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How to Perform WAV-to-MP4 Conversion

Edited by Pat Bitton

August 30, 2019

WAV is an older format, introduced in 1991. It is used to store non-compressed audio files and is in wide use among Windows users because the format was developed by Microsoft. Since WAV files commonly contain audio with no compression, they are usually large. And WAV files can’t be played on some devices that don’t support this format.

So, it would be useful to be able to change the .wav file extension to something more usable, for example, .mp4. This is a media container that can store not only video but also audio, and MP4 is much more popular among device manufacturers than WAV. A good WAV-to-MP4 converter will easily transform your files. Below, you will find a guide to how to convert WAV to MP4 with Movavi software, plus a short WAV vs. MP4 comparison. Follow one of the links below to jump to the corresponding section of the tutorial:

How to Convert WAV to MP4 Using Movavi Software

To change the extension of your files from .wav to .mp4, use Movavi Video Converter! It can process audio files quickly and easily. Just download the Mac or Windows version of the program and your conversion will be done in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide for transcoding your WAVs to MP4s.

Install the Program

Double-click the installation file and follow the instructions on your screen. Launch Movavi Converter.

Add Your WAVs

Hit Add Media and select Add Audio from the list. In the new window, choose the files you want to process and click Open. You also can drag your WAV soundtracks into the program window. They will be added to the program and appear as a file list.

Choose a Suitable MP4 Preset

In the Video tab under the file list, click the MP4 group of presets. Choose any of the options provided: the video settings are different, but the audio settings are similar. After you click on the preset, its name will emerge at the bottom of the program window.

Start Converting from WAV to MP4

Select the folder in which to store your files after conversion by clicking the Folder icon. Click Convert to start the transformation. In a short while, your new MP4s will be ready.


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WAV vs. MP4 Comparison

Before we compare WAV and MP4, it is important to note that only the audio part of the MP4 container was taken for this comparison. Below, you can see the differences between these two formats in terms of storing sound.

Comparison parameterWAVMP4
File extension.wav.mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4r
Audio codecsUncompressed sound, AAC, MP3AAC, ALAC, AC3, MP3, and others
ChannelsUp to 6Up to 48
Audio file sizeLargeSmall
CompressionNo compression / Lossy (for AAC and MP3 codecs)Lossy and lossless