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Use this free WebM-to-MP4 converter online – it lets you convert .webm to .mp4 in a matter of minutes. For even faster conversion, use Movavi’s desktop app. Movavi Video Converter also offers editing tools and a wide range of output formats.

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You’ll need a WebM-to-MP4 converter to transcode your video. In this article, we’ll describe three WebM video converters: fast, free, and online.

How to convert WebM to MP4 with Movavi

OS: Windows, macOS

Best for: Those looking for easy and high-speed conversions

Movavi Video Converter is a great WebM-to-MP4 converter to download and use. With this program, you can change WebM files to MP4 in no time, even if you’ve never done it before. The app also supports dozens of other formats, including HD. You can also edit WebM files before changing their format. To try this WebM-to-MP4 converter for free, download the appropriate version for Windows or Mac and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install the WebM file converter

Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2. Add files for conversion

Click the Add Media button in the program interface, select Add video, and add a WebM file or any other format that you want to transform into MP4. When you convert WebM to MP4 online you can’t convert more than one file at a time. Movavi Video Converter has the option of making batch conversions.

How to add files for the WebM-to-MP4 conversion

Step 3. Edit the WebM files before the conversion process (optional)

You can first edit your videos in the app’s editing tool. Access it via the Edit button in the right part of the file info section.

Adjust the sound volume in the videos or even lessen background noise in the Audio tab. Set the brightness, contrast, saturation, and many other parameters in the Adjustments tab. Apply different filters to your videos in the Effects tab. Insert subtitles in Subtitles or add a particular watermark in the respective tab. Trim details you don’t want, rotate your footage, or cut its edges in the tabs Trim and Crop.

How to choose the target format to convert WebM to MP4

Step 4. Specify the output format

Expand the Video tab at the bottom of the program window and click MP4. You’ll see a list of presets for MP4 videos – choose the one that suits you best. To ensure the file is compatible with your mobile device, open the Devices tab and choose the preset for your device.

How to convert WebM to MP4 and save the converted files

Step 5. Compress the WebM files (optional)

You can also use the converter to shrink large files quickly. Click the size value indicated in the file description. A dialog box will open, in which you can choose the size, quality, and bitrate values. Click the Convert sample button once you’re finished to check how the resulting file will look like.

How to edit files before converting WebM to MP4

Step 6. Start converting WebM to MP4 and save the results

When you have set all the parameters, click the button with the Save to button and choose the directory for your output files. You can use the default folder or select another. Finally, click Convert to transfer your file(s) to MP4 or any other format you like.

How to reduce the size of your WebM files with Movavi Video Converter

If you would like more info on Movavi Video Converter, check out the review below:

Movavi Video Converter review by TopTenReviews


  • Convert media files to 180+ formats

  • Compress videos without quality loss

  • Trim and merge your video creations

  • Insert subtitles


  • The trial version is limited

How to easily convert WebM to MP4 with the VLC Media Player

To get started, let’s discuss how to use VLC to convert WebM to MP4. VLC is a free media player that you can download and use on your computer. You can also use it as a WebM player, and VLC can convert to other file formats as well. VLC is not converting images though. You can also convert back and forth, changing MP4 in VLC to WebM, if you need to. Because VLC runs on open-source software, it can be a little tricky to start using as you learn how to convert WebM to MP4. VLC can, however, work well for this purpose in most cases. That’s why we’ve taken the time to provide detailed instructions on how to convert files. Follow these six steps to use VLC for WebM conversion.

Step 1. Download and install VLC

First, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to download VLC. You can do this by going to the VLC official website. Tap the down arrow next to the orange Download VLC button to choose the appropriate version for your operating system (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.). Follow the download and installation instructions, and you’ll be all set. Open VLC Media Player and proceed to step 2.

Go to VLC's download page

Step 2. Click the Media tab

In the top left corner of the VLC media player, click the Media tab or use the hotkey code CTRL + R to open the menu directly. From the Media menu, select Convert/Save. This will open a new Open Media window.

Step 3. Click Add in the Open Media window

You’ll find the Add button to the right in the Open Media window. Click on this button, browse for the file you want to use VLC to convert WebM to MP4. Click Open.

Step 4. Click Convert/Save in the Open Media window

At the bottom of the Open Media window, you’ll see the Convert/Save button. Click this to start the process to convert WebM to MP4 with VLC.

Step 5. Choose the output format

Click the dropdown menu next to the Profile section in the center of the window and choose Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4).

If you want to convert your WebM to other audio codecs, you can repeat the entire process leading up to this point and simply change the output in the Profile section.

Step 6. Choose a destination and file name for your new MP4 file

Hit the Browse button and enter a file name and destination on your computer for your newly converted MP4 file. Then click the Save button.

Step 7. Press Start to convert WebM to MP4 in VLC

Click the Start button, and the conversion process will begin. This may take a few moments, but when the conversion is complete, you’ll have a new MP4 file saved and ready to play on your computer.

Comparing Movavi, VLC, and the online converter


Movavi Video Converter

VLC Media Player

Online Video Converter

Convert Sample feature to preview video quality before conversion

Customizable, predefined settings for faster conversions

Convert batches of multiple files at once

Crop, rotate, and merge video clips

User-friendly interface

SuperSpeed conversion feature for faster conversion times

Preserve video quality while decreasing file size

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To sum up, let’s take a closer look at all three conversion tools.

  • Movavi Video Converter is a file conversion software that allows its users to switch between more than 180 audio, video, and image formats. The program allows its users to change the quality and resolution of the converted file. Movavi Video Converter also includes basic editing tools and supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple WebMs to convert to MP4. However, quality comes at a price – only the trial version is free, and the app, unlike its online counterparts, requires installation. If you need to convert many large files on a regular basis, this program is the best choice.

  • VLC is a media player with an additional conversion tool. It’s a free and open-source program that supports playback and conversion for a wide variety of formats. However, the conversion process is complicated, and VLC’s unintuitive interface doesn’t help at all. Besides the program doesn’t have any editing tools or a batch conversion feature. It may be a good choice if you already have it installed but in any other case, it’s better to download a full-scale video converter.

  • Online Video Converter is a free app that works in a browser and doesn’t require download or installation. The conversion process is as simple as the interface. The online converter supports all popular video and audio formats. Some of the Online Video Converter’s disadvantages are slow conversion speed and file size limit. Such limitations render this app useless for anything but converting a single small file.

WebM vs. MP4: what’s the difference?

Is WebM better than MP4? Not always. Both WebM and MP4 are suitable for video storage and streaming. Still, WebM files tend to be a little smaller than MP4 files and are easier to embed into browsers, while MP4 is more of a device-friendly format supported by many device manufacturers. Here’s a short table about MP4 vs. WebM distinctions.

Comparison parameter






File extension


.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4r, and .m4v

Audio codecs

Vorbis, Opus

MPEG-2/4 (HE)-AAC, MPEG-1/2 Layers I, II, III (MP3), AC-3, Apple Lossless, ALS, SLS, and others

Video codecs

VP8, VP9, AV1

H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, HEVC/MPEG-H Part 2/H.265, MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.263, VC-1, Dirac, and others

Supported by

Many browsers and players

Almost any device, including Apple

Frequently asked questions

What is a WebM file?

WebM is an open-source video format that's a suitable alternative to other formats such as MP4. With assistance from Google, it has been around since 2010 and is intended for internet and HTML5 use. WebM is a container format for video and audio files. VP8 and VP9 are the video codecs within the container, whereas Vorbis and Opus are for audio. WebM files have the .webm extension.

How to convert WebM to MP4 on a Mac?

If you need a WebM converter to MP4 for Mac, Movavi Video Converter is the ideal tool. It is both functional and easy to use. Here's how to go about it:

  1. Download the program.
    Download Movavi Video Converter for Mac

  2. Install and run the program.

  3. Open the destination folder of your video and drag the file to the app window.

  4. Select MP4 as your output file format.

  5. Adjust video output quality as required using advanced settings.

  6. Click the Convert button to initiate the conversion.

Is WebM better than MP4?

Both WebM and MP4 are containerized media formats for audio and video files. WebM is royalty-free and a much newer file format designed for internet use. Each format has features that make it unique. If you are considering using WebM or MP4, it's not a question of which is better but which best serves your objectives. For a royalty-free format, WebM is an excellent choice. However, if you want a format to reach a broad audience regardless of their network, device, or processing power, you're better off with MP4.

How do I open a WebM file?

Since it's specifically designed for internet use, you can play WebM files on most modern browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. If you want to play WebMs on iPad or other devices without searching for a WebM player, converting to MP4 is the best option. However, some media players can open and play WebM files, including:

  • VLC Media Player

  • MPlayer

  • Miro

  • PlayerXtreme (iPhone/iPad)

  • Windows Media Player

Does YouTube use WebM?

YouTube supports a wide range of files, including WebM. Other acceptable formats on the platform are MP4, MPEG4, WMV, CineForm, 3GPP, ProRes, and many others.

How can I convert WebM to MP4 on Android?

You an use any of the following apps to change WebM to MP4 on Android:

Can I use programs for Linux to convert WebM to MP4?

Yes, some video converters have a Linux version. Best of them are listed below.

  • VLC

  • HandBrake

  • FFmpeg

  • Ciano

Does VLC play WebM?

Yes, it does. VLC Media Player is a freeware media player that you can download from VLC’s website. Besides media playing functionality, it also has some other limited features, such as video conversion, so you can use VLC for WebM to convert.

How long does it take for VLC to convert a WebM file?

There’s no data on how long it takes for VLC to convert a WebM file. In general, conversion times depend on your computer’s performance, the size of the file you’re converting, and other factors. If VLC fails to convert a file or you’re looking for faster conversion times and software that can show its processing time for you, try Movavi Video Converter.

How do I view WebMs on an iPad?

There are a couple of ways to open WebM files on an iPad. First, you can convert the WebM file to an MP4 on your computer and then view it on your phone:

  1. Save the WebM on your computer.

  2. Convert WebM to MP4 in VLC or Movavi Video Converter.

  3. Use Airdrop, Dropbox, or another file transfer solution to send the file to your iPad.

  4. Save the MP4 file to your iPad.

  5. Watch the converted WebM as an MP4 on your iPad.

If you want to watch WebMs on your iPad without converting them, you’ll need to have a WebM video player. The PlayerXtreme app for iPhone and iPad works for this purpose. To do this:

  1. Go to the App Store and download the PlayerXtreme media player.

  2. Open the WebM’s URL in a new tab in Safari.

  3. At the top left corner of the Safari window, tap the Open in link.

  4. Choose Open in PlayerXtreme.

  5. Watch your video.

How do I use HandBrake for a WebM-to-MP4 conversion?

HandBrake is a free WebM converter that supports a wide range of formats and codecs. It is free to use and accessible to Linux, Mac, and Windows users. This tool has a wide range of features that make it ideal even for advanced users. However, its ability to convert and compress large files quickly is its main feature. To learn how to convert a WebM file to MP4, read the instructions below.

  1. Download the installation file from the official website of the program.
    Go to the HandBrake website

  2. Install and run HandBrake.

  3. Click the Source button in the top left and select the video file.

  4. To convert more than one file, select Folder (Batch Scan).

  5. Go to the Format tab and choose MP4.

  6. Proceed to select a destination and name for the converted video on the Save as section.

  7. Click Encode to initiate the conversion.

How do I change WebM to MP4 with FFmpeg?

Follow the steps below to convert WebM to MP4 for free.

  1. Download and install FFmpeg.
    Go to the FFmpeg website

  2. Open a command line (or terminal) window.

  3. Type ffmpeg -I video.webM video.MP4

  4. NOTE: In this example, we assume that your video’s file name is “video.” Substitute the actual name of your file in the code above.

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