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What’s the Best CamStudio Alternative?

CamStudio recorder from RenderSoft is a simple PC program that is quite efficient for capturing any kind of desktop activity. If you need basic screen recording software with the bare minimum of settings, then CamStudio is probably your best choice.

However, if you want to create and edit professional-looking screencasts, you might want to look for a more powerful piece of software with additional features. We recommend you check out Movavi Screen Recorder Studio!

Still wondering how to use CamStudio? Read our brief review and try the Movavi app demo for free before you decide to download the CamStudio installer!

Up-to-Date Interface

Screen Recorder Studio has a smooth and intuitive interface

The CamStudio interface is clean and simple, but a little old-fashioned; Movavi Screen Recorder Studio’s interface is both stylish and easy to use. Click on the screenshots below and see for yourself!

CamStudio alternative
CamStudio 2.7
Program like Fraps
Movavi Screen Recorder Studio 9
CamStudio and its features

Wide Choice of Recording Features

Screen Recorder Studio has more recording options

In addition to the features it shares with CamStudio, Screen Recorder Studio has several functions that CamStudio lacks. For example, the Movavi app lets you schedule your recordings: you can set the recording date and time, so that the program starts and stops working automatically. Another advantage is the ability to capture video and audio streams from different sources as individual tracks. You can also record keystrokes to show the viewer exactly what keyboard activities are taking place.

Lots of Editing and Saving Options

Make professional-looking screencasts

CamStudio doesn’t offer the option to edit what you’ve captured. Screen Recorder Studio has a built-in video editor that lets you work with your footage on a timeline. You can also save your video in any popular format, including HD formats like MP4 and WMV, while CamStudio only lets you create AVI and SWF files. If you need video compression, Screen Recorder Studio has adjustable settings for bitrate and resolution which can help you reduce the file size of the video without having to download any third-party compressors.

CamStudio and Movavi SCS interface features comparison
CamStudio and Movavi SCS interface features comparison

Good Help and Support

Movavi user support is always available

Using Screen Recorder Studio is a breeze, but if you have some difficulties, you can always visit the Help Center on the Movavi website, where you’ll find detailed user guides, manuals, and instructions. And if you still don’t find the solution to your problem, online chat is available 18 hours a day! CamStudio only has a forum for users’ questions.

Reasonable Price

Two-apps-in-one for only $53.96

CamStudio is freeware, which is a huge advantage. However, with Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, you get an efficient screen recording tool AND a powerful video editor (not to mention the free updates and almost round-the-clock tech support) for a very reasonable $59.95.

Compare CamStudio to Movavi SCS video editing module

Now you see why Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is a cut above CamStudio. Download a free trial version of Screen Recorder Studio, open the setup file, install the program and experience its many advantages: capture a part of your desktop or record video full screen at up to 60 fps with the help of the virtually lossless codec; capture system sound, record audio from your microphone, capture webcam footage, save streaming video for offline viewing, create professional-looking video clips, and much more! The program is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) and with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher.

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