How to Create a Slideshow on an iPhone

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How to make a slideshow on an iPhone

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During a trip or a family gathering, we often take a lot of photos, not just for ourselves but also to share the experience with family and friends. But why limit yourself to ordinary photos? You can make the experience even more engaging if you create a photo slideshow!

If you’re an Apple user, you probably take most of your pictures with an iPhone. The quality of photos is great, and it’s easier than carrying a camera with you. It’s also convenient to make your slideshow right on your iPhone: this way, you can share your creativity via a messenger app right away. We recommend using Movavi Clips – a simple app for editing videos that helps you make slideshows on your iPhone.

To learn how to create a slideshow, download the app for iPhone 5/6/7/8/X and follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Download Movavi Clips

Go to the App Store and download Movavi Clips. When the app is downloaded, tap the icon on your Home screen to open Movavi Clips.

Step 2. Upload your photos

Tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the screen and select Photo. Choose the aspect ratio that best suits your needs and tap OK.

Choose photos for the slideshow from your Camera Roll and then tap Start editing. The photos are now added to the app – they’ll look like short videos.

Each photo slide lasts 5 seconds, but you can shorten the duration of any specific slide. To do this, scroll the Timeline so that the vertical marker points at the time when you want the photo slide to end. Tap the Scissors icon and slide down the unwanted segment. The photo won’t be cropped, it will just be shown faster.

Step 3. Adjust photo motion

When you’ve uploaded your photos, the Photo motion effect is added automatically. If you want to change the direction in which the image moves or remove the effect from a specific photo, select the photo on the Timeline and tap Photo motion on the toolbar.

Tap to choose the desired movement direction. You can take review each option in the Preview screen. When you are satisfied with the result, tap Apply. If necessary, repeat the step with the rest of the photos.

Step 4. Add transitions (optional)

To add a transition to the photo, select the photo on the Timeline. If you want to add a transition to the previous clip, scroll the Timeline left so that the vertical marker is closer to the beginning of the photo. To add a transition to the next clip, place the vertical marker closer to the end of the photo. Then tap Transitions on the toolbar.

On the new screen, scroll to choose the transition that suits you best. If you want to apply it to all the clips, tap the corresponding switch. When you’re satisfied, tap Apply.

Step 5. Add music

If you want to liven up your picture slideshow with music, tap Audio on the toolbar.

Scroll the video to place the vertical marker where you want music to start, then tap the Plus icon. Here you can add music from your iTunes library, or choose a free track from the playlists. Tap a song if you want to play it without adding to the slideshow. When you’ve found the right song, tap Select and wait for the track to be added.

If you need to move the song, tap and hold it, then drag the song to the point where you want it to start. To crop the song, scroll it to place the vertical marker where you want to cut the track. Tap the Scissors icon and slide the unwanted part down. Drag the slider to adjust the music volume. When everything is ready, tap Apply.

Step 6. Save the slideshow

Tap the Save icon in the top right corner. On the next screen, tap Save and wait till the slideshow is saved to your Camera Roll. To share the result directly from the app, tap Share.

Now you know how to create a slideshow on your iPhone with Movavi Clips. If you’re an Android user, check out Movavi Clips for Android mobiles.

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