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Best College Apps for Students

Edited by Ben Jacklin
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Life as a college student can be tedious all thanks to the numerous assignment and studies. There is a need to incorporate accuracy with effectiveness to ace your examinations. It can also be fun when you balance your social life with academics. To do this, you may need to download some study apps to manage time effectively. Every college student needs applications that would increase their productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, track classes, assignments, and other jobs. We have compiled the best apps for college students to ease your worry.

Best Apps for College Students

iStudiez Pro

Being a college student, you have to juggle several school works and other life pursuits. iStudiez Pro is one of the best college apps for studying and effective time management. iStudiez Pro is free and available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It helps you to plan and track your schedule, assignments, and class. Also, you can synchronize its calendar with another applications calendar. You can have an overview of all your saves content and organize it on a semester basis. You can as well upgrade to the premium version to enjoy better features.


Evernote is one of the essential college apps you need to achieve great productivity as a student. It is one of the must-have apps to get past the walls of several class notes. Evernote is useful for a student to organize their notes into one place. Also, you may include audios, images as well as other valuable attachments. Evernote has both a free version and a premium version available at $34.99 per annum. It is available on Android and iOS.

StudyBlue Flashcards

StudyBlue is one of the best apps for college students to create their note as well as compact the several records in one source. StudyBlue helps you to prepare well for your exam through its enormous content bank. It is an educational app for college students with which you can study and learn anywhere to increase your CGPA. It also eases you of several discomforts.


SelfControl is an effective guard that could provide the caution you need for maximum attention. It also helps you to maintain focus while you study. As a college student, you may be a social media addict who would love to be surf through the internet to post your pictures or like that if others while you study. SelfControl shuts the door against unwanted disturbance from some websites that could make you lose focus. It is available for Mac.


Todoist work as both a social app and a powerful learning app for students to help manage a task, assignment, and projects effectively. Todoist gives you the chance to handle your job, projects both when you're online and offline. Besides, you can create sub-tasks to ensure the success of your project; marking a room for creating for both long term and short-term goals. Also, you can form a team to solve a task. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.


myHomework is not just a regular study app. It helps you to organize your notes, a task as well as give you a prompt notification about an upcoming mission. myHomework helps you to keep a tab on both the present and the future. You can track class, assignments, tests, and projects all on your mobile device. myHomework increases your efficiency and effectiveness; hence, a better GPA. Although there is a free version, you can upgrade to the premium version for $4.99 per year.


Brainscape is one of the powerful applications that would be helpful for your study. Either you download a pre-made card or create your customized card with unique content, you are guaranteed excellence at the end of your research. Brainscape does not only promote active learning, but it also reinforces it with superb repetition to augment productivity. It is one of the best apps every college student need for good studying of all subjects; Math, English, and other courses.

Quizlet Go

Quizlet Go offers one of the top applications that give you a test of the 21st-century technology. Quizlet Go is a primetime learning app for both students and teachers who want to get better. Quizlet has millions of resource materials for teachers to access and get powerful lessons from which they can impact students with up-to-date information. College students cans also have access to the eight Quizlets study modes and boost their academic grades. You can access topics written in both words and diagrams.


Staying focus is a necessity if success is your aim. However, this may be easy as several distractions would pop up. You may also have to juggle several needs as well as visit friends. You need some study apps to help you to keep distractions below the bar and increase focus and productivity. Forest represents the focus time you give to your ideas with a tree that is expected to grow. The more focus time you give to your plan, the more your tree grows. However, Forest also regulates your activities such that the tree could die if you're careless towards it. Besides, you stand the chance of getting a tree planted in real life if you earn enough coins. Forest is available for free and $2 for a one-time purchase for iPhone and iPad.


Grammarly is the king of grammatical professionalism. In this era of digital evolution, you need to stay on top of your game while expressing yourself to get your lecturer attention. Grammarly helps to run a check on all lexis. It searches for accuracy in word usage, ensures the correct usage of articles, punctuations, spellings as well as make professional suggestions for possible changes. Grammarly is a must-have app for college students who want to ace their exam. It would help you to gain confidence while expressing yourself.


TinyScan is one of the essential study apps you need for college life. The world is fast evolving. There is a swift change from the manual and paper mode of saving data and information to an electronic format. While you may have applications that could collect data electronically, you need at least one college life app to convert your paperwork to an electronic format. TinyScan gives you the chance to convert paperwork to electronic form as well as alter it before sending it through mail to your fav destination. TinyScan is a mobile scanner that you can use to scan documents.

Your life as a college student can be both fun and academic fulfilling if you possess the right study apps. While you may have several social media apps on your phone to relax and catch fun, I recommend that you save some space for some learning apps like the Movavi Academic, Grammarly, Todoist, iStudiez Pro and several others. These apps would significantly increase your productivity.

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