August 11, 2022

15 Best RAW File Converters in 2022

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To convert a RAW file, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download, install, and launch Movavi Video Converter.
  2. Download, install, and launch Movavi Video Converter.
  3. Add your RAW images.
  4. Adjust the conversion settings.
  5. Convert the files.

When you take photos on a high-quality camera, it's normal for them to be created in the RAW format. This format can store a lot of information and ensures that your images are of the finest detail, but many people want to find a RAW converter or RAW-to-JPEG converter for Windows to easily convert RAW files from their camera into more usable and convenient formats for other devices.

If you're searching for a RAW-to-JPG converter or RAW-to-DNG converter, this guide can help. We can help you find the best RAW converter and have put together a list of trusted, reliable RAW file converters for PC, mobile devices, and other platforms too. Check out the RAW image converter comparison table below and our RAW converter free list further down to find out more.



Impressive features


Desktop software
Movavi Video ConverterWindows, Mac

• 180+ supported formats
• Video and image conversion
• Very easy to use

Adobe® Camera RawWindows, Mac

• Enhance­ment features
• Supports all cameras
• Compatible with other Adobe® programs

Affinity PhotoWindows, Mac, iOS

• Works on iPad
• Advanced editing
• Fast processing

Capture One Pro Windows, Mac

• Fast conversions
• Professional editing and enhancements

Adobe® Lightroom®Windows, Mac

• Smart Preview
• Work while importing

DxO PhotolabWindows, Mac

• Works with 400+ cameras
• Beginner-friendly UI

Raw PowerMac

• Batch editing
• Mac only

Mobile apps

• Simple menus
• Supports most file types


• Import from camera
• Copy RAW files without conversion

Photo & Image ConverteriOS

• Re-sizing
• Batch conversion


• 64-bit conversion
• AirDrop support

Online converters

• 200+ formats
• Adjust resolution, size, quality


• Batch conversion


• Support of Dropbox/Drive


• Bulk conversions
• Email notifications

Best RAW converters for Windows & Mac

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Level: Beginner

Movavi Video Converter is another popular conversion tool you can download to Mac or Windows and use for free. It allows users to convert media files in 180+ different formats, including RAW files to JPG. It also lets you compress files without losing quality and is great for all-around conversion of media, perfect for people who take a lot of photos and record a lot of videos or have to work with many different file types.

Pros: Easy to use; works with 180+ file formats; great for all kinds of media conversion

Cons: Watermark when using a free trial

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Level: Intermediate

Adobe® Camera Raw is one of the simplest and most functional tools you can use for RAW file conversion and processing. It's available as a free plug-in download and supports all different types of digital cameras, so you shouldn't have to worry about compatibility issues. It's also fully compatible with other Adobe® tools like Photoshop® and Lightroom®, so it is a good choice for people who have already got Adobe® software on their devices.

Pros: Free to use; supports lots of different camera types; multiple enhancement features like color adjustments, correction, and spot removal; works well with other Adobe® software

Cons: You need to have Adobe® Photoshop® to install this plug-in

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS

Level: Advanced

Affinity Photo is a great RAW converter for people who want to convert lots of images in a short timeframe. It has really fast processing speeds, allowing it to deal with large batches of files in mere minutes, and it also comes with plenty of editing toolset features to adjust your images. On the downside, the interface is quite advanced, so this isn't the best of tools for beginners.

Pros: Very fast processing speeds; supports JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF formats; lots of editing and enhancement tools

Cons: Quite complicated UI design for beginners

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Level: Advanced

Capture One Pro is an advanced photo editing program that offers RAW conversion and processing as a key feature. It's used and trusted by professionals in fields like photo editing, and it comes with a wide range of built-in profiles to let you quickly and easily adjust the settings to suit your specific model. It also features editing and enhancements like color balancing.

Pros: Speedy conversion; trusted by professionals; lots of editing, filters, and enhancement features

Cons: High price

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Level: Intermediate

Those who are looking for a program that offers RAW conversion and editing functionality in one whole package will appreciate Adobe® Lightroom®. This RAW image converter works with many big-name models like Nikon and Canon cameras, as well as some Sony models too. It offers lots of handy features like local tools for working on files during importing, camera and lens adjustments, color correction, and speedy converting too.

Pros: Work with files while importing; smart preview; advanced editing

Cons: Doesn't work with all cameras

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Level: Beginner

DxO Photolab is another piece of software that is fully compatible with RAW files and works with over 400 different models of digital camera, so it's highly likely that this tool will be able to work with your device. As well as offering RAW file transformations, DxO Photolab features a myriad of editing and enhancement tools, with a user-friendly UI and plenty of useful features.

Pros: Accessible UI; beginner-friendly; works with 400+ cameras

Cons: Performance can struggle on low-end devices

Supported OS: Mac

Level: Beginner

Raw Power is one of the top RAW converters for Mac devices. It's available exclusively for the Mac platform and is a very beginner-friendly option for people who just want to quickly and easily convert their RAW files. You can convert files in batches very simply, and the software supports a lot of different apps. It doesn't have a very extensive array of features like editing or enhancement panels, but it's a dependable, functional converter.

Pros: Very beginner-friendly; ideal for Mac users; batch editing; easy integration with other Mac programs

Cons: Only for Mac; not many features

Best mobile RAW image converters

Supported OS: iOS

Level: Beginner

EasyRAWConverter is a simple mobile app available on the Google Play Store that you can download to your Android device and use for the conversion of RAW files. It's really easy to use, with simple menus and big buttons, so beginners shouldn't have any problems, and it works with a lot of the big camera types and brands too.

Pros: Small, lightweight download; easy-to-understand menus; supports lots of different formats

Cons: No editing; processing speeds can be slow

Supported OS: iOS

Level: Intermediate

Raw2dng is another simple, lightweight Android app you can set up on your phone or tablet. It allows you to convert all of the major RAW formats into either TIFF, JPEG, or DNG, maintaining all metadata and preserving the quality of your images too. It doesn't work with CR3, however, which is a common Canon format. You can import RAW photos straight from the camera over Wi-Fi and compress images up to 60% without losing any information.

Pros: Supports most file formats; DNG, JPEG, or TIFF conversions; import straight from the camera

Cons: Doesn't work with Canon cameras

Supported OS: Android

Level: Beginner

Photo & Image Converter is an iOS app you can download and use on your iPad for RAW file conversion. It allows for quick and easy conversions in dozens of different file types from JPEG and JPG to PNG, WEBP, GIF, TIF, BMP, and so on. It supports a lot of different RAW types from major brands and also features image resizing, compression, and batch conversion too.

Pros: Great for iPad users; batch conversion works well, built-in resizing tool

Cons: Some users report bugs

Supported OS: Android

Level: Intermediate

PhotoRaw is another iOS app you can set up on Apple devices to use for RAW file conversion. It's not free, but the price isn't too high, and users are satisfied with the speeds and features of this app. It offers 64-bit processing for fast conversions, as well as being iOS 14 optimized for the latest devices. It can let you view and adjust RAW image files however you like and offers AirDrop support for experts.

Pros: Simple to use; speedy conversions and processing; AirDrop support

Cons: Some users find the interface a little clunky

Best online RAW photo converters

Supported OS: Any

Level: Beginner

If you want to convert RAW files on the web, CloudConvert is a reliable and useful tool to do so. You can make an account in minutes and start converting from RAW to JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, and HEIC. Users have total control over image resolutions, file sizes, and quality levels too, and the tool supports over 200 different formats, with good security settings to protect your privacy.

Pros: Solid security; 200+ supported formats, easy to use

Cons: Processing speeds can be slow

Supported OS: Any

Level: Beginner is an easy-to-use online converter for transforming RAW files from many different camera models into JPEG format. You only need to follow a few simple steps to use it, and it works in all of the big browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This tool also supports batch conversion.

Pros: Easy to use; a built-in batch conversion; drag and drop

Cons: Processing times can be long

Supported OS: Any

Level: Beginner

iLoveIMG allows users to transform a wide variety of RAW file types, like CR2, ARW, ORF, and SR2, into JPG format. It supports the most popular camera makes and models and is really easy to use, with built-in Dropbox and Google Drive support.

Pros: Quick and easy to use; support for Dropbox and Drive

Cons: No editing

15. Zamzar

Supported OS: Any

Level: Beginner

Finally, we have Zamzar, another web-based RAW file converter. It only supports files of up to 50 MB in size, but it supports many different formats, and anyone can start using it without an account. You can leave it converting in the background when doing bulk conversions, and the tool will send you an email notification when the process is done.

Pros: Useful notification features; no account needed; good for bulk conversions

Cons: 50 MB file limit

RAW formats in different cameras

It's important to note that different brands and types of cameras make use of different RAW formats. The RAW files from a Sony camera, for example, aren't the same as RAW files in a Canon camera.

They can have different extensions, and in order to open each type of RAW file, a program or device needs to be able to support both the file type itself and the specific model of camera that captured the image in question.

This is why a RAW picture converter can be so useful, as it lets you convert all these different types of RAW files into more universal, convenient formats like JPEG.

Canon RAW files

Canon RAW files are a raster file format for Canon brand cameras with the CRW extension. The format is supported by POLYVIEW and features on Canon series like Power Shot and EOS.

Sony RAW files

Sony RAW files have the ARW extension. With this format, all data captured by the camera is preserved according to TIFF specifications, with ARW files being quite large in general, with no compression in order to preserve quality. You can find Sony RAW files in models like the Sony NEX range and ILCE series.

Fuji RAW files

Fuji RAW files have the RAF extension. Like other types of RAW files, they are unprocessed and uncompressed. Camera series like the Fujifilm FinePix and Fujifilm X series make use of the RAF extension.

Nikon RAW files

These files have the NEF extension. When a NEF image is written to a memory card, its hue, tone, sharpening, and other parameters are not altered by in-camera processing. NEF files can be uncompressed or have a "lossless" compressed form.

Selecting a RAW file converter

In order to choose the best RAW-to-JPEG converter for you, it's important to take several different factors into account. For example, you should think about the user interface and how easy the converter is to use, as some are much more beginner-friendly than others.

You also need to think about camera profiles and compatibility – different cameras produce different types of RAW files, and you need to know that your chosen converter can work with your camera.

Color management is another key factor to consider, as well as batch processing and interpolation quality, and these factors can help you find the best free RAW converter in terms of the quality of the images it converts and the speed at which it can convert large numbers of images too.

Make sure you find a RAW converter that works on your chosen platform as well. You'll need a RAW converter for Mac to work on your Mac computer, for example, or you might want to use an online RAW converter if you don't want to worry about limitations regarding operating systems.


If you need a RAW-to-JPG converter for free, we hope that this list has provided you with enough options to find the perfect tool to use. With these online tools and downloadable pieces of software, converting RAW to other formats is quick and easy, perfect for helping you manage your photos and make conversions without losing quality or dealing with any unnecessary hassle.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best RAW converter?

The best RAW converter for you will depend on your own needs and preferences. Those looking for something that is easy to use and can also help for other sorts of file conversions might like Movavi Video Converter, while those who want a mobile converter may like to use EasyRAWConverter or Raw2dng.

What RAW file converters are good for beginners?

There are several high-quality RAW converters that have very beginner-friendly designs and user interfaces. Some examples include Movavi Video Converter, EasyRAWConverter, and CloudConvert.

How do I convert RAW to JPEG online?

To convert RAW to JPEG online, you can use any of the following online tools:

What is the best free RAW-to-JPG converter?

There are many high-quality free RAW-to-JPG converters you can download to your device, use on mobile, or use online. Examples include Movavi Video Converter, iLoveIMG, and Photo & Image Converter.

What software do I have to use to convert RAW to JPEG on a Mac?

If you want to do a RAW to JPEG conversion on a Mac, you'll need to find a software or tool that is Mac compatible, like Movavi Video Converter or