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How to convert AAC files to MP3? Use Movavi Video Converter!

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How to Convert AAC to MP3

The AAC audio format was originally developed as a substitute for MP3 to provide better sound quality with the same bitrate. However, AAC files aren't still as widely supported as MP3s, which makes them less convenient for media player owners. If you want to convert AAC to MP3, use Movavi Video Converter, which supports almost every type of audio file. It will help you change the AAC format to MP3 or MP3 to ACC without perceptible quality loss. Read our short tutorial below and try Movavi’s AAC to MP3 converter yourself.

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This guide is for the previous version of Movavi Video Converter. The information will be updated in the near future. You can download the latest version of the app here.

Step 1: Install the Program on Your Computer

Once you've downloaded Movavi Video Converter, open the installation file. The setup instructions will guide you through the installation process. Start the software once you're ready to begin converting your music.

Step 2: Open AAC Audio Files for Encoding

Add the music tracks you want to convert by clicking the Add Audio button and locating the files on your hard drive.

Step 3: Specify the Output Format

Step 3 - Choose Preset. DVD to ipod, dvd to ipod converter, convert dvd to ipod.

Click the Convert to field to open the list of supported multimedia format presets; expand it by clicking Video and audio formats and locate the MP3 (Audio only) group at the bottom of the list. You can now choose one of the MP3 presets, depending on the bitrate, or quality, you need. Note, however, that the higher the bitrate, the larger the MP3 files will be.

Step 4: Change the Destination Folder and Start Encoding

Step 4 - Start Conversion. DVD to ipod, dvd to ipod converter, convert dvd to ipod.

Before starting the conversion process, specify the destination folder for your files. You can do so by clicking the Browse button to the right of the Destination field. If you connect your media player or mobile phone to your computer, you can transfer the converted MP3 files directly to your mobile device. Start converting AAC files to MP3 by clicking Convert.

Using Movavi Video Converter, you can convert between most formats in either direction, for example turning OGG or FLAC into MP3 and vice versa. If you want to convert MP3 to AAC, the steps will be the same except for the name of the format preset you select.

Movavi Video Converter

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