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SWF is a multimedia format initially designed for the Web. Nowadays, it is used quite rarely, but you can still find a lot of SWF content. It might be challenging to open it on your own, since the original software for opening SWF files is discontinued, and support for this format in other programs is limited.

SWF files can contain either vector animations or video, but most modern apps only work with the latter. Thus, the article below is about SWF video alone.

If you want to avoid searching for an app to open SWF, your best option is to convert .swf files to a more accessible format. In this article, you will learn how to convert SWF with Movavi Video Converter, along with some other ways.

How to convert SWF on Windows or Mac with Movavi

Step 1. Install the converter on your computer

Download the SWF converter for Mac or Windows and run the installation file. Then follow the instructions.

Step 2. Add files you want to convert

Launch the program. Click the Add Media button, choose Add Video from the drop-down menu and select an SWF file to convert. Unlike SWF file converter online, Movavi Video Converter allows batch conversion of larger files.

Step 3. Set the output format

You can take an SWF file and convert it to almost any modern video format. For example, click the Video tab, then choose the MP4 format and a preset you see fit.

Step 4. Edit the clip (optional)

Before conversion, you can use editing tools built in the .swf converter. Click the Edit button to open the editing window.

  • Choose Audio to clear out the noise or alter the sound volume.

  • Open the Adjustments tab to change brightness, contrast, and other parameters.

  • On the Effects tab, you will find creative filters for your videos.

  • On the Subtitles and Watermark tabs, you can add subtitles or watermarks.

  • Trim or Crop tabs have tools to cut away unwanted parts of a video.

Step 5. Convert your files

If you want to change the folder where the converted files will be saved, click the Save to button before starting SWF file conversion. To begin the process, hit the Convert button.

This is how you use the SWF file converter from Movavi!

What is SWF?

SWF format was originally designed to store vector animations. An in-depth overview of the format is in the table below.




Small Web Format, formerly ShockWave Format


FutureWave Software, Macromedia, Adobe Systems

Type of content

Vector graphic animation, video



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Frequently asked questions

What is the SWF format?

SWF stands for Small Web Format. An SWF movie can either be a small-sized video or a vector-based animation. It might be tricky to open vector animation in the SWF format on a desktop since the required Adobe® Flash® Player is discontinued. But the SWF video format is still around.

How can I view an SWF file?

Each OS has its own preferable SWF file opener.

For Windows, Adobe® Flash® Player is still one of the best free SWF players. It is no longer supported but still usable.

Elmedia Player will play .swf on Mac.

FlashArch is a good way to open SWF on Linux computers.

And Lightspark will play SWF on Ubuntu.

Can VLC play SWF files?

You can play SWF in VLC if your player version includes the necessary codec and your file is a video, not a vector animation. If you don’t want to delve into the technicalities of VLС, SWF files can be converted by Movavi’s app for your convenience.

Can I view SWF online?

The best way to play an SWF file online is to use a dedicated service, such as Flash Player by Fullstacks.

How can I upload an SWF file to YouTube?

Here’s how to upload an SWF to YouTube:

  1. Convert your SWF clip to a YouTube-compatible format.

    The list of supported formats

  2. Go to the YouTube page and sign in to your account.

  3. Click the Create icon and select the Upload videos option.

  4. Choose your converted clip.

  5. Fill out all required information.

  6. Click the Publish button.

Can I convert SWF with FFmpeg?

Yes, FFmpeg can be used as an SWF format converter. Here is how to convert Flash files with it:

  1. Download FFmpeg from the official website and unzip the archive.

    Download FFmpeg

  2. Add your video file to the folder where you keep the ffmpeg.exe file.

  3. Hold the Shift key and right-click inside that folder. Select Open command or PowerShell window here from the pop-up.

  4. Type the following command for the SWF file you want to convert.

  5. For Command Prompt: ffmpeg -i input.swf output.mp4

  6. For PowerShell: .\ffmpeg -i input.swf output.mp4

  7. Replace input.swf with the name of the file you want to convert. Replace output.mp4 with the name and extension you want the result file to have.

  8. Press Enter to begin the SWF conversion. You will find the new file in the same location as the original.

What is the best SWF converter?

You can use an free SWF converter right here. It is a good option if you have a single small-sized video file to work with. You can also convert to SWF online – the platform works both ways.

Movavi Video Converter for desktop is a good alternative in case the functionality of the SWF converter online is not enough.

Windows SWF converter download

Mac SWF converter download

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Have questions?

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