How to Combine VOB Files in 5 Steps [2024]

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What is a VOB joiner / VOB merger?

The best way to save your favorite movie to watch it later is to move files from a physical DVD to a PC. But having a movie in several parts is not very useful, so you might want to combine them into a single file. This is where you’ll need a VOB joiner – a program that allows you to rip DVDs and merge VOB files into one movie. Read on to learn how to combine VOB files on PC and Mac.

How to merge VOB files with Movavi Video Suite

Step 1. Install the VOB merging software

Download Movavi Video Suite and run the installation file. The program is available for Windows 7 and above and for Mac. Follow the instructions on the screen. Once the video-splicing program is installed, it will launch automatically.

Step 2. Add your files to the program

To join VOB files together, go to the Video tab and click the Launch button in the Convert video section. Wait for the Video Suite to load.

Go to the Add Media menu, click Add DVD and then Open DVD. Select the DVD you want to open. Open the VIDEO_TS folder where all VOB files are located, select all of them by clicking each file and holding a Ctrl button on your keyboard and click Open to add the VOB files you want to combine into the Media Bin.

Step 3. Edit the video and add effects (optional)

Click the Edit button. In a window that opens, go to the Adjustments tab and set the appropriate brightness, contrast, and saturation for the video. Open the Effects tab and select the desired effect or multiple effects. You can also use a video cutter under the Crop and Trim tabs. After making the changes check the Apply to all files checkbox, then click Apply, and finally hit the Save and Close button.

Step 4. Choose the format

Go to the Video tab in the lower part of the window and select the desired format for the output video. To stitch VOB files into another VOB file, choose DVD-Compatible Video, then select the preferred preset.

Step 5. Join your VOB files into one movie

Activate the Merge files switch, then click the Convert button. The new video will appear in the Movavi Library folder, which will open automatically. Now you can easily play or upload it.

But how to compile VOB files into one MP4, AVI, or MOV, for example? Just select the desired format for the output video before hitting the Convert button. Don’t forget to activate the Merge files switch! You can convert the output file to any popular video format and export it to social media or burn the resulting file to another disc. Feel free to use Movavi Video Suite for editing, converting, and joining your videos!

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