Best 11 Grammarly Alternatives for Writing in 2024: Free & Paid

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Grammarly is an excellent tool for checking and improving your writing. But it can also be cost prohibitive if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re looking for a Grammarly alternative, you’re in the right place! We’ve reviewed a number of websites like Grammarly to find free similar websites that are better than Grammarly in many areas – without the premium price tag.

If you’re in the market for an alternative to Grammarly, check out these top competitors that can help you save money and improve your writing skills.

What is Grammarly?

Before we dive into the Grammarly alternatives, let’s discuss what the app is famous for. Grammarly is a popular cloud-based writing assistant that uses AI to review spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Writers and others professional use it for proofreading and editing articles and any other types of documents.




Completely free, gives links to check phrases on Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary 


Offers the Rephraser tool to enhance sentences 

Free (premium version also available for as low as $6.49/month)

Provides text scoring and analysis based on readability formulas like the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and the Gunning Fog Index

Free (premium version available for as little as $4/month)

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Best free websites like Grammarly

  • Price:


  • AI features:


  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    completely free, gives links to check phrases on Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary 

  • Use cases:

    perfect for creative writing and brainstorming thanks to its word association feature

Slick Write is a free alternative to Grammarly that offers a number of similar tools at no cost. It’s also available as a browser extension so you can check grammar and spelling as you write. You can also integrate it with other tools, making it an invaluable writing companion.

Key features:

  • Immediate analysis of text for readability, sentence structure, and common errors

  • Includes helpful options such as word association, flow tracking, and sentence length variation

  • Provides customizable feedback based on individual writing needs

  • Plug-ins are available for major web browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, to help you analyze your writing on-the-fly


  • Helps improve writing by providing detailed and customizable feedback

  • Includes a user-friendly interface for greater ease of use

  • Free to use, making it a great resource for writers on a budget

  • Browser plug-ins can be integrated with other writing tools and platforms


  • It may not detect all types of grammatical and syntactical errors

  • Customization options might be confusing for first-time users

  • No offline version, which means you need internet access to use it

  • It may not be as comprehensive or sophisticated as some paid writing tools

  • Price:

    free (premium version also available for as low as $6.49/month)

  • AI features:

    the Rephraser tool

  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    offers the Rephraser tool to enhance sentences 

  • Use cases:

    writing engaging emails and social media posts

Reverso is well-known in language-learning circles for its translation abilities, but it’s also an excellent Grammarly alternative. Its definitions feature and pronunciation tool are designed to help English learners, but even if you’re a native speaker, Reverso can help you make your writing sound more professional and polished.

Key features:

  • Includes a synonyms and definitions feature that allows you to understand the context of words

  • Grammar and spell check tool that helps you correct your writing

  • Pronunciation tool that aids in learning the correct pronunciation of words

  • Web browser extensions for easy access


  • Grammar and spell check tools are reasonably accurate and helpful for non-native speakers

  • Pronunciation tool can be helpful for language learners

  • The synonym and definition feature provides a deeper understanding of words and their usage

  • Free version available, with premium versions offering more features and fewer restrictions


  • The free version has a limit of 2,500 that can be used at once

  • Some languages might not be as comprehensively supported as others

  • Ads can be intrusive in the free version

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  • Price:

    free (premium version available for as little as $4/month)

  • AI features:


  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    provides text scoring and analysis based on readability formulas like the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and the Gunning Fog Index

  • Use cases:

    perfect for marketing and customer communication thanks to its sentiment analysis feature for valuable insights

Readable, as the name implies, is designed as an alternative to Grammarly that helps writers, bloggers, and content publishers alike make their writing more readable. It does this by using a variety of evaluation systems, comparing your writing to different readability formulas to determine what grade level or age range can clearly understand your content.

Key features:

  • URL scoring that analyzes the readability of online content

  • File scoring which supports analyzing the readability of .txt, .html, and .xml files

  • Provides keyword density and letter, syllable, and word counts

  • Sentiment analysis to understand the emotional tone of the text


  • Provides in-depth analysis of text readability

  • Supports multiple file formats for readability analysis

  • Helps improve SEO with keyword density analysis

  • Has an intuitive user interface


  • There’s a bit of a learning curve to understand and apply readability scores

  • Unlike some similar tools, it does not provide specific suggestions for improving readability

  • Price:

    free (premium version available for $14.95/month)

  • AI features:


  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    has a vocabulary builder that can help enrich your writing

  • Use cases:

    writing student papers and essays for college applications

PaperRater is great for students in that it combines a grammar and spell checker, as well as a plagiarism detector and suggestions on how to make your writing clearer and easier to understand. Plus, because it’s web-based, there’s nothing to download or install, making PaperRater an excellent alternative to Grammarly worth considering.

Key features:

  • Grammar and spell checker to identify potential errors in the text

  • Plagiarism detection tool to ensure originality of content

  • Writing suggestions to help improve clarity and style

  • Automated scoring to give you a general idea of the quality of your writing

  • Vocabulary builder to enhance language usage naturally


  • Provides several features (like grammar check and plagiarism detection) in one place

  • Automated scoring can be helpful to get an immediate impression of your writing's quality

  • Web-based, so there's no need for downloads or installations

  • Free version available, with premium offering additional features


  • Free version has limitations, like a lower word count limit and fewer checks

  • Automated scoring might not always align with human evaluation

  • Plagiarism checker may not catch everything, especially smaller phrases or less common sources

  • Some users might find the writing suggestions to be too generic

  • Price:

    free (premium version is available for $5.83/month for individuals)

  • AI features:


  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    supports a wide range of languages, making it a versatile tool for multilingual users

  • Use cases:

    writing and editing documents in multiple languages

LanguageTool is an excellent Grammarly alternative that allows you to check your writing, grammar and spelling in over 20 different languages. It also includes helpful add-ons for the most popular word processors, making it easy to check your writing as you type.

Key features:

  • Multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker, supporting more than 20 languages

  • Personal dictionary where you can add your own words

  • Add-on for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and various browsers for seamless integration

  • Provides detailed explanations for suggested corrections


  • Integrates well with other popular writing platforms for real-time error detection

  • Personal dictionary allows customization according to individual usage

  • Offers a good balance between simplicity and depth of feedback

  • Free version available, with a more comprehensive premium version


  • Free version has a character limit for each check

  • Some grammar and style errors might not be caught, particularly more subtle or complex ones

  • It may not be as intuitive or user-friendly as some other grammar checking tools

  • The detailed explanations for errors might be confusing for some users

  • Price:

    free online version (one-time fee of $19.99 for the app)

  • AI features:


  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    can export to text, PDF, or directly publish to WordPress and Medium

  • Use cases:

    editing and publishing blog posts on a WordPress blog

The Hemingway App is a favorite tool of copywriters, bloggers, and content publishers for its ease of use and availability. Unlike other apps and websites featured in this list, Hemingway doesn’t require an internet connection. The desktop version of the software also lets you publish directly to WordPress or Medium from within the program itself, saving time and helping you build your audience.

Key features:

  • Analyzes text for readability and provides a readability grade

  • Highlights complex sentences, adverb usage, and passive voice to help simplify writing

  • Formatting features for bold and italic text, headings, and bullet points

  • Direct publishing to WordPress and Medium (using the desktop version)


  • Helps simplify and improve the clarity of writing

  • Provides an immediate, visual representation of potential areas for improvement

  • Simple, user-friendly interface, even for beginners

  • Can be used offline from the desktop version


  • May oversimplify writing, potentially removing nuance and complexity

  • Recommendations may not always align with the writer's intended style or tone

  • Lack of grammar checking functionality

  • Price:

    free with a premium version starting at $13.99/month

  • AI features:

    AI-based synonyms

  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    offers personalized practice sessions and detailed reports on your errors to help improve your skills

  • Use cases:

    spell checking emails and social media posts

Ginger is an all-in-one Grammarly alternative that combines a grammar and spelling checker, a synonym and sentence replacer, a dictionary, and a text-to-speech option to provide a complete solution to help you improve your writing. If you’re learning English or another language, the text-to-speech functionality can help you get your pronunciation just right!

Key features:

  • Comprehensive grammar and spell checking

  • Synonyms and definitions feature, allowing you to understand the context of words

  • Sentence rephraser to help improve your writing style

  • Text-to-speech functionality for pronunciation assistance


  • Provides a variety of writing tools, including a spell checker, grammar checker, and sentence rephrasing

  • Integrates well with a range of platforms, including web browsers, MS-Office, and iOS and Android devices


  • Free version is limited, with premium offering more comprehensive checks

  • The sentence rephraser tool might not always provide appropriate suggestions

  • Some users may find it less accurate in catching errors compared to other leading tools

  • The pricing for the premium version may be a bit high for individual users or small businesses

  • Price:

    free option with a premium version available for $9.99/month

  • AI features:

    AI-powered writing companion that can rephrase sentences while maintaining their original meaning

  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    can help with conciseness or elaboration depending on writing needs

  • Use cases:

    creative writing, writing social media posts and essays

Wordtune is one of the first Grammarly alternatives to leverage AI in its writing arsenal, helping you to keep your content unique while benefiting from the vast knowledge of artificial intelligence. It also gives great suggestions on different ways to express the same thing, so if you find yourself constantly referring to a “dark and stormy night”, it can help you break out of common clichés. 

Key features:

  • Offers alternative ways to express your thoughts

  • Provides shortening or lengthening of sentences

  • Works seamlessly as a browser extension, compatible with online writing platforms

  • Helps with writing paragraphs in the premium version


  • Useful tool for improving sentence structure and diversifying expression

  • Offers real-time suggestions to improve writing as it happens

  • Has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to incorporate into your writing process

  • Free version available, with premium versions offering more capabilities


  • Premium version might be expensive for some users

  • AI suggestions may sometimes lack the nuance or context understanding of human editing

  • As of the last update, the tool primarily supports English, limiting its use for other languages

  • Price:

    free version available with a premium version starting at $18.95/month

  • AI features:

    AI-based writing assistant that provides context-appropriate suggestions

  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    gives detailed reports on your errors

  • Use cases:

    great for businesses to check emails and documents as well as non-fiction writers thanks to its AI-based paraphrasing feature

Linguix also leverages AI to help you improve your writing, but unlike other alternatives to Grammarly profiled here, it does so in a way that offers suggestions in the context of what you’re writing. The suggestions it offers, however, can be hit or miss, so as far as Grammarly alternatives are concerned, you may want to take some of its recommendations with a grain of salt. 

Key features:

  • Comprehensive grammar, punctuation, and spell checking

  • Style recommendations to improve clarity and readability

  • Compatible with various platforms, like web browsers, MS Office, and desktop applications

  • Provides detailed reports on your errors to help improve your skills


  • Offers real-time suggestions to improve your writing while you work

  • Compatible with a wide range of platforms for seamless editing

  • Has an AI writing assistant with valuable insights for improving text


  • The free version has limitations, with premium offering more comprehensive checks

  • Some users might find the suggestions less accurate compared to other tools

  • The pricing for the premium version may be a bit high

Best paid Grammarly alternatives

Are you looking for affordable Grammarly alternatives? We’ve got you covered there too! The following apps and websites offer not only writing tips to help you improve your style and tone, but also check spelling, grammar, and more, some in multiple languages. These programs are well worth the price and cost less than Grammarly. Many of them also offer affordable yearly plans to help you save money.

It’s important to remember before you sign up for one of these paid websites that you carefully evaluate all of the features offered to decide which one best suits your needs and budget. You may not need all of the features offered at any one time, but consider how much your writing will improve in the next year or two, or if you’ll be writing for business, academia, or in translation. That’s where these tools truly shine.

  • Price:

    $11.50 per month, billed annually at $137.95

  • AI features:


  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    provides writing templates for different types of writing

  • Use cases:

    writing and editing business reports and cover letters

WhiteSmoke differs from the other websites like Grammarly profiled here in that it also offers writing templates for many different (and oftentimes difficult) types of writing, like reports and cover letters. It also works alongside your favorite programs, like Microsoft Office, your web browser, or other desktop applications.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style checker

  • Writing templates for various types of content, such as reports, cover letters, and more

  • Plagiarism checker to ensure content originality

  • Compatible with various platforms, like web browsers, MS Office, and desktop applications


  • Provides thorough and detailed feedback on writing errors

  • Writing templates can be very helpful for specific types of content

  • Multi-language support in dictionary and translator adds versatility

  • Plagiarism checker is a valuable tool for academic and professional writing

  • Works across different platforms for flexibility in use


  • User interface could be more intuitive and modern

  • It might not be as accurate as some other grammar checking tools

  • Some users have reported slow performance

  • The pricing for premium features may be high for individual users or small businesses

  • Price:

    $20/month or $79/year

  • AI features:

    AI-powered text analysis

  • Advantages compared to Grammarly:

    offers detailed reports on readability, overused words, sentence length, and more

  • Use cases:

    writing college essays, pitching to new clients, editing articles

ProWritingAid takes the feedback option from websites like Grammarly and turns it up to 11. If you’re the kind of person who likes detailed feedback on any mistakes you made and a keen eye for any instances of things like overused words or sentence length, you’ll find ProWritingAid to be an invaluable tool. Oh, and it also does all of that in real-time, making it a fast and user-friendly way to improve your writing. 

Key features:

  • Comprehensive writing feedback, including grammar, style, and spelling checks

  • Word explorer feature for synonyms, collocations, rhymes, etc.

  • Integration with various platforms, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and browsers

  • Real-time error detection and suggestions for improvements


  • Provides in-depth analysis of writing with comprehensive checks and reports

  • Offers the word explorer tool for writing enhancement

  • Integrates with other platforms for a seamless writing and editing experience

  • Offers a free version, with premium versions adding more features and removing limitations


  • The amount of feedback and the number of reports can be overwhelming for some users

  • Some users find the interface a bit cluttered and not as intuitive

  • The free version has limitations, such as a word count limit


As you can see, there are a number of websites like Grammarly to choose from if you want the intuitive and straightforward ease-of-use from Grammarly but without the high price tag. In addition, many of the services profiled here go well beyond Grammarly’s core capabilities to offer translation, AI writing assistance, pronunciation, and much more.

Since many of these websites, even the premium ones, offer free trials, we encourage you to try out several tools in order to see which ones you’re most comfortable with and which ones offer the most features you need at the best price point.

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