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The XRecorder app is a fairly popular screen-recording platform, but is it the right screen recorder for you? We took it for a test ride, and in this review, we’ll walk you through its key features, pros and cons, and how to download XRecorder for a PC.

Quick summary

  1. For screen recording on Android phones:  XRecorder

  2. For downloading and running Android apps on a PC: BlueStacks

Special pick: Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use app that can capture screen, webcam, system audio, and microphone. You can select the part of the screen that you want to capture, grab an entire screen, or choose to record a particular window. Movavi Screen Recorder offers such useful features as drawing on your video, highlighting cursor and keystrokes, video trimming. You can use this app as an alternative to XRecorder for Windows or Mac.

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XRecorder app overview

OS: Android 

Price: free, with in-app purchases

Google Play rating: 4.8

XRecorder is a mobile screen-recording app for Android devices. Available through Google Play, the app allows users to record their phone screen for free on any Android phone with Android 5.0 OS or newer. Along with recording video from your phone’s screen, you can also take screenshots while recording, use your phone’s front camera, and pause and restart recordings at any time. The app also includes some basic video-editing tools to help users create complete videos from their recordings.

Key features:

  • Basic video-editing tools

  • Direct sharing for Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms

  • Screenshot capabilities while recording

Get the app for your Android device


  • Free screen recording on Android phones

  • Consistent and frequent app updates and upgrades

  • Feature-rich


  • Not available for iPhones

  • Requires a third-party app to use on desktops or laptops

  • Users report bugs in recent updates

XRecorder download on a PC: How to run XRecorder on your desktop

Editor’s choice
Movavi Screen Recorder

If you want to use XRecorder on your laptop or desktop, you’ll need to use a third-party app to get an XRecorder download on your PC. We tried out three app options to record a PC screen with XRecorder: BlueStacks, MEmu, and NoxPlayer. Each of these options was easy to use once we got the app set up on our PC, and the setup was fairly quick and easy. Some users may not appreciate the need to download and install additional software to perform screen recordings. With that in mind, here’s our review of programs that enable the XRecorder app download for a PC.


To use XRecorder on a PC, download BlueStacks. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to the BlueStacks website and download the app by clicking on the green Download button.

  2. Follow the instructions to install the download file.

  3. BlueStacks will automatically start after the installation process completes. At this point, follow the prompts to sign in to Google Play.

  4. Search for XRecorder and select Install

  5. Once the app has been installed, you can launch it from BlueStacks and record your screen.


MEmu is an Android emulator for laptops and PCs. The app is available for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7. Here’s how to use MEmu:

  1. Download MEmu at MEmuplay.com.

  2. Follow the installation instructions and launch MEmu.

  3. Start MEmu and click on the Google Play icon to open the Google Play store.

  4. Find XRecorder in Google Play and download the APK file.

  5. Click on the XRecorder app icon in MEmu and start recording your screen.


Follow a few quick steps to run Xrecoder with NoxPlayer:

  1. Download NoxPlayer and follow the prompts to install the app.

  2. Launch NoxPlayer and wait for it to complete its setup process (may take a few minutes).

  3. Click on the Google Play store icon in NoxPlayer and log in to your Google account.

  4. Find and download XRecorder from Google Play and launch it with NoxPlayer.

XRecorder alternative for a PC: Movavi Screen Recorder


Android OS

Windows, macOS

Live drawing features


There’s no version of XRecorder for a PC, but you can use alternative programs, like Movavi Screen Recorder. It’s a robust and versatile screen-recording application with versions available for Mac and PC. The platform allows users to record part or all of their screens by choosing to record a single window or application, a customized area, or full-screen recording. While recording your screen with Movavi Screen Recorder, you can also capture webcam footage and include a video overlay from your webcam in your recording. This is a very popular feature with Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and TikTok creators. Users creating educational videos, tutorials, and presentations appreciate features like live drawing, keystroke and mouse highlighting, and scheduled recordings. Along with creating high-quality screen recordings, Movavi Screen Recorder also includes a set of basic video-editing tools that make it possible to create a fully polished video in a single application.

Key features:

  • Option to record keystrokes and highlight mouse cursor
  • HD and 4K video output for screen recordings
  • Live drawing and other presentation-enhancing features
  • Webcam capture and overlay
  • Basic video-editing tools


  • Quick and easy screen recording with no need for third-party emulators

  • Supports most available video file formats

  • Does not require a third-party app to run on a PC or Mac

  • Includes an extensive library of resources, including tutorials, guides, and videos


  • Doesn’t include some advanced video-editing tools

In summary: Is XRecorder the best screen recorder for you?

If you’re making screen-recording videos on your Android phone, XRecorder is likely a good option. However, if you want to record your screen and create beautiful, professional-looking videos on your PC with XRecorder, it requires a few additional steps. As you consider your options, keep a few things in mind:

  • Do you need to screen-record on a PC? While there are options available to download and run Android apps on your desktop or laptop, XRecorder was specifically designed to be used with Android devices. The app interface is tailored to that user experience, and using it on a desktop may feel clunky and inefficient. Not only that, but it also requires users to find and install additional software.

  • Will you need to edit your videos? XRecorder includes some editing features, but they are very basic. You may find the need to use even more additional software if you’re recording on your PC and want to add features that XRecorder lacks.

  • Do you want to include webcam footage in your videos? XRecorder allows you to use your front-camera while recording, but it doesn’t have the same video overlay features that’s included in software like Movavi Screen Recorder.

Take a moment to answer these questions, and you should have a better idea of which software to use for your next screen recording project. If you’re still not sure, and you’re recording your PC or Mac screen, why not download Movavi Screen Recorder for free?

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