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Movavi Screen Capture Studio vs. Camtasia Studio

TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio is one of the most popular screen recorders on the market. However, there are several Camtasia alternatives that offer the same set of functions at a much more affordable price. One such program is Movavi Screen Capture Studio. In this review, we will compare Camtasia Studio with Movavi Screen Capture Studio using the following parameters:

1.User Interface

Сamtasia alternative
Camtasia Studio 8
Alternative to Camtasia
Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8

The screen recording module’s intuitive interface is a strong point for both programs. Even an absolute beginner will be able to easily figure out how to capture a screen using either Camtasia or Movavi Screen Capture Studio – you just click the big Rec button to start and the Stop button to finish the recording. The program panels in both programs are clearly laid out and not cluttered with unnecessary settings; they contain only the functions you might need at this stage in screen recording.

2.Screen Capture Tools and Options

Both Camtasia and Movavi Screen Capture Studio offer a wide range of recording options that enable users to complete a range of tasks: capture full screen or a specific area, record Skype calls and webcam, rip online videos, etc. In the table below, you can see a detailed comparison between the recording options.

Comparison parameters Camtasia Studio 8 Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8
Video capture    
Webcam recording + +
Adjustable capture frame size + +
Online video capture + +
Skype call recording + +
Capture area screenshots - +
Audio capture    
Line-in + +
Microphone + +
System sound + +

As you can see from the table, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has not only all Camtasia’s features but also offers the possibility of taking screenshots of the capture area during the recording process itself. It enables you to instantly save images of anything happening within the capture area, whether it’s a chart from a business webinar or a funny face your friend is making on a Skype call.

3.Editing Tools

To make a recorded video look professional, you need a full-function video editing program. Fortunately, both Camtasia and Movavi Screen Capture Studio already have built-in video editors that include all the necessary tools, as shown in the table below.

Comparison parameters Camtasia Studio 8 Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8
Simple GUI -
View screenshot
View screenshot
Timeline + +
Splitting and cutting + +
Special effects + +
Animated transitions + +
Titles + +

Although Camtasia Studio has a great video editor, its interface is rather complex. Even a simple task like cutting out unwanted parts from the beginning or end of a video may cause problems for some users. As for the saving procedure, it may take you a fair amount of time to figure out how to choose the appropriate video or audio format for the output file.

Unlike Camtasia, Movavi Screen Capture Studio lets you get rid of unneeded parts of your video right in the preview window, even before you open the built-in video editor. The editor itself seamlessly combines broad functionality with ease of use, making Movavi Screen Capture Studio the perfect choice for both advanced and less experienced users.

4.Help and Support

A high level of support is another strong point for both screen recorders. This is great indeed, because every user should always have the opportunity to ask a question if something goes wrong with the software.

Comparison parameters Camtasia Studio 8 Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8
E-mail + +
Live chat 4 hours a day 18 hours a day
Manuals + +
Forum / Community + +

Both Movavi and TechSmith websites provide numerous tutorials on various aspects of the software. The live chat service helps users quickly solve any problems with the program. Additionally, both Camtasia and Movavi Screen Capture Studio have dedicated forums where you can ask technical questions – for example, if the program is not recording audio / video or not responding at all.


The full version of Camtasia Studio costs $199. This is probably the key reason people don’t buy the program and look for software like Camtasia. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is more than three times cheaper, offering the equivalent set of functions for only $59.95, which makes it an affordable professional-grade screen recorder for a whole range of tasks.

Aside from the high price, Camtasia Studio is a good screen recording program for professional use. However, Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a worthwhile Camtasia replacement for three main reasons:

  • its functions and options are similar to Camtasia’s
  • it’s easier to use
  • it’s much cheaper

Screen recording is fast and super easy with Movavi Screen Capture Studio! Try the Windows or Mac version for free and see for yourself!

To learn more about Movavi Screen Capture Studio, visit our product pages for Windows or Mac users.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Capture Studio does not allow the capture of copy-protected video and audio.

*For this review, we used Movavi Screen Capture Studio 8 (the full version) and TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8 (the full version).

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