7 Ways to Convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac [Free Included]

Convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac with Movavi:

  1. Download and launch Movavi Video Converter.

  2. Open the video to convert.

  3. Select a predefined preset and convert the MOV video.

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Do you want to convert QuickTime (MOV) to MP4? There’s a lot of programs you can use to convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac. To see the benefits of each, check out the list below.




Any (web-based software)

macOS 10.7.5 or later, Windows, Linux

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How to convert MOV files using Movavi Video Converter

It's important to know how to convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac. By using Movavi Video Converter, you can have MP4 files, making it easier to use them on any device, regardless of what the operating system may be. Download this converting software and you’ll see just how fast and easy video conversion on a Mac can be.

Step 1. Install the Movavi conversion software

Open the file and follow the guidelines on the screen to install the app on your Mac.

Step 2. Open the video to convert

You'll need to click Add Media and Add Video so you can choose to convert a movie to MP4. You can convert as many videos as you wish in one go, but remember that the bigger the videos, the longer the conversion time. To remove files from the list, just click the X icon in the rightmost column of the file list.

Step 3. Select a predefined preset

The output preset category you choose will depend on the platform you plan to use for watching the converted video. If you’re going to convert for a PC, go to the Video tab and choose a compatible format: MP4, AVI, etc.

If you intend to upload the video to the Web, you can choose FLV, MP4, WebM, or SWF under Web-Compatible Video, or open the Online Video category and choose your preferred video sharing service and resolution.

For a mobile device, select Devices and specify the brand or model. Various presets are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Nexus, and plenty of other devices.

Step 4. Convert the MOV video

When you're ready to start the conversion process, click Convert. Be sure you choose the output folder, too, so you can determine where the converted movie file will go. Otherwise, it will be stored in a default folder. When the conversion is done, the directory where your movie file is located will open.

How to convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac online and for free

The MOV-to-MP4 conversion process has never been easier. With several options to choose from, you can find the program that's right for you. Some of the programs are downloaded to your computer while others are online. Either way, you can make short work of a MOV-to-MP4 Mac conversion.

You'll learn about the features, advantages, and limitations of each program. Additionally, we'll give you the steps on how to make the conversion.

Movavi Video Converter

  • OS:

    macOS 10.13 or higher, Windows

  • Best for:

    simple conversion between any formats

  • G2 rating:

    4.6/5 stars, 3 reviews

Movavi Video Converter is a program that allows you to convert MOV to MP4 along with over 180 other formats for videos, audio files, and images. You can access a huge library of formats for the most popular devices, too.

There are over 200 presets, making sure that you're able to convert an MOV to an MP4 file so that the codecs and all of the other settings are just right for the device you'll play the movie on. The program can even detect your device so that you don't have to deal with guessing.

HD and Ultra HD quality are available using Movavi Video Converter. Plus, you won't get errors when you're compressing as the program will find the optimal compression for you. This means that you can convert virtually any MOV file without having to worry about saying goodbye to the quality during the conversion process.

You can make your videos smaller and make it easy to open MOV files from whatever device you're using. Especially when you want to share videos with others who don't have a Mac, you need to know how to convert QuickTime (MOV) to MP4.

How do you convert using Movavi Video Converter?

Follow these steps to convert MOV to MP4 on your Mac for free.

Step 1. Download the Mac version of the software and follow the installation instructions. Open the app on your Mac to convert MOV to MP4.

Download Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Step 2. Add the media. You'll need to click Add Media and then Add Video. Then, choose the MOV file you want to convert.

Step 3. Choose the format using a preset. Decide whether you just want a video or if you want it to be available for sharing on the web. Open the Video tab and locate the appropriate preset from the list.

Step 4. To choose the output folder, click Save to. Next, click the Convert button to start the conversion. Then, wait for the conversion to finish.


  • High-speed conversion

  • Supports all popular formats

  • Built-in editing tools


  • Can’t convert files by a URL


  • OS:

    any (web-based software)

  • Best for:

    converting without installation

  • Trustpilot rating:

    3/5 stars, 5 reviews

FreeConvert is an option for you to convert MOV to MP4 online for free. The online tool is simple to use and provides you with a total of 19 input and output media formats. Not only can you work with MOV and MP4 but also an array of other video and audio files.

There's a lot of convenience with an online converter because you don't have to worry about downloading anything to your device. As long as you always have an Internet connection, you're good to go.

A box shows up on the website for you to use. You simply add your media. You'll have the option of choosing a file on your computer or choosing a file stored in either DropBox, Google Drive, or a URL. The conversion process doesn't take long. Most of it is based on your Internet connection. Larger files will take a little bit longer.

FreeConvert is free, but it will limit your file size and provide you with a small number of media formats. FreeConvert offers a subscription, too, where you'll have access to not only a larger file size but also more simultaneous conversion processes.

How do you convert files using FreeConvert?

To convert MOV to MP4 on your Mac online, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the FreeConvert website.

Open the FreeConvert website

Step 2. Add your MOV. Click Choose Files to add it from your computer or choose the pulldown to select the file from another source.

Step 3. Choose your target format from the pulldown list. MP4 is the file type you should be looking for.

Step 4. Click the Convert To MP4 button to start converting the file. After the conversion is complete, click Download MP4.


  • The software doesn’t require installation, can be used on any device, and has all the basic conversion formats.


  • The free version has tight limitations on the file size and number of conversions.


  • OS:

    macOS 10.7.5 or later, Windows, Linux

  • Best for:

    multi-functional software

  • CNET rating:

    4.5/5 stars, editor’s rating

VLC is a free multimedia player that is built using open source. Provided by VideoLAN, a nonprofit organization and project, it makes it easy to figure out how to convert a QuickTime movie to MP4. As long as you have a 64bit Intel-based Mac, you'll be able to use the program.

The free program won't track users and there are no ads or spyware to deal with. It's not only a converter but also a player. You can use it to play files, webcams, and even stream from various sources. It's convenient to use, and you get multiple uses out of the download.

Audio and video files are supported on VLC, with a long list of supported files including MPEG-4, Cinepak, Dirac, WMV, Real Video, and more.

Additionally, VLC offers advanced control where you'll have features to adjust the video and audio filters, synchronize subtitles, and more.

There are a few limitations found within VLC. The open-source means that there can be bugs – and it may take a while for issues to be corrected. Additionally, the conversion process is slower than other options.
How do you convert using VLC?

Follow these steps to use VLC as a MOV-to-MP4 converter on your Mac.

Step 1. Download the media player on your Mac. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Download VLC

Step 2. Select the Convert / Stream feature from the File tab. This will identify what particular action you want to take.

Step 3. Click the Open Media button to select the video you wish to convert. You can choose to select multiple videos at once.

Step 4. Select the Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4) option in the Choose Profile section.

Step 5. Click Save as File to enter the file name and select the output folder. Click Save to convert the file.


  • VLC is a multi-functional video player that can record screens, convert video and audio, and is capable of editing videos.


  • All the non-player features are not easy to use. However, if you take time to get to know all the intricacies, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the software.


  • OS:

    any (web-based software)

  • Best for:

    converting without installation

  • Capterra rating:

    4.5/5 stars, 22 reviews

CloudConvert is a Mac MOV-to-MP4 converter that allows you to quickly convert everything online. Not only you can work with MOV and MP4 files, but you can also work with a number of other video files including WebM and AVI.

The online converter provides you with an array of tools so you can control the quality, video resolution, and even the file size. Profiles and presets are available, you can add in subtitles, and you can even control the size of the output resolution by changing both the width and height as well as the aspect ratio. Should you wish to slow down or speed up the video, there is an option to input the frames per second (FPS). Additionally, you can trim using the converter by adding in the timestamp you want the video to end at.

In addition to working with video formats, the converter will also help you with ebooks, documents, audio files, spreadsheets, and presentation formats. Everything is organized by file type to make it easier for you to find the file extension you're looking for.

While CloudConvert supports over 200 formats, it is an online-only tool. If you don't have an Internet connection, you won't have the ability to convert. Additionally, you are limited to 25 conversions per day. In the event that you'll be converting more, there are packages and subscriptions that you'll need to purchase.

How do you convert using CloudConvert?

Follow this guide to learn how to change a video format on a Mac using CloudConvert.

Step 1. Open the CloudConvert website.

Go to the CloudConvert website

Step 2. Select the file format for your video. There is a pulldown menu so that you can make your selection.

Step 3. Select the file you want to convert. The tool allows you to choose from your computer, a URL, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Step 4. Adjust the settings as you wish. Use the arrows up and down to control the selections.

Step 5. Click Convert. This will only take a few seconds in most instances. The download will go right to your downloaded folder unless you specify otherwise.


  • CloudConvert has all the benefits of online conversion software. Plus, it supports over 200 file formats.


  • To remove the limit of 25 conversions per day, you have to purchase a package or a subscription.

How to convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac using QuickTime Pro

  • OS:

    macOS 7.1.6 or later, Windows

  • Best for:

    users who prefer built-in Mac software

  • CNET rating:

    3/5 stars

The next option to convert files on your Mac is to use QuickTime Pro. Keep in mind that the Pro version is no longer available to download from the Apple website. However, if you have already purchased and installed it on your Mac, you can use QuickTime Pro to change the file format. The conversion process is easy, though there are plenty of other features provided within the program, too.

QuickTime Pro allows you to play video and audio files. There will be onscreen controls just like what you're used to with a CD or DVD player.

You'll have the ability to edit a movie with tools such as trim, rotate, and rearrange. You'll also have the ability to record your Mac screen, ideal if you need to provide a tutorial for someone. Should you want to capture your screen, you can do that using QuickTime Pro, too.

QuickTime Pro will be able to play plenty of movie files. However, if you're always playing MOV files from your Mac, you may not realize that others (who don't have a Mac) won't be able to play the file. This is the biggest reason for needing to convert to MP4 – and QuickTime Pro allows you to do it quickly enough.

One of the main limitations of QuickTime Pro is that you can only convert one file at a time. Additionally, it is primarily a player. This means that you won't have some of the conversion tools that other players offer.

How do you convert using QuickTime Pro?

There are five steps involved when you want to convert MOV to MP4 on a Mac with QuickTime Pro.

Step 1. Go to the File menu to open the MOV file you want to convert. You can also choose to open the MOV file by clicking on it from your directory if QuickTime is your default program.

Step 2. Click to open the file menu. This will list the various features available.

Step 3. Choose to export the file. You will need to export the file in order to convert it into another file type.

Step 4. Click within the Export menu and choose the Movie to MPEG-4 option. MPEG-4 is just another name for the MP4 file type.

Step 5. Choose where you want to save the file and click on Save. You can also choose to change the name of the file. The conversion process will generally only take seconds.


  • QuickTime Pro extends the experience of default Mac apps like QuickTime and iMovie.


  • The app is currently unavailable on the official Apple website. Getting it from a legitimate source may be hard.


  • OS:

    macOS 12.6 or later

  • Best for:

    users who edit videos with iMovie

  • G2 rating:

    4.5/5 stars, 305 reviews

iMovie is an MOV-to-MP4 converter capable of providing the conversion tool while also hosting an array of other features. When you work with a lot of photos and videos, you can edit them in a way that allows you to create memories, share with friends and co-workers, and more.

The tool is completely free, so you'll never have to worry about comprehensive payment plans to choose from. iMovie is available as an app for iOS devices and as a program for macOS. This allows you to use the device across any of your Apple devices.

Features include HD and 4K video support, automated video editing, video color settings, video speed change, and real-time titling. You'll also have the ability to choose from prebuilt themes and backdrops. Should you want to open multiple projects at the same time, it is supported within the program.

When you convert your movies using iMovie, you'll be able to change a few of the details. Some of the settings you can control include the resolution, quality, and level of compression. You can also add tags to make it easier to find movies later on.

While you can convert multiple files at once, the user interface is a bit outdated. Additionally, the number of files that you can convert is limited. The conversion time can be slow, too, which can make converting larger videos a time-consuming process.

How do you convert using iMovie?

There are six steps to follow so that you can complete the MOV-to-MP4 conversion.

Step 1. Open the iMovie program on your Mac.

Step 2. Click the Import Media button and locate your file.

Step 3. Choose Share from the File menu. This will allow you to decide what format will be easier for you to share based on the intended audience.

Step 4. Change the export setting to the format you want. You will have the option of many file types. Choose MP4.

Step 5. Name the file. Then, you can decide where it will be saved. From there, the conversion process will start.


  • iMovie is a default Mac program, so this one is the easiest to get.


  • It has a very limited number of output formats.


  • OS:

    macOS X 10.13 or higher, Windows, Linux

  • Best for:

    converting videos into a variety of formats with basic editing features

  • G2 rating:


HandBrake is a free, open-source video converter designed for Mac users. While using such software can present challenges due to the absence of professional support, the dedicated community of volunteers behind HandBrake, alongside other knowledgeable individuals, frequently engage on platforms like Reddit and various message boards to address user queries. 

Users familiar with the nuances of freeware will have no problem with the conversion of video files into various formats via HandBrake. However, individuals accustomed to software accompanied by robust customer support may find HandBrake less suitable. It is particularly recommended for seasoned video creators with prior experience in utilizing video conversion tools, given its less intuitive interface.

How to convert an MOV file to MP4 with HandBrake.

Step 1. Download HandBrake from the official website and install the app.

Step 2. Choose the files for conversion in the HandBrake Source window and click Open

Step 3. Choose a location for converted videos.

Step 4. Click Output Setting or Format to select an MP4 file format for converting your files.

Step 5. Click Start or Start encode to begin the conversion.


  • Supports most common video formats

  • Resize and crop features

  • Batch conversion capabilities


  • The interface isn’t intuitive

  • Cannot merge multiple clips into one video

How to choose a free MOV to MP4 converter for a Mac

When you want to convert a video to MP4 on a Mac, a lot of programs are available. You can get them for free and make it easy for you to have the movie file of your choice. Here’re a few things to consider when choosing the right software.

Features. You will want to make comparisons to see which features are most important to you. Some converters offer the batch conversion option. You might also want to have some editing tools included.

Formats. One of the most important parameters to consider is format support. The more formats the app supports, the better.

Compatibility. Check the system requirements and make sure that the converter is compatible with your device. 

Editor's choice

MOV vs. MP4 comparison

It's important to look at the differences between the MOV and MP4 files so you know which ones you want to use for your video files. Check out the table below for the MOV vs. MP4 comparison.

Comparison parameter



File extension



Formats for video-encoding

MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Apple ProRes, Apple Pixlet, and others

MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Dirac, VC-1, and others

Formats for audio-encoding

Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3, and others

AAC, AC-3, MP3, SLS, Apple Lossless, and others

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