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How to Record Skype Calls on Mac

Skype is close to being the ideal software for chatting and making video calls. Why only close? It lacks just one really helpful feature - a call recording tool. If you want to save your video conversations on your Mac, you’ll need a third party software product. We recommend Movavi Screen Capture - a powerful program that can capture Skype videos on your Mac, complete with audio track, and save them in a format that works for you. Read this step-by-step guide to get some details on how to record Skype on your Mac.

Step 1: Get the Necessary Apps and Devices

First of all, make sure you have the software and hardware you need:

  • Movavi Skype Recorder for Mac. If you don’t have the software, download and install it.
  • The Soundflower program, available at its Google page. Download Soundflower-1.6.6b.dmg if you have Mac OS X 10.6 or later. If you have an older Mac OS X version, click Show all and choose the appropriate version.
  • An external webcam with a USB microphone. Connect it to your Mac and move to the next step.

Step 2: Set Soundflower as your Output Device

Open the Apple Menu at the top left corner of your screen and click System Preferences. Hit the Sound button to open the Sound Preferences panel. On this panel, select the Output tab and set Soundflower(2ch) as your output device. Note that, once this option is enabled, you will no longer be able to hear sounds playing on your Mac because the sound output is being sent to Soundflower.

Step 3: Turn on the Sound

To be able to hear the voice of the person you’re Skyping with, do the following:

1. Use Finder to locate the Soundflowerbed app and click its icon. You will see it appear in the tray at the top of your screen.

2. Click the icon in the tray and check the Built-in Output option in the Soundflower (2ch) section.

Now the sound will be sent both to Soundflower and your headset.

Step 4: Create an Aggregate Sound Device

An Aggregate Sound Device is a virtual Mac OS device that provides communication between your audio software (the Soundflower app) and the hardware (your USB microphone). To create your Aggregate Device, do the following:

1. Open the Audio Midi Setup window (Applications -> Utilities-> Audio Midi Setup).

2. Click + in the bottom left corner of the window and choose Create Aggregate Device. Click on it to rename the device if you wish.

3. On the right side of the window, you will see a list of available audio devices. Check Soundflower (2ch) and USB Audio Device (this is your external microphone). Note that the name of your USB microphone can be different from this example.

Now you are ready to launch Movavi Screen Capture and start recording your Skype call.

Step 5: Record Your Skype Call

Open the list of recording sources and select the name of the device you created as your Aggregate Device. Now turn to the Skype window and place your call. When the call is answered, adjust a Capture Area to fit the call window and hit the Rec Button in the Screen Capture program interface. Now your call is being recorded. If you want to pause the recording at any time, press Alt+F1 on your keypad. To stop the capture, press Alt+F2. You can also manage the video capture with buttons on the call recorder tool panel.

Step 6: Save Your Skype Video

Once the call recording is complete, a window containing the newly created video will automatically open. Click the Save button to save it on your Mac.

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