How to Mirror an iPhone to Windows 10 [7 Ways]

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What do you do if you need to share your phone screen on a conference call, or while you’re streaming gameplay on a mobile game? When you know how to mirror your iPhone to a Windows 10 PC, you can access your phone’s display on your PC in just a couple of easy steps. Let’s walk through a few ways to do it.


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Special pick: Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an incredibly robust application for recording your screen. The features include drawing on your recording with a pencil, adding shapes, lines, or arrows. Movavi Screen Recorder also empowers users to record their webcam feed and their screen simultaneously. Plus, it has built-in video-editing tools that let you create a fully polished video project without using any third-party apps. While you’re using one of the apps below for screen mirroring your iPhone to Windows 10, consider using this app to record your screencast and create professional-level video projects quickly and easily.

How to mirror an iPhone to a laptop (Windows 10) with AirServer

Best for: Mirroring any mobile device to a desktop or laptop

AirServer is a commercial screen-mirroring app for PCs. It’s great for work, especially with remote teams and video calls where you need to be able to screen-share quickly across devices. Here’s how to mirror an iPhone to a laptop with Windows 10 using AirServer:

  1. Download and install AirServer.
    Download AirServer

  2. Make sure that your computer and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

  3. Access the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (or the top right corner, if you’re using an iPhone with Face ID).

  4. Tap on the AirPlay icon and choose your computer from the list of available receivers.

  5. Your phone display will now be mirrored on your laptop.

How to start screen mirroring an iPhone to Windows 10 with Reflector

Best for: Screen mirroring and live media streaming

Reflector is another paid screen-mirroring desktop app. You can mirror your phone with Reflector by following these steps:

  1. Download Reflector on your computer and follow the installation instructions.

    Download Reflector

  2. Connect your computer and your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

  3. Access the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the screen or down from the upper right corner.

  4. Select the AirPlay icon.

  5. Choose your computer from the AirPlay destinations and toggle screen mirroring on.

  6. Your phone display will start mirroring on your computer immediately.

How to cast an iPhone to Windows 10 with LonelyScreen

Best for: Casting an iOS device screen to a PC or Mac

LonelyScreen is a commercial screen-mirroring tool for your desktop. It will allow you to control the screen on your phone from your desktop and easily transfer files. Mirror your phone to your computer by following these steps:

  1. On your computer, go to to download LonelyScreen.
    Download LonelyScreen

  2. Follow the prompts to install the app and open it on your computer.

  3. Double check that your phone and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

  4. Access the Control Center on your iPhone and tap on Screen Mirroring.

  5. In the list of compatible destinations, you should see LonelyScreen or your computer’s name. Choose either one to start mirroring.

  6. LonelyScreen will begin mirroring your display.

How to screen-mirror an iPhone to Windows 10 with iMyFone MirrorTo

Best for: Mirroring iPhone or Android screens to a PC

iMyFone MirrorTo is a desktop app that turns your computer into a mirroring receiver for almost any iPhone or Android phone. Setting it up and running it just takes a few simple steps:

  1. Download iMyFone MirrorTo from the official website.
    Download iMyFone MirrorTo

  2. Install and launch iMyFone MirrorTo on your computer.

  3. Navigate to the Control Center on your phone.

  4. Tap on Screen Mirroring and choose MirrorTo[imyfone].

  5. Open Settings on your phone and tap Bluetooth.

  6. Select your computer’s name to pair your phone to your computer.

  7. On your computer, select the option to allow iMyFone to access the network.

  8. iMyFone will now start mirroring your phone on your computer.

How to mirror an iPhone with ApowerMirror

Best for: iPhone or Android screen mirroring with audio

ApowerMirror stands out from some of the other mirroring applications on the market today because it includes audio capabilities. It is, however, a commercial application designed for professional use, which means it may be a bit pricey for users on a budget. To use this application, follow these quick steps:

  1. Download and install ApowerMirror on your computer.
    Download ApowerMirror

  2. Go to the App Store on your phone and search for the ApowerMirror app. Then download the app on your phone.

  3. Check that both your phone and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  4. Open the ApowerMirror app on your phone and on your computer.

  5. Access the Control Center and tap on Screen Mirroring or AirPlay

  6. Your phone screen will now be mirrored on your computer.

How to mirror an iPhone with LetsView

Best for: Screen mirroring without a desktop app

LetsView is a free mobile app that allows users to cast their iPhone screens to their computers. If you’re looking for how to mirror an iPhone to Windows 10 without an app on your desktop, this could be the solution for you. To mirror your phone using LetsView, follow these five easy steps:

  1. Download LetsView on your iPhone from App Store.
    Download LetsView

  2. Open the app and choose your computer’s name from the list of available destinations.

  3. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen or down from the top right corner to access the Control Center

  4. Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon and choose Let’sView + [your computer’s name].

  5. Your display will mirror to your computer now.

How to mirror an iPhone with 5KPlayer

Best for: Mirroring and media streaming from an iPhone to a PC or Mac

5KPlayer is another free app that allows users to mirror their iPhone to their desktop or laptop. The process to mirror your phone with 5KPlayer is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download and launch 5KPlayer on your Windows 10 PC.
    Download 5KPlayer

  2. In 5KPlayer, select the AirPlay icon and toggle AirPlay service on.

  3. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.

  4. Navigate to the Control Center on your phone and select Screen Mirroring (or AirPlay).

  5. Choose your computer from the available destinations.

  6. 5KPlayer will now automatically start mirroring your phone screen to your computer.

4 reasons for mirroring an iPhone screen

People project their iPhone displays to their computer screens for multiple reasons. From gaming and streaming to creating presentations and tutorials, mirroring your screen can be immensely useful. Here are just a few of the things you can do when you learn how to cast your iPhone to a Windows 10 laptop or desktop:

1. Easily share your iPhone screen 

When you know how to screen-mirror your iPhone to Windows 10 to stream, you have a powerful tool for your next video call. How often have you needed to share your phone screen on a work call, but you just had to fumble through by holding your phone up to your webcam? It’s awkward and ineffective at best. Instead, just mirror your phone to your laptop or desktop and share your screen on your next call. Then you can show the whole team what they need to see to improve collaboration and streamline work sessions. 

2. Make file transfers quick and easy

Transferring files from your phone to your computer can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Users often resort to things like attaching files to an email and sending them to their own email account. Or, if a file is too big – or if there are multiple files – they might opt for a file transfer protocol (FTP) app that usually costs money and still takes multiple steps and too much time. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you use one of the options above to mirror your phone’s functions to your computer screen, you can easily transfer files directly to your computer without all the hassle. Plus, you get all of the other advantages of mirroring your screen, including the benefits of sharing your phone screen. 

3. Enjoy a better gaming experience

Mobile gaming has gotten incredibly advanced, and some of the games available for iPhones are truly amazing. But playing them on your phone can still be less than ideal. People who spend too much time gaming on their phones will often experience nagging discomfort and pain in their hands and forearms, and even in their neck and back. By using AirPlay and an easy-to-use third-party app, you can relieve the strain on your body, give your eyes a rest with a bigger display and take your whole gaming experience to the next level. And, of course, mirroring also makes it much easier to share the experience online via a screen recording or livestream.

4. Make and edit cool videos with ease

You probably already know that you can take high-quality videos on your phone, and you can even edit them without exporting them to another device. But, much like mobile gaming, mobile video editing can be frustrating. When you try to edit your videos on your phone, you have to work with a small screen and limited functionality. Mirror your phone to your computer, and you can significantly improve your editing experience and the quality of your finished videos.

Summary: How to choose the right iPhone mirroring app

The methods we covered in this article offer multiple options to get the job done, but which one is best for your next video project? To make the choice easier, we recommend asking yourself a few quick questions.

  • Why are you mirroring your phone? If you need to know how to screen-mirror an iPhone to Windows 10 to stream gameplay or give a live presentation, you’ll need different features and functionalities than if you’re mirroring your screen for easier file transfers. Likewise, you should determine if you need to include your phone’s system audio in your screencast, as not all apps include this capability.

  • Do you need to mirror your screen without downloading software on your computer? To mirror your iPhone to your Windows 10 computer, you’ll need a mirroring app installed on either your computer or your phone. If you’re using a public computer or one on which you don’t have download permissions, you’ll want to choose one of the iPhone apps from the list above.

  • How much does the mirroring app cost? Can you afford to allocate some of your video creation budget to a screen-mirroring app, or does it make more sense to go with a free solution and save your money for an app with screen-recording and video-editing capabilities?

  • How easily can you get started mirroring your phone? We tried out each of the top mirroring apps, and they’ll all get the job done. However, some are more intuitive than others. Check out the step-by-step guides above and try out the one that seems like it’ll give you the most user-friendly experience.

Finally, whichever app you choose, if you need to record your session, we definitely recommend using Movavi Screen Recorder. Its live tools and video-editing features make it the go-to platform for video creators, streamers, educators, and online presenters. Check it out!

Frequently asked questions

Can you use AirDrop to transfer files from an iPhone to a PC?

Yes, you can transfer files from your iPhone to your PC with AirDrop. The AirDrop essentially takes the place of Bluetooth for your iOS device, making it possible to conveniently send videos, images, audio files, and other files to your PC from your iPhone.

Can you use a USB cable to mirror your iPhone to a PC?

Yes, in most cases, you can use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC and mirror its display. However, this method will not work with all applications. Likewise, you may need to consider how many USB ports you have available, and if you need to use them for other applications or devices. For some purposes, it makes sense to mirror your iPhone with a USB cable, but for many instances, it’s more convenient to use a mirroring application like the ones we’ve discussed in this article.

Can you mirror your screen when your phone or computer is offline?

In most cases, you will need to connect your phone and your computer to the same Wi-Fi network, or you may need to connect your computer to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot. Some applications allow users to mirror their screens with a USB connection, and you may be able to accomplish this offline. However, most of the time, you will need to have a dependable internet connection to mirror your screen.

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