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Today, the variety of available video formats is so large that most users easily get confused when they need to choose one. Many formats look similar and have a lot in common at first sight, but such an impression is always deceptive. This article will take a look at two popular formats, WebM and MP4, and how to convert MP4 to WebM. We will briefly discuss the WEBM format, what would be a result of an MP4 vs. WebM comparison, what an MP4 format is, and why you may want to convert MP4 to WebM. Let’s jump into it!

How to convert MP4 to WebM with Movavi Video Converter

If you need to turn your MP4 files into WebM files, all you need is an appropriate piece of software – like Movavi Video Converter. This program will help you change the format of your videos quickly and easily.

Download the Movavi application for Windows or Mac, read this short guide, and you’ll be converting MP4 to WebM in no time.

Step 1. Install the MP4-to-WebM converter

Launch the app distribution file and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step 2. Add MP4 clips for conversion

Go to Add Media, then choose Add video and select one or more MP4 files you want to convert.

Step 3. Choose WebM as the output format

Open the Video tab in the lower part of the app window, click WebM, and select your desired preset. You can also use the specific preset for your device by choosing it on the Devices tab.

Step 4. Convert MP4 to WebM

Click the Save to button and choose the destination folder for your output videos. When you’re done, click Convert.

How to convert MP4 to WebM online

Do you wish to convert your videos into formats that can play on any device you want? You will need an online video converter. An online video converter does come in handy when converting MP4 to WebM. You can convert MP4 to WebM online using a number of software and converters. Check out these websites if you prefer to use an online converter:

Online Video Converter

With the online video converter, you can change your files’ video or audio format, not exceeding 100 MB, from MP4 to WebM free of charge (up to 100 MB). The tool is quite easily accessible through their website, videoconverter.com, or via their google chrome extension.

To convert MP4 to WebM with the Online Video Converter, choose a media file for conversion from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Select the desired format, which is WebM, from the list. You can use the enhanced settings feature to fix quality and more. Click the Convert button and download your WebM format file once the conversion is complete. The conversion is fast, and the file is encoded so that it can only be accessed by the uploader. It is then deleted from the server immediately after use.


  • With Online Video Converter, you can convert MP4 to WebM for free

  • Can be easily accessed online through their website or browser extensions

  • Supports more than 40 media formats

  • Fast conversion rate


  • Does not support batch conversions

  • Cannot be used offline

  • Some perks such as unlimited file size are exclusively offered at a premium


CloudConvert is a free MP4-to-WebM converter. It supports over 200 different file formats and integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. The software is easy to use, has a straightforward interface, and does not require any installation.

The converter provides batch conversion and folder monitoring as well as a powerful API that allows us to use the service in our applications.

Transcode with CloudConvert by selecting your conversion settings in the top bar, in this case, .mp4 to .webm. Next, select the files you’d like to convert. At the bottom of your window, select where you want your converted files saved. Click Start Conversion.


  • They support more than 200 audios, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, and presentation formats

  • There are no download or installation hassles

  • The interface is easy to use and understand

  • Most conversion types can be adjusted to your needs, such as setting the quality and many other options


  • Dependent on whether or not an Internet connection is available

  • Additional features such as editing, downloading videos, and others are not supported

  • It only supports a limited size of files


Zamzar is a popular online converter that allows users to convert MP4 files to WebM format or WebM files to MP4 format. More than 1200 different conversions are supported by the software, including video, audio, eBooks, music, and many others.

The converter's interface is simple and straightforward, and it allows for easy conversion.

Simply upload the MP4 file, choose WebM as the output format, and type your email address into Zamzar. The website will send the link to download the converted file to the email address given.


  • The quality of the file is not compromised while being converted

  • This tool allows you to choose a suitable file resolution before proceeding with the conversion

  • Supports numerous media formats

  • Comes with privacy and security features that safeguard user files


  • Can only be used with a proper internet connection

  • The file size supported id limited

  • The supported media formats are fewer compared to desktop conversion software


This online converter is free to use and does not require any download or installation. It converts MP4 to WebM at a fast rate. You can either upload a video file or input the video link to convert it to WebM. Click Convert file to launch the VP8 converter.

Online-Convert supports importing files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and URLs in addition to local PC files. The converted files can be downloaded or saved directly to Google Drive or Dropbox using the website interface.


  • The platform is free to use

  • The conversion process is relatively fast

  • There are no download or installation hassles

  • The interface is easy to use and understand

  • You can convert MP4 to WebM on a Mac or any non-typical OS


  • Dependent on whether or not an Internet connection is available

  • Additional features such as editing, downloading videos, and others are not supported

  • It only supports a limited size of files

  • In comparison to professional software, the supported formats are minimal

Alternatives to online MP4-to-WebM converters

Using an online converter to convert MP4 to WebM is an easy and fast operation. However, given its disadvantages, such as Internet dependability, limited format support, limited file size upload, and lack of additional functionality, better alternatives to these free MP4-to-WebM converters are needed. As a result, there are desktop software MP4-to-WebM converters for download. They offer a wide range of features and functions and are an excellent alternative to online MP4-to-WebM converters.

Software to convert MP4 to WebM for free

Below, you'll find reviews of the three best programs with which you can convert for free. The free programs are:

Converting MP4 to WebM with HandBrake

HandBrake is a free, open-source video transcoder for Linux, Mac, and Windows that anyone can use to make videos. Handbrake is mainly used as a tool for post-production editing.

The MP4 to WebM Handbrake conversion of videos is quite simplified. Moreover, Handbrake provides all the necessary features in a minimalistic tool that gives the user complete control over the outcome.

How to convert videos from MP4 to WebM using HandBrake

Below is a step by step process to convert MP4 to WebM on HandBrake:

  1. After installing and running HandBrake, click Source and select Open a single video file.

  2. Confirm that the format selected on HandBrake is WebM.

  3. Select the folder to which you’d like to save the new video file.

  4. Click Start Encode and wait for the conversion to be done.

You can also do the opposite: convert WebM to MP4 with HandBrake.

Using VLC to convert MP4 video to WebM

Thanks to its compatibility with all existing audio and video formats, as well as its multi-platform features, VLC Media Player is an excellent alternative.

It is supported by Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and other systems and transforms files, among other things, in addition to serving as a video player.

How to convert MP4 to WebM in VLC

Using VLC, convert to WebM by following these simple steps:

  1. After opening VLC, click Media. Then, select Convert/Save.

  2. In the window that opens, click Add to select the MP4 video file to convert.

  3. After that, click Convert/Save. Select the Convert option.

  4. In the next window, select the format you want to convert the video to and then, click Start.

Transcoding MP4 to WebM with FFmpeg

FFmpeg is an open-source command-line tool for easily modifying the format or quality of an AV file, extracting audio, making GIFs, and other tasks.

It's made up of several programs and libraries that deal with audio, video, and multimedia files and streams. It's also used behind the scenes in a variety of other media campaigns.

FFmpeg is primarily designed for Linux, but it is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and other operating systems such as iOS, Android, MorphOS, and AmigaOS.

Using FFmpeg to convert MP4 to WebM

When it comes to converting audio and video, the most common stumbling block is choosing the appropriate formats and containers. Fortunately, FFmpeg selects the proper codecs and containers without requiring any complicated configuration.

Let's assume you want to convert MP4 to WebM on FFmpeg:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.webm

This command transforms an MP4 file called input.mp3 into a WebM file named output.webm. You don't have to define the type of stream or container because FFmpeg does it for you. Since WebM is a well-defined format, FFmpeg automatically recognizes what types of video and audio it can handle and converts the streams to a WebM file.

Pros and cons of video converting software

When it comes to video conversion, software video converters are a tried and true process. This app has a lot of features and instructions that are easy to follow. It does not need you to be an expert to use. The rest is simple as long as you have it installed on your computer. As is customary, there are several advantages and disadvantages of using desktop video converters.


  • There is no need for an Internet connection. Offline editing of video files is simple.

  • It has a lot of features. They have all of the features you'll need to process your videos and support all of the most popular formats.

  • Adjustment options are numerous. You can change video output settings like resolution, bitrate, and frame rate, as well as audio output settings like audio bitrate, channels, and sample rate.

  • Processing large files is possible.

  • Batch conversions are possible.


  • While video converters have many valuable features, some of them are not free. You will have to pay a certain amount of money if you need to use more advanced options to customize your videos.

  • Some users can find desktop video converters challenging to learn because of the numerous features and settings.

  • Desktop video converters necessitate high-performance hardware.

MP4 vs. WebM: Which is better

Both WebM and MP4 are lossy formats supported by HTML5. However, WebM is specifically designed for embedded videos and offers slightly better quality than MP4. MP4 is more universal, but it’s not open-source. For a more detailed MP4 vs. WebM comparison, take a look at the table below.

Comparison parameter



File extension

.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4r, and .m4v





Supported audio codecs

MPEG-2/4 (HE)-AAC, MPEG-1/2 Layers I, II, III (MP3), AC-3, Apple Lossless, ALS, SLS, and others

Vorbis, Opus

Supported video codecs

H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, HEVC/MPEG-H Part 2/H.265, MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.263, VC-1, Dirac, and others

VP8, VP9, AV1

Supported devices and OS

Almost any device

A number of browsers and players

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Frequently asked questions

What is a WebM file?

A WebM file type consists of compressed video saved in the WebM format. It’s an open-source, royalty-free video standard developed by Google specifically for embedding videos into web pages; major web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, etc., support WebM. The WebM extension is a container format specially created for Internet streaming.

How to play WebM files?

You can open a WEBM file with most modern web browsers, like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge. Additionally, there is software that functions as WebM players, such as Windows Media Player, VLC, and the Media Player Classic.

How to convert MP4 to WebM on Mac?

If you need to turn your files from .mp4 to .webm, all you need is an appropriate piece of software – like Movavi Video Converter. This is the best MP4-to-WebM converter for Mac. Convert your files by following these simple steps:

  1. Download and install the Movavi application for Mac.
    Download Movavi Video Converter for Mac

  2. Go to Add Media > Add video and select one or more MP4 files for conversion.

  3. Open the Video tab in the lower part of the app window, click WebM as your desired format.

  4. Click the Save to button and choose the destination folder for your output videos. When you’re done, click Convert.

Is WebM better than MP4?

Both video formats have their advantages. Your format of choice, whether WebM or MP4, is based on user preference and player compatibility. WebM is excellent for embedded videos, but only a few OSs and Android devices support it natively. MP4 is more widely supported, so you can easily use it with many video-editing programs and playback software. The degree of compression is almost identical for both formats.

Is WebM lossy?

WebM is a container format that stores compressed video and audio, so it’s a lossy format. Lossy compression reduces the quality of the video, as well as its size, but it does make WebM videos very suitable for embedding into web pages.

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