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In our Apowersoft screen recorder review, we will take an in-depth look at different versions of this software. Hopefully, our article, along with other Apowersoft reviews you may read, will help you choose the best one for you. If you need an Apowersoft alternative, try a screen recorder from Movavi.


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Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a tool that allows you to capture online audio and video, all with a click of a button. It’s a free tool that’s web-based. This means you won’t have to download extensive software such as screencasting tools just to capture something you find interesting on a website, podcast, or YouTube.

Many Apowersoft free online screen recorder review notes from customers mention the brand’s customer service should improve. However, you will find many helpful resources on its website, such as tutorials. They are useful if you get stuck.

Interface and features

With Apowersoft’s free online screen recorder, you’re working with a tool that’s designed for various applications. Whether it’s a live conversation on Zoom or a video stream from your favorite podcast host, this tool has the features you need. Also, if you want to record a video of you demonstrating something, it can do that too. For educational purposes, or if your job requires tutorials, this resource will work. The tool is advanced enough to include multiple webcam streams in your recording.

As noted in Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro review feedback, users find the Apowersoft layout user-friendly and intuitive. It’s not overly cluttered but contains multiple menus and screens that make it enjoyable to work with. Although it’s not a top-of-the-range product like some others from this brand, it’s still sufficient in functionality.

Recording your footage is as easy as pressing the ‘Record’ button. Just remember, even though this is an online tool, you need to download a launcher in order to use it. If it’s the first time you’re using it, plan for about 10 minutes of downloading and setup time, just to get accustomed to the tool before you need to start recording.

During the recording process, you can use the following annotation options:

  • Arrows
  • Text notes
  • Shapes
  • Icons

You can use different colors for annotations. Depending on what’s going on in the background, you can pick an appropriate hue that will contrast well and show your notes clearly.

The focus of this free tool is not to make elaborately edited videos. Instead, you add what you need while capturing the footage and then you can quickly publish and share. So, speed is the priority, not the features. If editing videos is your current goal, you’ll probably find more value in the Screen Recorder Pro review later in this article.

User experience

Any Apowersoft free screen recorder review usually mentions a user-friendly experience. The menu options are easy to understand and self-explanatory; no complicated terminology to complicate the process. For example, a simple checklist guides you through selecting features in your video, such as whether the cursor must be captured or not. You simply need to pick the parameters, and then you can start recording.

It’s up to you to pick settings for audio quality, bitrate, frame rate, and your video format. For a free product, that’s an impressive list of options. So, although this is not a tool for elaborate video editing, there’s still a lot you can customize to your needs to optimize your final product.

Video editing

You can optimize your footage to a certain extent by adding annotations, as mentioned already. After the recording, however, the video is complete, and your only options are to export, save and share. This tool itself doesn’t have any additional features for editing your video or adding other footage to the final product.


Apowersoft offers practical solutions, so it’s clear they understand the needs of their user group. It’s easy to share your completed recording to YouTube, Showmore, and other platforms.


  • The tool is free to use

  • Interesting interface

  • Can edit images

  • Easy to use

  • Can include webcam

  • Annotation features enabled

  • Easy sharing to YouTube


  • You can’t capture on a second monitor

  • Doesn’t work well to record gaming

  • Customer service isn’t ideal

The Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro product is the brand’s paid-for option to capture screen recordings. You can pick a monthly, annual, or lifetime contract. You do have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s safe to test out and see if it works for you.

It’s known for its flexibility in allowing you to record and create videos, such as adding a webcam to another video stream’s footage.

You can capture both audio and video, whether you want audio from the system or via the microphone.

Interface and features

With Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Screen capturing: You can capture from a single screen or use a multi-screen setup.
  • Video editing: During and after the recording, you can implement changes, including annotations.
  • Audio capture: The tool will record the audio from various sources, synced to the video footage.
  • Share files: Easily share to YouTube, servers, and more destinations.
  • Scheduling tasks: You don’t have to stay in front of your PC to capture the video you need. A very simple form is all you need to complete to tell the program what you need it to do. Simply schedule the recording time, and the program will cue the recording by itself. It will capture the footage for as long as you stipulated in your scheduling.
  • Repeat scheduling: If you know of a weekly or monthly stream you don’t want to miss out on, let the system automatically record it each time.

User experience

Overall, users often mention how easy it is to get accustomed to using Apowersoft’s products. The learning curves are relatively short, and you won’t waste much time looking for the tools you want to use. This is thanks to an intuitive menu design.

It empowers you to do a lot and get precisely the content you need since you can record in various ways:

  • Only the footage around your mouse cursor
  • A specific window you select
  • The entire screen
  • Pick a portion of your PC screen to capture

Some users notice that the audio and video recordings aren’t always 100% in sync, but this isn’t an ongoing problem. You can try to reinstall the tool to see if it solves the issue.

Video editing

A helpful feature of this resource is the many ways you can edit your captured video. Firstly, you can make changes in real-time by annotating on the screencast. Simply use the following features:

  • Text
  • Lines
  • Highlighting
  • Callout

These editing options are all displayed on a toolbar, and you can apply them without even pausing the process.

Of course, you’ll want to put in some final touches afterward, especially if it’s a product you’ll share with an audience. You can use the various tools of the Professional Video Editor feature for this. One option is to import other footage, and you can add visual effects, merge the different sources, add watermarks, and much more.


It’s always encouraging to see software developers include practical tools that simplify workflows. Since screen recording is often done with the intent to share that footage with others, Apowersoft added features to make it easy to distribute your final products:

  • Sharing on YouTube: You can simply use your YouTube account’s login information and easily let your videos upload to that platform.
  • Showmore: Showmore.com is a popular platform to share content, and if you want to share it, you simply use the links or embedded codes. You get 10GB of storage space for free.
  • Servers: Share your products with others, such as colleagues, by placing them on your server. Apowersoft will capture and save your account information, so you don’t have to retype everything each time you’re sharing.


  • User friendly

  • Recordings are of high quality

  • Short learning curve

  • Various options for editing

  • Can pick any section of the screen to capture

  • Multiple output file formats

  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No free version

  • Customer service isn’t very good

  • Audio occasionally out of sync

  • May require reinstall after PC update

Conclusion: What to look for in a screen recorder

We hope this article has helped in your search for software suitable for your needs. To sum things up, here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a screen recorder:

Usability. If you are new to this, it is best to use a simple screen recorder with few features. This way, you can avoid complications during recording sessions. Or make sure the app suits your level of experience if you are a seasoned user.

Features. Check official app descriptions if you are looking for extra features, like editing your records right away, advanced sharing options, and more.

User reviews. Any app can have issues, and user reviews can hint at them. You can also learn about some hidden perks this way.

Support. It is good to have a way of contacting the support team. User reviews can also have information about the quality of the support.

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