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Free Slideshow Themes and Templates by Movavi

Edited by Pat Bitton

April 8, 2019

Want to surprise your loved ones with a beautiful wedding or birthday slideshow? Use the Movavi’s custom-made templates - they include transitions, filters and titles picked out specially for these occasions by our professional designers.

How to Use Movavi Templates

  • Step 1.

    Download and install Movavi Slideshow Maker
    Download for Windows
    Download for Mac

  • Step 2.

    Download a template, extract the files from the archive and remove the sample images from the Media folder.

  • Step 3.

    Copy your photos into the Media folder. Note, that you need to upload at least 15 images for the template to work correctly. Then launch the Renamer file – this will quickly rename the uploaded images so they will upload into the project correctly.

  • Step 4.

    Launch the project file (for example, Birthday.meps) and insert your text in the caption slots on the timeline. That’s all there’s to it! Save your slideshow and share it with friends and family.

Create Your Own Template

If you want to make something truly special and personal, you can create your own slideshow template:

  • choose the transitions and effects you want to use and combine them as you like
  • make templates for different occasions: graduation, birthday party, family celebration, etc.
  • save time and use the template for your future projects
  • share the templates with friends and family

With Movavi’s slideshow creator, you can make your own template in just a couple of minutes. Download the program and try it for yourself!

Upload Files

Upload your photos and videos into the program. Place them in any order you like.

Add Appropriate Music

Upload the music you want to use in your template. This can be any song from your library or you can use one of the built-in music tracks.

Insert Smooth Transitions

Choose the transition style you like best: Artistic, Blur, Geometrical, etc. Put the fades between your images and videos to make the slideshow more spectacular and dynamic.

Add Filters

Add atmosphere with some cool filters. Use Retro to create an old photo effect or have fun with Flying Objects, different color filters, and more.

Add Captions

Use animated captions to create a dynamic intro and outro for your template. Simply drag and drop the title style you want to use and enter your text.

Save the Template

Your template is done! Save it to the folder where your photos and videos are stored at. When you need to create a slideshow, just open the template, change the photos, and insert the text you want to use. Now you know how to use Movavi’s slideshow maker with templates!