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How to Use Chroma Key Effect

Even if you are not familiar with this term, you have seen this effect on TV, when actors are shot against the green screen that later is replaced by burning cars, collapsing skyscrapers or landscapes of astonishing beauty. You can create your own video with the very same effect using the following simple tips. Just shoot your video in front of solid color backdrops, then download Movavi Video Editor and make this solid color transparent. Finally, add any background video clip. Get the power of the professional editing tool on your desktop!

These simple steps will teach you how to use Chroma Key effect in Movavi Video Editor:

Step 1: Download and Install Movavi Video Editor

Download Video Editor – the unique chroma key software from Movavi. Then run the MovaviVideoEditorSetup.exe file and install the program by following Installation Wizard instructions.

Step 2: Import Media Files to the Program

Launch Video Editor and import two media files to the program: the first file – with a solid background color and the second one – with necessary background picture or video, which you want to add to the first file.

By the way, you’ll find a wide selection of clips with solid backgrounds and interesting animations for second-layer video on VideoBlocks - our media partner site, which provides licensed video content at a reduced price. Click Get More Content (or visit the VideoBlocks page) to learn more about this option.

For further work, check that the Timeline mode is selected in the program.

Step 3: Add Second Video Track to the Timeline

Right-click the left panel of the timeline and click Insert Track > Video Track in the menu.

Step 4: Add File with Solid Background to the Timeline

Drag and drop the file with a solid background to the upper track of the timeline.

Step 5: Add Background Picture or Video to the Timeline

Drag-and-drop the file with the desired background picture or video to the lower track of the timeline.

Step 6: Add Chroma Key Effect to Your Video

On the timeline, click the upper video. Then click Effects > Chroma Key to access this special tool. The Chroma Key effect makes the solid background of your file transparent, so, click the Chroma Key icon with the color closest to that of the background in your video and see how it looks in the preview screen.

If the solid background is not fully transparent, use the Picker tool to get closer to the color you need: expand the Settings pane, check the Picker box, and click on the background of the video in the preview screen. The color of the square near the checkbox is now very similar to the background of your video. Deselect the checkbox and click Apply to complete the addition of the Chroma Key. Your blockbuster is almost ready!

Final Step: Save Your Movie

Click the Save Movie button and choose the distribution way that most suits your needs: saving as a video file or 3D video, burning to DVD, uploading to YouTube or Facebook or converting for your mobile device.

That's all!

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