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  • Easily edit video and audio clips

  • Add and customize professional-looking titles, annotations, and captions

  • Create gorgeous green screen backgrounds with chroma key tools

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Using videos is a great way to inject the much-needed spark into your CV. However, you need the best video resume builder software to help you create spectacular videos to reflect your career achievements. You will find many video apps out there which can get the job done, and you may be at a loss as to which of them best suits your needs.

Choosing the best video resume maker does not necessarily need to be rocket science. Such a video maker app should provide the tools to make and edit videos on popular platforms, whether on a Mac or Windows. The program should also avail a variety of templates to choose from when creating your resume for review.

Quick summary

  • Editor’s choice: Movavi Video Editor
    Enjoy a robust, professional-level video editing program that’s easy to use for beginners.

  • Best online video resume editor: Fastreel
    Make quick and easy video edits online with no need to download any software.

  • Best app specifically for video resumes: Icecream Video Editor
    Take advantage of an app perfectly suitable to create and edit video resumes.

Top 6 video resume builder software

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

If you want to create exciting movies to share with your friends and family or your CV, Movavi Video Editor should be your next stop. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, this video-editing software has all the features a professional video creator requires. They include stunning effects, transitions, titles, and support for most popular media formats. To check some of the features out, watch the video below.

Boasting of a short learning curve, this video editor is suitable for both professionals and novices who just want to impress their friends with necessary filmmaking skills. Nevertheless, here is a list of things you can accomplish with Movavi:

  • Cutting, moving and ordering video clips
  • Adding and customizing texts to your video
  • Creating slideshows with music and video effects
  • Recording audio clips to be added to your video
  • Easily converting sound, videos, and images to the desired formats

This app from Movavi comes in two versions: the free trial version and the paid premium version. The free trial version has all the essential features, but you are limited to 7 days of use. It is best for those sampling it out to see if it has the capabilities that suit their video-editing needs. To enjoy all the premium features and make a video resume, invest in the premium version.


  • Short learning curve
  • Attractive and simple user interface
  • Provides easy-to-follow guides and additional support online
  • Ability to export finished videos to popular formats and share directly to YouTube
  • Vastly improved timeline
  • A wide variety of transitions, filters, titles and other effects to apply to your movie
  • Support for 4K videos


  • Free version limited to only seven days

Compatibility: All (with supported browser and internet access)

Fastreel is an online video-editing platform that allows users to edit their video resumes and other video projects online without downloading any software. The process of creating a project is easy. Users can simply go to and click the blue button to upload a raw video file. The app supports MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, and GIF files up to 500 megabytes. Along with multiple professional editing tools and features, Fastreel also allows users to compress video files for easier sharing, and it includes capabilities to add a watermark, filters, and other effects, as well. 

Fastreel has three pricing tiers, from free to $9.95 per month. The free version includes many of the features of the other versions, but export videos will be watermarked. If you just need to make a single video resume, you can opt for a single-use license at per video. If you think you’ll need to make multiple videos, you can choose a monthly subscription at the same rate. 


  • Easy video editing from any computer with a supported browser

  • Fast access to professional video-editing tools online

  • Intuitive user interface with easy-to-learn tools and capabilities


  • Watermark on the free version

  • Some limitations on free version’s capabilities

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Icecream Video Editor is a simple video-editing tool for a PC. Users can choose between a free version and a paid pro version of the software. The free version includes a couple of limitations, though. You can only edit up to 10 scenes in the program’s timeline; the free license only works on a single computer; and any video exports longer than five minutes will include a watermark. Also, Icecream Video stipulates that the free version is not to be used for commercial purposes, and free users do not receive priority support. To create videos with unlimited scenes and video lengths, and/or to collaborate on a second computer, you’ll need to opt for the pro version at $29.95 for a lifetime license.

Some users have reported challenges with Icecream Video Editor’s default export file format. It does not automatically save videos in a format that’s recognizable to most mainstream platforms. To share your video on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites, you’ll need to make sure to set the format before saving. 


  • Easy photo and video splicing

  • User-friendly video-editing tools

  • Customizable audio and video transitions


  • Obscure default export format

  • Limits on export video size and length

  • No support for free version

Compatibility: All (with supported browser and internet access)

VEED.IO is an online video resume maker. Essentially, it’s an online video editor with tools and features focused on resumes, rather than other types of videos. It includes popular editing tools, such as text animations, video templates, and video compression, but it lacks a few of our favorites. For example, VEED.IO doesn’t include chroma key capabilities, making it impossible to edit the backgrounds of green screen videos.

Users can opt for one of four pricing tiers with VEED.IO, starting with a limited free version and moving up to the top-tier business version for $70 per month. Subscribers to the free version can only export videos up to 250 megabytes, and are limited to 10 minutes. We should also note that the free version includes a watermark on all export videos, does not include any tech support, and limits resolution to 720p. At $25 per month, the basic tier removes the watermark and lets users export larger files, with video lengths up to 25 minutes, and 1080p resolution. You don’t get to export 4K videos until you get to the pro tier at $38 per month, though.


  • Multiple subscription tiers to meet different users’ needs

  • Video compression tool included with the editor


  • No support for free version

  • Limited export video sizes and lengths for free and basic subscriptions

  • No 4K exports unless users opt for a top-tier subscription

Compatibility: All (with supported browser and internet access)

This is a web-based video-editing platform, meaning you have to create an account to use this resume builder. Nevertheless, it is the best option if you already have an edited video resume but wish to add some enhancements, such as opening titles, text overlays, and music.

This app is easy to use since all you need is to open an account, choose a suitable template and upload your video resume onto it. You can then apply various customization before uploading the resume to your website or sending it to your friends and family.

Though it's subscription-based, a free version is available if you wish to have a taste of the platform without making any commitment. However, any video you export using the free version will have the watermark, unless you upgrade to the premium version.


  • A variety of predesigned templates that works for every video clip you wish to customize
  • Easy to use
  • A rich library with hundreds of photos, scenes in action, and animated styles
  • A high-quality music library to help you create a soundtrack for your video resume
  • Professional animations and video effects
  • Web-based, hence no download required


  • Free version splashes watermarks on your finished projects

Compatibility: All (with supported browser and internet access)

For building a compelling narrative for your video resume, Animaker would be one of the best options for you. This video-editing app allows you to add objects and characters to your video clip depending on your needs. Check out the export option, and you will learn to plan future scenes for your content.

Here is how it works:

  1. Select a resume template, or you can choose to start from a scratch.
  2. Add your outstanding skills and any other relevant information for your CV.
  3. Select from the thousands of animations to make your video resume exciting.
  4. Upload images and objects if you want.
  5. Add your music to the video, or choose a soundtrack from the music library.
  6. Export the finished video directly to YouTube or Facebook, or download it to your local storage.

Just like Biteable, Animaker comes in both the free and premium versions. This cloud-based software enables you to create fascinating video resumes by uploading your videos, images, and to any of the many templates it avails to its users. However, if you choose the free edition, your video project will be no longer than 2 minutes. Invest in the premium version to enjoy all the great features of this software.


  • Thousands of templates to help you create great videos
  • Cloud-based, so does not eat up space in your device
  • Option to add own music to your resume video or choose from the music library
  • Ability to export directly to YouTube and Facebook, great for sharing with friends and family
  • Free version available for those who wish to try it out before going premium


  • The free version allows only up to 2-minute-long videos
  • Subscriptions may become expensive in the long run

How to make a video resume

If the job you are prospecting for requires knowledge of video production or visual content, you may need to create a professional video resume to speak for you. A poorly crafted video will create the impression of an unprofessional jobseeker; hence, limit your chances of landing the job. It is important; therefore, you need to learn how to make a video resume on a Mac or Windows.

These tips should help you create a video resume for your prospective employer:

  • Be professional: Dress in formal attire, as you would for an interview, and maintain a professional demeanor throughout the video. Also, be sure to have a tidy background, preferably without any distractions.

  • Prepare a script: Rehearsal is important here, even though you should sound as natural as you can. Know exactly what you want to say and which phrases to use. It wouldn't be a good idea to read directly from the script, so you will need to do some practicing. The script should focus on what you will do for the company, your major skills, and your past accomplishments.

  • Let the video speak for you: Use video footage to illustrate your knowledge and skills, rather than narrating them monotonously.

  • Make it brief: A video resume shouldn't take too long. Assemble your video clips and use a good video resume software to join them and add the necessary transitions and effects.

What should be included in a video resume?

If you’re not sure what to mention in your video resume, here’s a checklist for you:

  • Your name: It doesn’t matter how great your resume is if no one remembers your name. A video resume is designed to stand out, and you want the employer to remember that you are the creative one.

  • Education background: Don’t forget to touch on your degrees and diplomas if you have them. Even if they’re not particularly relevant to the job, having a degree speaks volumes about your ability to gain knowledge, resist stress, and think critically. And if the degree is not relevant to the job, make it sound like it is: find some aspects of your education that would help you do this job and present them in a flattering way.

  • Work experience: Tell about the experience you’ve had, but keep it relevant to the job you’re applying for. There’s no reason to tell about your college part-time job as a waiter if you’re applying for a school teacher.

  • Relevant skills: Think of what skills may be useful for the job you want to get, and which of them you actually have. This will show both your understanding of what the employer is looking for and that you match these expectations.

  • Job intentions: Why have you chosen this job and this company? This is something you can turn into your big advantage. But keep it honest: no one likes those who lie to get a job.

  • Conclusion: Summarize why the employer should choose you over other candidates, thank the viewers, and say that you’re looking forward to an invitation to a job interview.

You will find many examples of great video resumes out there, but you can easily create yours with the help of a reliable and efficient app, such as Movavi Video Editor. Making and uploading your edited video resumes should not be a big deal if you have the right tools.

How to make a video resume with Movavi Video Editor

  1. Install and launch Movavi Video Editor.
  2. Click Add Files to upload the raw footage to the program.
  3. Drag the footage onto the timeline in the order you want it to go.
  4. Add transitions, background music, and titles.
  5. Click Export, choose the desired file format, and click Start.

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