How to Record Skype Calls [2 Easy Ways]

  1. Download Movavi Screen Recorder.
  2. Adjust the recording settings.
  3. Record your Skype meeting.
  4. Share the result using one of the options available.

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It’s important to know how to record Skype calls. Whether it is an important video call, a lecture, or a meeting, there are lots of reasons to use a Skype screen recorder. So, how can you record Skype calls?

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Movavi Screen Recorder opens up a world of possibilities with your recorded video, it has a built-in editing function so you can trim and make other edits to your video. It’s simple to use on Windows and Mac, and the Skype screen recorder lets you capture and record Skype conversations without recording unwanted extras from your screen.

How to record Skype video calls using a built-in Skype recording feature

Best for: convenient recording without installation

OS: Windows, macOS

Price: free

The Skype recording feature lets you store the video on the cloud for 30 days and download them to your device, too. You can even share them with others. The good thing about recording directly within Skype is that you don’t need any added equipment or downloads. It’s pretty straightforward.

You can make call recordings on either your desktop, laptop, or your mobile. You can also record at any time during the call session. Use this step-by-step guide to show you how to record a Skype video call in a few clicks.

Step 1. Start a Skype call

A Skype call can be made on both your mobile devices and computer once you’ve downloaded the Skype app. Start the call when you’re ready.

Step 2. Start recording

Recording can be started at the beginning of the call or at any time during the call. If you’re making a Skype call from your desktop or laptop, click the More button on the right-hand bottom of your screen. From the menu, select the Start recording option.

When using your mobile during a Skype call, look on your phone screen for the Start recording option. You’ll see it easily enough at the bottom of your mobile screen. Tap on it, and this will start the recording.

A banner will pop up when you’re recording, whether you’re using your computer or mobile. This notifies other callers that the session is being recorded.

Step 3. Stop recording

When the call session has ended, you can click on Stop recording. You can also simply end the call, and the recording will automatically stop as well.

How Skype call recording works

Save, view, and share your videos in the Skype screen recorder

Save your recording

Once the call has ended, the recording is finalized. It gets posted to your chat, and you can view it anytime for the next 30 days. You can also share it with any of your contacts during this period.

Everyone else on the call can also save the recording for later viewing and sharing within the 30-day period.

View recorded files in a folder

The files are stored on the cloud by default. You can click the menu button as you did with the recording, and then select Show in Folder to locate the file on your device.

Share the call

To share a recording from your computer, select the Forward tab from the More button. The Forward tab gives you a list of suggested contacts you can share your call recording with.

Save to Downloads folder

You can also save your Skype video call recording by downloading it. This can be done on your desktop, laptop, and your mobile devices.

To save a call recording done on your computer, go to your chat. Click on the More tab. Select the Save to "Downloads" option. The recording will be saved in your Downloads folder.

You can also save the recording to one of your folders on your computer. Simply click Save as and pick the folder you wish to save the recording in. Your recording will be saved in an MP4 format.

Delete recordings

Recordings appear automatically in the chat after they are made. If you need to delete recordings, click the three-dot menu option next to the recording. Click Remove, and you can then choose to delete videos. Check the boxes next to the recordings that come up and hit Delete to get rid of them.

Save and share recordings on mobile

To save a call recording made on your mobile, navigate to chat. Tap on the recorded call and hold. A menu will be displayed, and you can tap on Save. Your recording will download and automatically be saved as an MP4 file in your gallery.

When sharing a recording from your mobile device, tap and hold the call. Tap Forward from the options available. When you see Forward Message, select the contacts you wish to share the recording with and click Send at the top of your screen.

How to record Skype conversations with the alternative – Movavi Screen Recorder

Best for: multiple recording and editing options

OS: Windows, macOS

Price: free trial, $44.95 for a year

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5, 48 reviews

Movavi Screen Recorder makes it so simple to capture all your Skype calls on Windows and Mac. What’s more, you can use it to upload videos to YouTube and Google, share screenshots via social media, and make your videos more engaging by drawing on the video during recording. You also have the option of recording sounds from your computer or microphone without screen recording.

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best ways to cut and convert your recordings. This optional feature allows you to remove any segment of the call you don’t want to keep. You can convert audio calls to an MP3 file easily too.

To learn more about the Movavi Skype recorder, follow the link below.

Read about Movavi’s Skype call recorder

Key features:

  • Capture mouse cursor and keyboard input to explain complex content in easy-to-follow detail
  • Record screen and webcam in HD and 4K to capture all details of your Skype calls
  • Use noise reduction to get crispy clear audio for your videos
  • Ready to customize footage and create videos on the go
  • Schedule recording of live events and webinars – even when you’re away – and watch your saved videos later


  • Ramp up productivity with this digital media capture tool
  • Draw notes, shapes, and figures on videos in real time for easier explanation
  • Upload your videos to YouTube and Google Drive right from the app to streamline your work environment


  • Choose a subscription plan to use the program’s full potential

Step 1. Install the Skype recorder on your PC

Download the free program from our website. Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the video call recorder.

Step 2. Adjust the recording parameters

Launch the Skype video recorder. Select the recording option on the pre-recording panel and position the recording frame over the Skype window. The frame may also be manually resized later. You can record your Skype call in full-screen mode (in HD) by stretching the frame over the entire screen.

When the main recording panel appears, the System Audio and Microphone icons should be highlighted in green. This tells you that the call recorder will capture both the sound of your voice and the other person’s voice in the conversation. You can choose an audio input device by opening the list above the Microphone icon and clicking on the appropriate device from the list.

Step 3. Capture your Skype session

To make a recording of a Skype call, click the REC button. The recording process can be controlled by clicking on the Pause or Stop buttons in the program interface. You can also use the compact control bar, which can be found on top of the capture frame.

Using the hotkeys is another option available to you:

  • If you have Windows, press F9 to pause/resume recording and F10 to end the capture process.
  • On a Mac, press   1 and   2, respectively.

As soon as the recording stops, your video will be automatically saved in MKV format and will open in the preview window.

Movavi Screen Recorder can also be used as an MP3 Skype recorder. If you need to record a Skype audio-only, capture your call as described above. Convert the file to an MP3 file as described in the next step.

Step 4. Cut and convert the recording (optional)

You can cut out unnecessary sections by positioning the marker at the beginning of the unwanted part of the video. Click on the Scissors button, set the markers at the beginning and the end of the unwanted segment, and click the Trash Can icon to delete it. Repeat if necessary.

Click Export to continue. You can choose a format for your recorded video by selecting one of the format options. Choose MP3 to save your audio recording file and MP4 for video recordings. Click the Save button.

Easy ways to record Skype calls

  1. Built-in Skype recording feature – convenient recording without installation
  2. Movavi Screen Recorder – best for video and audio capture


Ultimately, it is up to you to choose between the built-in Skype call recorder and Movavi. Knowing how to record Skype video calls means evaluating the following:

  • Compatibility. Does the recorder work with your device or app? It’s important to check the device’s compatibility.

  • Features. Some find that Skype’s inbuilt features aren’t enough, as they look to edit the video itself.

  • Reviews. Do the products have good reviews and a popular online presence?

  • Ease of use. It shouldn’t be hard to learn how to record Skype calls. Movavi Screen Recorder keeps things simple.


Best for



Convenient recording without installation

Skype videos are only kept for 30 days on the cloud

Multiple recording and editing options

You need to install the program

Movavi Screen Recorder

The perfect way to record anything from your screen

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

Movavi Screen Recorder

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