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Convert WAV (WAVE) to MP4 online in just a few clicks. You can use this WAV-to-MP4 converter for free to process small files. To convert large files, try Movavi’s desktop converter.

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Looking for a way to convert WAV to MP4? There are plenty of tools at your disposal and our goal is to help you choose a WAV-to-MP4 converter that meets your needs. We will discuss here some means of conversion and compare MP4 vs. WAV.

How to convert WAV to MP4 with Movavi Video Converter

With Movavi Video Converter it is possible to convert a WAV to a video! This multifunctional tool supports conversion from and to 180 formats of media (including WAV-MP4 pair). Movavi Video Converter can make your media playable on over 200 device models, even turn a WAV to a video suitable for YouTube.

To convert your files with Movavi Video Converter, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Download and install the program

Download the installation file of Movavi Video Converter, launch it, and follow the on-screen instructions. This software is very user-friendly, you need no special skills to work with it!

Step 2. Add files to convert

Click the Add Media button in the top-left corner of the program window. Then select Add audio. Choose the WAV file you wish to convert to MP4. You can add a few files at once, they will be converted together.

Step 3. Set the output format and settings

Go to the Video tab, click on the MP4 icon, and choose a preset that fits your needs. You can also click the Cogwheel icon to open the Settings menu for advanced changes.

Step 4. Adjust bitrate and compress WAV files (optional)

If you want to preserve storage space on your drive, you can change the size and quality of your files to make them smaller. Click the Compress file button and adjust the settings. You can apply those settings to all files at once.

Step 5. Convert your audio from WAV to MP4

Click the Save to button to choose a folder where the output videos will be stored. Then click the Convert button to start the process. Converting WAV to MP4 may take some time depending on the size and quantity of the files.

Once the conversion is over, your files will be saved in the selected format, and the destination folder will open automatically.

Now you know how to convert WAV to MP4 with Movavi Video Converter!

Convert a WAV file to MP4 online and on a desktop for free

Online Video Converter allows you to convert files with no need to install anything on your computer. This tool is free and can process both WAV and MP4. If you need to convert large files and store them online, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Converting WAV to MP4 with Online Video Converter

To use this WAVE-to-MP4 converter, click the link below and open its page.

Go to Online Video Converter

You will go directly to the page where you can work with your files. Just hit the Add Your Media button, choose a file, set the desired output format (MP4 in this case), and hit the Convert button. Enhanced settings are available if you want to adjust the quality of the end files. Once the conversion is done, you can download or send your files to Google Drive or Dropbox. With free options of Online Video Converter, you can process files with a limited size. To convert something larger, you can subscribe or consider using other tools that are available online.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Fast and straightforward processing


  • The free version has size limitations

Zamzar is a very accessible tool that can convert WAV to MP4 online. Pictures and documents, audio and video – it converts files to and from a great number of formats. The number of successful conversions by Zamar already exceeds 500 million.

Conversion from WAV to MP4 with Zamzar

To convert a WAV file to MP4, just follow these easy steps. Click the link below to get started.

Go to Zamzar

Step one is to upload the video you wish to convert or drop its link in the green box on the screen. Step two is to select the desired output format (MP4 in our case). Step three is to hit the Convert Now button. For free conversion, the file size is limited to 50 MB. The limit can be increased with a subscription.


  • Very simple to use

  • Supports file uploading via Dropbox or Google Drive

  • High level of security for safe file transfer


  • 50 MB size limit for free conversion

VLC is an open-source media player that is completely free and has a powerful file conversion feature. This is not exactly WAV-to-MP4 converter software, but it completely fits the bill.

How to use VLC media player as a free WAV-to-MP4 converter

This is a desktop solution, thus step one is to install the program in case you don’t have it already. The link below will take you to the downloading page.

Download VLC

Run the program. Click the Convert / Save button on the Menu bar. The conversion window will pop up. Click the Add button, pick the file you need, and click the Open button. Afterward, click Convert / Save.

Select the format you need from the Profile list.

Give the output file a name that includes the desired file extension and specify storage location. And then click the Start button to begin the conversion.


  • Simple and straightforward interface

  • No size limitations

  • File conversion issues are unlikely


  • Unable to interact with Google Drive or Dropbox

FreeConvert.com is yet another good way to convert a WAV file to MP4 online and for free. Its free options include conversion of files up to 1 GB in size, which is a huge advantage. Conversion of other file formats is also available, this platform can work with documents, images, and more.

Using FreeConvert.com to convert from WAV to MP4

Begin by following the link below.

Go to FreeConvert.com

Click the Choose Files button or drag your media in the blue area on the screen. Let the file be uploaded – depending on the size this might take a while. Set MP4 as an output format and click the Convert To MP4 button.


  • Free conversion of files up to 1 GB

  • A secure conversion platform


  • Processing of big files takes some time

Online-Convert.com features indirect file uploads from Google Drive and Dropbox. It also can “remember” your settings, which makes it good for subsequent use.

Converting with Online-Convert.com

Click the link below to start the conversion.

Go to Online-Convert.com

Now upload a file in one of several ways: click the Choose Files button, enter a URL, or go to Google Drive or Dropbox. After uploading your file, specify the output settings. You can sign up and log in to save those settings for further use. Then hit the Start Conversion button and await results. Afterward, you can download your MP4 video.


  • Easier subsequent conversions with custom settings

  • Indirect file upload from Dropbox and Google Drive


  • Watermarks on converted videos

File-converter-online.com is another service for converting files online. It is fast and convenient, there's no registration required and no watermarks on converted files.

WAV-to-MP4 conversion with File-converter-online.com

Click the link below to begin the conversion of your WAV to MP4.

Go to file-converter-online.com

Click the Choose File button to find a file on your device or drop the URL of a file on your Google Drive or Dropbox. Then click the Start Converting! button. Downloading of the results will begin automatically when the process is over.


  • No watermarks on converted files

  • Indirect file upload from Dropbox and Google Drive


  • No bulk conversion of audio files

How to choose a WAV-to-MP4 converter

You can easily find a good WAV-to-MP4 converter online, as you can see. All of them come with upsides and downsides. The best way to figure out which one is the best is to try them out with your hands. Just go through the list and experience the perks of online conversion yourself. But if you want to have something powerful always at hand on your desktop, try out Movavi Video Converter. Everything here is free to try, and hopefully, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

WAV vs. MP4 comparison

Comparison parameter




.wav, .wave

.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4r, .m4v


In 1991 by Microsoft and IBM

In 2001 by the International Organization of Standardization


Audio only

Audio, video, and text

Audio file size



Audio codecs

Uncompressed sound, AAC, MP3

AAC, ALAC, AC3, MP3, and others


Lossy (for AAC and MP3 codecs) / No compression

Lossy and lossless

Best for

Applications that require high quality, such as CDs

Transmitting data streams to a receiving device in real-time

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Frequently asked questions

Can I convert WAV to an MP4 with an image?

To convert WAV files to MP4 means to create a video file from an audio track. But if your audio track has an included background image, there are numerous file converters capable of converting such audio to a video. This is also possible due to the great versatility of the MP4 format.

How can I convert WAV to MP4 on Mac?

Movavi Video Converter is a handy WAV-to-MP4 converter for Mac.

  1. Download and install the app to begin.

    Download Movavi Video Converter for Mac

  2. Run the app. Click the Add Media button and select Add audio. Choose the files you want to convert from WAV to MP4.

  3. Go to Video > MP4 and choose an appropriate preset.

  4. Choose the output folder in the field next to the Save to button and click Convert.

Can I upload audio to YouTube?

Unfortunately, YouTube does not support the uploading of “pure” audio files, such as WAV, MP3, and so on. Therefore you have to convert your audio to a video first. As said above, there are plenty of ways to convert .wav to .mp4 files. You can try out some free online resources or use Movavi’s software to convert a WAV to a video for YouTube. Just keep in mind that for a sensible result, a background image may have to be included in your audio file.

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Have questions?

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