere you want – social media or your website, for example.

Key features:

  • Loads of tools for seamless streaming

  • Cloud-based streaming facilities

  • Easy to use with exciting features


  • A robust live streaming platform

  • Customizable features

  • Great support facility

  • Record stream for later use


  • It might be a bit tricky for new streamers

  • Needs proper knowledge of cloud-based live streaming

You can monetize your live streams on Wowza. There are various brands and companies that can help you in earning revenue from this platform.

Which game streaming platform to choose

There is no doubt that live streaming can provide your audience with a fascinating viewing experience. But there are specific points that you need to keep in mind before you opt for a game streaming service. Let us have a look at certain tips that will help you pick the best streaming platform for gamers.

  • Features: Have a look at the platform you select to stream your content to find out whether it has all the tools and features you require. You can also check out the developer’s website and properly check the features before finalizing the one.

  • Usability: You will have to ensure that the platform you select is simple and easy to use. It must match your experience level. There are platforms that offer various features and can be tempting too. However, they might turn out to be complicated to use. The best thing is to opt for a free streaming service or at least something that provides a free trial so that you can check it out.

  • Support: When streaming live, you might encounter various unwanted issues. In that case, you will require a proper support system to get all the help you need.

  • Monetization: Free video game streaming services are not the best all the time. You will have to search for the ones that can provide you with good revenue for the content. Also, ensure whether the platform deducts any percentage from your earnings or not. It is crucial for live streaming.

  • Supported games: Not all platforms will allow you to stream any game that you want. Check out the supported games before choosing one.

  • Resolution: Make sure that the platform you opt for allows you to stream in high resolution. Low-resolution gaming content will make it uninteresting for your viewers.

  • Interaction: There are streaming platforms that do not permit interaction with the audience. It can be a massive drawback as live streaming is about making a good connection with the audience. Ensure that the platform you choose supports audience interaction.

  • User reviews: It is always a great idea to check the platform rating and reviews before starting streaming there. You can easily find any issues, problems, or bugs that can save you from future issues.

Best game streaming platforms

  1. Twitch – follower interaction within your profile
  2. YouTube Gaming – various tools to support live streaming
  3. Facebook Gaming – easy streaming of both desktop and mobile gaming
  4. DLive – opportunity to get rewards and recognition
  5. Bigo Live – earn real cash by exchanging beans
  6. AfreecaTV – easy to use interface
  7. GosuGamers – best for ranking page to keep track of the position
  8. Caffeine – stylish platform presentation
  9. Owncast – provides superb customization of your stream
  10. Mobcrush – useful for new creators
  11. Uscreen – best for live stream countdown for a sense of anticipation
  12. Twitter Live – best for seamless and one-click broadcast
  13. TikTok Live – picture-in-picture steaming
  14. Reddit Live – trusted streaming
  15. Wowza – packed with features


We’ve covered the top fifteen streaming websites for gaming and hope each player can find an appropriate option for themselves. Don’t forget to check out Gecata by Movavi, a program for Windows users that lets you record and stream your gameplay on Twitch with your webcam reactions, system sound, and mic.


Best for



Follower interaction within your profile

Scheduled stream events

Minimum 50 followers to run ads

Various tools to support live streaming

No streaming fees

The interface takes lots of space

Easy streaming of both desktop and mobile gaming

Choice of in-stream ads

Minimum 100 followers to monetize streaming

Opportunity to get rewards and recognition

No share from generated revenue

Cluttered streaming display

Gecata by Movavi

Simple and solid game recorder and streaming program

Frequently asked questions

What are the best game streaming sites?

There are lots of game streaming sites that you can find today. Here are some of them so that you can make a good choice.

  • YouTube Gaming

  • Facebook Live

  • AfreecaTV

  • DLive

  • Bigo Live

  • Owncast

  • Wowza

  • Uscreen

What is the best streaming app for gaming?

Here are some of the best streaming applications for gaming.

  • Gecata by Movavi

  • Streamlabs OBS

  • Twitch Studio

  • OBS

  • NVIDIA ShadowPlay

You'll find more streaming apps in the article linked below.

Is Twitch or Facebook Gaming better?

Most streamers regard Twitch as a better option than Facebook Gaming. It is mainly because of the large streaming viewership. Also, Twitch comes with better customizations besides having various video game partnerships. Indeed, the entry for Facebook Gaming is a lot easier, but in the end, Twitch comes with more potential in regards to growth. You might argue that Facebook has got a considerable market share in the social media sector. However, when it comes to live streaming of games, Twitch is a lot better. Facebook Gaming is undoubtedly an excellent streaming platform. But it lacks some features that you might need to increase your streaming capabilities.

What is the biggest streaming platform for gaming?

The craze of live game streaming has reached a new level today. Several gamers want to start streaming their gameplay and make money. If you also want to do the same, there are various streaming platforms available today. When it is about the biggest streaming platform, there are plenty to choose from. You can opt for gaming streaming services like Twitch, or pick Facebook Gaming, AfreecaTV, and many others.

What is the most popular video game streaming site?

Twitch must be the most popular game streaming platform right now, with as many as 22 billion hours of content watched in 2022 by its users. Twitch has always been popular among gamers but has gained growth dramatically in 2020 with some 18 billion hours of content watched.

Where can I stream games for free?

Top-5 platforms to stream games for free are:

  • YouTube Gaming

  • Twitch

  • Caffeine

  • Facebook Gaming

  • TikTok Live

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