Movavi Clips

  • Cut and merge videos
  • Crop the right area of the frame
  • Add background music
  • Play with fast-forward and slow motion

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October 22, 2019

Top Alternative Apps for iMovie for Android Devices

Apple develops great features and software but makes them exclusively available for iOS and Mac devices. One such software is iMovie, which is out of reach for Windows and Android device users. However, it doesn't mean that non-Apple device users can't enjoy an emulation of such of the top features of this video editing app. Several apps related to iMovie are available for download, and you may not know which one to choose.

You can download and use apps like iMovie for Android to create spectacular videos for sharing with friends and family, or filling your gallery. This review will help you to identify some of the best iMovie equivalents for Android.

Top 9 “iMovies” App for Android

Movavi Clips

If you are looking for an Android version of iMovie, consider using Movavi Clips. The quick and precise video editing capabilities combined with the intuitive interface makes for a worthwhile alternative to iMovie for both novices and professional video editors. Besides, you may not have to spend a coin since the free version may accomplish all the tasks you may have at hand. This video editor does not splash ads across the page like some other free software.

You can enhance the functionality of this video editor by making in-app purchases. Making in-app purchases will unlock the best features of this app, and remove the watermark forever. You can also choose between the monthly or yearly premium subscriptions, depending on your financial position.

Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

  • Add transitions, music, and stickers
  • Choose the desired frame fragment
  • Cut and merge clips
  • Speed up and slow down videos


This app has all the tools you need for editing videos and is among the best alternatives for iMovie for Android users. The simple interface avails basic activities such as cropping, cutting, and rotating videos, as well as applying various transitions. Advanced functions are also available, including special FX, filters, texts and the ability to add music to your videos.

Beecut also boasts of a powerful desktop version. After editing your movie on your smartphone, you can proceed to your Windows or Mac desktop and render it. Nevertheless, this app always falls short in spite of its relatively powerful features. It has limited advanced functions.


Another iMovie equivalent for phone with the Android OS is AndroVid, a professional video editor from Zeoxy media. The app has some explanatory icons to help you apply different edits to your video, and understand the functions even better. To start using this video editor, choose a video from your library.

AndroVid has all the functions of a conventional video editing app, and they include rotating and trimming videos, adding texts and effects, and adding your favorite music to your film, among many other functions. However, you can only enjoy the premium features of this app if you purchase it. Its free version is rather limited.


You can install and use this app as an iMovie equivalent for Android. As a fully-featured video editor. It offers great functionality and a simple user interface. You can cut and combine videos and pictures, and add sound effects, background music, and stickers. This app also provides the capability to speed up or slow down your video, creating a powerful effect. However, you need the premium version to enjoy all these features. The free version will splash watermarks across your video.


Magisto is just that: magical. Toss an unedited video its way, and it will grab it, edit it and send it back in a perfect state for sharing. It is a great app for beginners or professionals who are short on time. The app practically does everything – the user only has to make the click. It saves you the trouble of making various adjustments and fiddling with the many controls trying to adjust the brightness, contrast and white balance of your video.


If you are looking for a great “iMovies” app for Android but are operating on a shoestring budget, look no further than VideoShow. Unlike most free video editors, VideoShow splashes no watermarks on your finished product, and neither does have time limits. It avails all the basic tools you require to create a captivating video.

It’s incredible that such a free app offers a host of great features. These features include stunning filters, stickers, images, texts, and GIFs – and you can even record your voice and add it directly to the movie.


A professional iMovie alternative for Android, VivaVideo boasts of powerful video editing features; hence, its large community of users. Though free, this editor has plenty to offer. You can cut and paste videos, add filters, effects, and songs to the timeline. You only need a few clicks and your pieces of video will transform into a new film.

With hundreds of effects, themes, stickers, music and facial effects, this app promises to be one of the best alternatives for iMovie. Accessing the camera with different shooting modes is a plus for this video editor.


Give this app a try if you are looking for an iMovie app for Android to use on your tablet. Featuring a dark grey background and an easy to use interface, VidTrim was developed by Goseet media to enable both professionals and beginners to tweak their videos.

You can use this Android version of iMovie to trim your videos, add and edit photos, and extract audio from your video footage. It also gives you the option to keep the original quality of the video, or make some adjustments such as contrast and white balance, to improve the quality of the final output. However, you should keep an eye out of your phone's resources since this app may use too much RAM causing your phone to slow down.

InShot Video Editor

Android users may also find an alternative to iMovie in InShot, a simple and lightweight video editor with a host of powerful features. It lets you trim, cut and split videos, merge and join several clips, and add music to the project. This app also avails the capability to add various types of filters and effects to your movie. You can also customize the video by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation.

If you are not using an Apple device, you may not have to worry so much missing out on iMovie features because a broad range of iMovie alternatives for Android users are available. You may need to balance between functionality and cost to get the best video editor that suits your needs. However, if you are unsure which route to take, consider installing Movavi Clips to help you edit your videos.

Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

  • Add transitions, music, and stickers
  • Choose the desired frame fragment
  • Cut and merge clips
  • Speed up and slow down videos