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With thousands of formats out there, there is a possibility you will come across files that won't play at some point. That is often because some brands prefer to support unique formats and codecs. Converting such files to other formats supported by your media player is recommended if you want to play them. Thankfully, with the right converter, you will need a little time to get it done.

In this article, we explore three ways to transcode videos from the VLC library to MP4. But before jumping right in, let's take a look at the key reasons why people convert videos.

How to convert VLC to MP4 with VLC converter

VLC is a free, portable, open-source, and cross-platform media player. It is developed by the VideoLAN project and available for desktop operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10 and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. VLC can also serve as a video converter. Follow the instructions below to change VLC to MP4.

1. First, open VLC Media Player. Download the application if you don't have it already.

Go to the VLC download page

2. From the top navigation bar, hit Media, then select Convert / Save.

3. Click Add to find and add files you want to convert, then click Convert/ Save.

4. In the Convert window, hit the Profile dropdown menu and select the preferred MP4 profile.

5. Click the Browse button at the bottom of the Convert window to choose the output folder for your new MP4 file and click Start to convert VLC to MP4. Wait for the process to be complete. If transcoding a lengthy video file, you will have to wait a little longer for the conversion to finish.

How to convert VLC to MP4 with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is an excellent alternative to VLC Media Player. Although they both can convert video files, The Movavi software is a proper video converter. Here are the advantages it has compared to VLC.

Simplicity: Movavi Video Converter is an easy-to-use tool. You don't need to have video-editing skills to operate it comfortably. The interface is very simple.

Fast conversion: the conversion will be complete in no time due to the hardware acceleration options.

Rage of formats: Movavi’s program supports more than 180 formats and can also convert images and audio files.

To transform videos to MP4, use these steps:

1. Download and install Movavi’s VLC-to-MP4 converter. Ensure to follow the instructions on the screen during installation.

2. Launch the program. Click Add Media, then Add Video and choose the file you want to convert to MP4.

3. Choose MP4 as the target format: open the Video tab, select MP4, and select the appropriate preset.

4. Specify the output folder by clicking the Save to button at the bottom of the program window. Finally, click the Convert button to start transforming your file to MP4. Wait for the process to complete — it won't take long.

How to convert VLC to MP4 online

If you don't like the idea of downloading and installing converter tools like VLC Media Player or Movavi’s converter, you are better off doing the conversion online. Online services allow converting video files into manageable files that will best fit your needs.


  • Free registration: it is free of charge to use most of these tools.

  • Speed: if working with a fast internet connection, you can convert as many videos as possible within a short period.

  • Accessibility: online video converters can be accessed from any device (tablet, smartphone, or laptop).

  • Plenty of features: such as the ability to change the output to the desired size, format, and the ability to run secure conversions.


  • Internet connection required: you must have a reliable internet connection to use any online video converter.

  • Short storage period: the converted videos are normally stored for a short period on the servers.

  • File size limit: they make conversion a difficult task by setting file size limits for free users. Sometimes even the registered users can't convert large-sized video files.

Fastreel is one of the best online video editors that won't let you down. It is easy to use and designed to make the entire process of converting VLC to MP4 fast and enjoyable. Here is how to use it to convert videos to MP4 —follow the steps below:

1. Follow the link below to open the online service.

Go to the Fastreel website

2. Click the Add Your Files button or drag and drop the video for conversion into the web page.

3. On the next page, click Export Result, then click the Download button to save the output video. You’ll also get the download link which you can use on any device.

Key reasons for a video conversion

Ensure that the video can be played on other devices

Technology keeps changing. The phone, laptop, or tablet you used two years may likely not support the new formats. Similarly, if you are an Android person and decide to switch to BlackBerry or iPhone, you may notice some support issues.

That constant change in technology and the need to play videos across different devices is a major reason why people constantly convert videos.

Save files from social media

Social media use different file formats. That creates a necessity to convert the file into suitable versions for them to work.

Different formats have different features

Some formats will allow you to take advantage of some features —others won't. For example, you may be asked to upload an MP4 on your website instead of FLV. This is because MP4 keeps the quality of videos even after compression. Besides, MP4 videos are easy to upload to cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


As you can see, Movavi Video Converter and VLC Media Player have a lot in common. They have great cool features, are easy to use, and make VLC convert to MP4 a breeze, just to mention a few benefits.

However, Movavi Video Converter is much better if you are looking for a tool capable of converting multiple VLC files to MP4 at one go within a minimum timeframe. Besides, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes it user-friendly even to people who have not used it before.

Essentially, while both tools deliver, the Movavi Video Converter has a lot to offer, and that makes it the best alternative to the VLC Media player. Don't think so? Give it a shot today, and remember to share your experience.

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