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Gone are the days when video editing was simply a task doable by professionals. Today, the advancement in technology has made video editing look like child's play, even for the most novice users.

What was challenging then, such as trimming MP4 videos, is now a breeze. You don't even need to pay today for some video editing tasks as there are plenty of excellent freeware solutions out there. The best video croppers offer the features necessary for simple and easy video cropping. In this piece, we shall narrow our focus to the 5 best MP4 video croppers.

General information on MP4 croppers

MP4 is a common and recommended format if you want to upload videos on YouTube. As such, there are many times you will find yourself needing to trim unwanted parts or shorten the duration before uploading. MP4 croppers are your best friends when you either need to shorten the duration or remove unwanted parts – and you can achieve that by using either the standalone (desktop) version or the online version.

First, both options are great and crop MP4 decently. However, to access premium features, you need to upgrade to the paid option. For example, you may find the free MP4 cropper limits you to a few edits each day. But once you upgrade to MP4 video cropper, you can crop as many videos as you wish anytime. The paid options are more user-friendly than the free counterparts as they allow you access to all the cool editing features.

More differences:

  • Accessibility: You can use the standalone version anytime you wish. You need access to a reliable internet connection to crop MP4 online.

  • Installation: you must download and install a standalone version to be able to use it. No installation is required with the online version.

  • Space: if you have limited space on your laptop or using someone else's computer, you may have challenges installing the standalone version. No installation is required for the online version hence no space needed.

  • Security: while both options guarantee some level of security, the online croppers aren't that secure as the desktop version. Their vulnerabilities are high compared to the standalone version.

Comparing paid and free MP4 croppers

Below is a comparative table we have created for you to help you choose the best MP4 cropper. Scroll down for more details.



Price and trial version



Free trial version, pay $14.99 to upgrade to the pro version


Windows, Mac

$59.95 for a lifetime license, 7-day free trial period


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Best MP4 file croppers

Windows Movie Maker is ideal for you if you're new to the world of video editors. While it doesn't provide the level of control you get with the most advanced solutions, it won't let you down if all you are interested in is the ability to add a caption, music, and trim videos.

You can start with the free version to work on quick, easy projects like crop MP4. Later you can upgrade to the pro version to access advanced features like slow and fast motion, unlimited photo overlay projects management, and Full HD output.

Main features:

  • Make movies from video clips and photos

  • Rotate, join, and trim MP4 clips

  • Add and edit background music

  • Animated pan-zoom for still photo

  • Photo enhancement filters

  • Overlay text captions, emoticon, still PIP, sound clips on video clips


  • Fun and easy to use

  • Intuitive interface

  • Designed for people that have little to no experience with video editing

  • Amazing effects, themes, and transitions


  • Frequently freezes and crashes often

  • You can't create complex videos

  • Not ideal if you have professional experience

Movavi Video Editor is an easy-to-use MP4 video cropper that you can use to cut unwanted sections of your MP4 video or even make it shorter. It comes with cool features such as auto-editing options, video filters, and direct upload to YouTube, all of which make video editing a breeze. If looking for something that won't trouble you, especially when you urgently need to crop MP4, then Movavi Video Editor is all you need.

Main features:

  • Fast processing speed

  • Supports different video formats, including mobile supported formats

  • Cool enhancing filters like Gamma and Denoise

  • Video editing: split and crop MP4, add music, etc.

  • 3D video editing


  • Numerous auto-editing options such as color correction and stabilization

  • Easy picture-in-picture overlay

  • Direct uploading to YouTube or Vimeo

  • A rich collection of titles, filters, stickers, and transitions

  • Impressive range of import formats


  • An upgrade is necessary once the trial period elapses

Any MP4 video you wish to create or trim, no matter how you want it to look, Clideo gives you the flexibility you need to do so. Think of this editor as that friend who comes to your aid when you need a helping hand.

Unlike other MP4 video croppers in this list, Clideo is completely web-based. That means you need reliable internet connection to be able to use it to crop video.

Below are some of the common features that make it a great MP4 cropper and video editor.

Main features:

  • Works with any format

  • Works on any device

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Convenient presets


  • Easy to use interface that makes it easier to crop MP4 and perform other edits

  • Works with any videos, photos, and audio formats

  • No need to sign up at first

  • Works on multiple devices


  • Videos look pixelated and blurry

  • You can only add 500MB video files for free

If you love software that comes loaded with cool features, then Lightworks is for you. It has numerous amazing features that you can use to enhance your video after you crop the MP4. Some of its cool features are listed below.

Main features:

  • Easy timeline editing & trimming

  • Drag and drop interface

  • Lo-Res Proxy workflows for 4K

  • Fusion Compositor

  • Custom definable sequence output formats

  • Social Media Templates for sequence output

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can experiment with the free version and then upgrade later when you're comfortable using it. The quick start tutorial is tailored to get you up to speed.


  • Video routing. Apply effects to video clips systematically

  • Robust support for a wide range of video formats

  • Numerous cool features with real-time effects

  • Cross-platform compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows versions


  • Free version export limited to 720p web resolution

  • Pro version required for timeline rendering

Avidemux is another MP4 video cropper that will come to your aid when you need a hand to crop MP4 videos. Though it is not that suitable for beginners, you will unlikely consider another solution once you get the hang of it.

It covers the entire editing process, has task automation, and lets you easily convert videos to a variety of formats. It is also ideal if looking to process videos in bulk for publishing or archiving.

Main features:

  • Supports common video formats

  • Audio and video filters

  • Trimming including MP4 videos

  • Joblist

  • Deinterlacing Video


  • Surprisingly, advanced filtering, processing, editing, trimming, and filtering controls

  • Supports a wide range of standard formats

  • The interface is easy to learn

  • All essential features are available

  • Free

  • Open source


  • The interface is very legacy and needs remodeling

  • No support

What to look for in a video cropper?

Both online and standalone MP4 video croppers have a lot to offer, and choosing the right one makes your work even easier. The features of each should help you decide which is most suitable for your cropping needs. When it comes to video croppers, these are the main features to look for:

  • User-friendly interface

  • Fast processing speed. You don't want to crop MP4 the whole day

  • Capability to share your final clips on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Allows importing and exporting video in different formats (in our case, MP4)

  • Works on different platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux)

The above five MP4 file croppers feature these features, with some such as Movavi Video Editor having a lot to offer. It is intuitive enough for most to get used to, and beginners can work with it more comfortably than other solutions. It is because of these rich, cool features it has continued to grow in popularity. Love to learn why people are switching to Movavi Video Editor to crop MP4? Download it for free – and don't forget to rate it after experimenting. All the best!

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