How to Trim MP4 Videos

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How to trim MP4 online

Have a clip in MP4 that you want to split into multiple parts? Need to quickly trim an MP4 online? Try Fastreel by Movavi then!

Fastreel by Movavi is an online platform that lets you create videos without having to install additional software. It works great as an online MP4 trimmer. The fast processing, intuitive interface, and swift preview let you cut out unwanted parts of the video in just a few clicks.

Here’s how to trim MP4 with Fastreel by Movavi:

Step 1. Visit the website

Click the button below to go to the Fastreel site.

Step 2. Add the video file

Click the Add Your File button or drag-and-drop the video into the box on the page. Note that the file you want to upload should be under 500 MB. If you’re working with a bigger file, it’s better for you to get the desktop alternative – Movavi Video Editor.

Step 3. Trim the video

There are two ways to cut out unwanted parts from your video with this MP4 trimmer.

To get rid of the beginning or the ending part of your video, drag one of the two yellow edges of the recording on the Timeline to the desired point. If you trim the beginning of the video, don’t forget to move the final clip to the beginning of the Timeline.

If you want to delete a part in the middle of the clip, you’ll have to use the splitting tool. Drag the red marker to the point the unwanted fragment starts, then click Split. After that, find the point where the cutout should end and click the same icon again. Finally, select the unwanted piece and click the Trash can icon under it.

Step 4. Save the result

Click Export in the top-right corner of the window. You can choose to export the video with or without the watermark and in various sizes. When you’re done with the settings, the platform will start processing the trimmed video. When it’s done, the result will both appear on the web page and be sent to your email.

How to trim MP4 on a phone

If the video you want to edit is on your phone, you can cut out unwanted parts using Movavi Clips. It’s a free cross-platform video-editing app for both Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t matter if you use a phone or a tablet – the app runs great on any device. Trimming videos isn’t its only feature: Movavi Clips also lets you add audio to your video, apply effects, stickers, filters and transitions, change the video speed, and do many other cool editing tricks with your videos. It’s totally add-free. The Premium subscription lets you save your videos with no watermarks and includes additional features like voice-over, overlaying several videos, and over 1000 premium music tracks. Get the app from one of the stores below and then follow the instructions.

Google Play
Google Play
App Store
App Store

Start by launching the app. Then, tap the Plus icon, locate and select the video you want to edit. Tap Add and select the final video resolution to start working with the clip. Choose the point where you want to make a cut and click the Scissors button below the Timeline. Place the marker at the end of the unwanted section and click the Scissors button again. Swipe this part of the video down to delete it, or tap the Trash can icon at the bottom-right part of the screen. To save the result, touch the Export icon in the top-right corner. Choose between three output quality options of saving the video. You also have an option to save the video with or without the watermark.


Now you know two simple ways to trim a video on any device. Let’s summarize everything mentioned above:

  • To trim a small video on your desktop or laptop computer, use Fastreel by Movavi – a simple online video editor that lets you not only cut your videos but make short clips using built-in templates, effects, and filters.

  • To edit a big video, use Movavi Video Editor – a desktop program designed to make video editing easy and intuitive.

  • To cut a video on a phone or a tablet, use Movavi Clips – an iOS and Android app that lets you create high-quality videos from your smartphone without a hinge.

Try the options by yourself and see which ones work best for you!

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