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Looking for a powerful screen recorder? Movavi Screen Recorder is an excellent alternative to FlashBack Express and Pro.

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With so many complicated screen recorders on the market, FlashBack Express Recorder offers something refreshing. Its straightforward interface and streamlined settings make it a solid alternative to popular choices like OBS Studio. Here’s our FlashBack Express review!

Comparison parameter

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Pro

No watermark or time limit

Recording scheduler


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FlashBack Screen Recorder review


  • Has no time limits or watermarks

  • Can add external audio commentary and schedule recordings

  • Records from multiple sources

  • Has a clear interface

  • Provides a recording scheduler


  • Need to upgrade to the paid Pro version for the full feature range

  • Only works on Windows

  • Offers limited file output options with Express

  • Limits the recording size to 720p


Developed by Blueberry Software, Flashback Screen Recorder allows users to capture video, audio, and snapshots of their computer screen and save it in a common-use format.

The FlashBack recorder is free and makes it easy to share to popular vide-sharing sites. Plus, it features an easy-to-use interface, making it a popular choice for users who need a simple yet effective screen-recording solution.


But the FlashBack Express's interface is far less daunting for those inexperienced with producing quality screen recordings. To make a basic recording, select whether to capture from your screen (full display, a particular window, or a customized region) or webcam, choose an audio source, and click the Record button. It’s that simple.


Outside of the easy-to-use interface, the FlashBack video recorder isn’t as feature-rich as its free competitor, OBS Studio. But it packs a lot for a free download.

  • Recording your screen and webcam. Users can record their computer, webcam, multiple monitors, along with internal sound or a mic. It’s also possible to record a webcam and your screen at the same time.

  • Customizing. Additional options include customizing the recording resolution, using a plain desktop background, hiding icons, and restricting recording file size.

  • Setting the video quality. You can define the FPS for game recordings, choose the recording quality, or let FlashBack Express determine these settings itself. 

  • Scheduling your recording. A huge bonus feature is the program’s recording scheduler, which we’ll detail in the next section.

User experience

With no license key needed for activation, the BB FlashBack Express download is ready to record as soon as you finish installation. 

However, the top user experience element for FlashBack Express is its scheduled recording feature. This allows you to start your screen capture at a specific time and date or when launching a particular program.

The feature prevents you from recording yourself when starting the recorder or when you open a game or program you want to capture. You can also automatically stop the recording after a set period or when the program being recorded is closed to avoid the creation of massive, unmanageable video files.

Despite being less robust than its paid counterpart FlashBack Pro, FlashBack Express is a superb screen recorder – and it's free.

Video editing

After you record your video, the program will store it within the application. From there, you can access the editing tools and double-click the file you want to work on. 

However, ‘edit’ in this case means ‘trim’ because that’s the only editing feature available on FlashBack Express. You can trim the start or end of your recording, and that’s it. There are no options for track editing or transitions.


Sharing your FlashBack Express videos on YouTube is a breeze, thanks to the direct YouTube upload feature. You can also save your files to Google Drive, DropBox, and to your computer to share however you need. 

However, FlashBack Express only allows exports of MP4, AVI or WMV files. If you prefer to save your video in a different file format, you'll need a separate video-editing or conversion software. Also, worth noting is FlashBack Express has a video quality export cap of 720p.


Overall, FlashBack Express performs as it should. The screen selector allows you to capture a specific area, your entire screen, or a webcam with ease – and simultaneously. And you can record internal audio or a mic as needed. 

As with most programs, there are occasional bugs. Some reported you had to play a video before saving it at one point. But overall, FlashBack Express has top marks from most users.

Video and audio quality

Although FlashBack Pro can record HD and up to 4K, FlashBack Express limits exports at 720p. So you won’t be able to access the genuine quality of your screen, even if you have a high-end setup. This may be okay for most users looking to just quickly upload a video to YouTube. But users who need high-quality videos will need to opt for the paid version or find an alternative.


Flashback Express is completely and totally free, and offers unlimited video recording with no watermarks. However, you can only export up to 720p and there are limited file type options.

How to use BB FlashBack Express

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install and use FlashBack Express:

Step 1. Download and install the program

Download FlashBack Express at their official site by clicking the Download button.

Download FlashBack Express

Step 2. Adjust the recording settings

Open FlashBack Express and select the area of the screen you want to record. You can choose to record the full screen or a specific region. Choose whether to record audio from your microphone or the system audio.

Step 3. Record your screen

Click the Start recording button. When you're finished recording, click the Stop button. The recording can be found under the Videos tab on the main screen.

FlashBack Express screen recorder alternative


FlashBack Express

Movavi Screen Recorder

Recording scheduler

Runs on Windows and macOS

Video quality


Up to 4K

Best for: users who need a screen recorder with an easy-to-use interface and robust tool set

OS: Windows and macOS

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5, 50 reviews

FlashBack Express is one of many top-tier screen-recording programs available. Since you’re comparing both FlashBack screen recording solutions, consider Movavi Screen Recorder. Here are some key features found in Movavi Screen Recorder:

  • Record at up to 4K. Movavi Screen Recorder allows users to record and save videos in both Full HD and 4K.
  • Show keystrokes and mouse and draw on videos. Highlight and draw attention to specific parts of your screen during recording using Movavi's drawing tools. You can also show keystrokes and mouse movements to illustrate workflows and add value to your videos.
  • Record your webcam. Record videos or still images directly from your webcam using Movavi Screen Recorder. Additionally, you can capture both webcam footage and screen recordings at the same time.
  • Record only audio. With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can record audio-only files, allowing you to create separate voice-overs.
  • Annotate. Add text, highlights, arrows, shapes, and figures to make your video more helpful.
  • Use basic video-editing tools. Cut out unwanted fragments, make your video shorter.
  • Schedule recordings. Never miss an important presentation or video recording again with Movavi's scheduling feature, which enables you to set dates and time limits for recordings in advance.
  • Convert and share your recording. The video is saved in MKV by default, but you can convert it to MP4, MOV, and other popular formats. You can also share the result to YouTube and Google Drive directly from the app.


With this review of FlashBack Express, you have the information you need to determine if it’s right for your screen-recording needs. 

The platform has a solid interface, and it’s one of the few free recording programs that has a scheduler as a key, unpaid feature. As you research whether FlashBack Express is right for you, think about these items:

  • Price. If more features aren’t in your budget, consider whether FlashBack has the baseline feature you need to get the job done. It’s a free program, after all. 

  • Editing. The program only allows you to trim the beginning or the end of your video. This is a deal-breaker for anyone looking for solid editing functionality. 

  • Quality. FlashBack Express only allows you to export at 720p. If you need HD or 4K, then you need to find an alternative. 

While you consider your screen-recording needs, download Movavi Screen Recorder and try it for free – it has a ton of features and easy sharing included.

Movavi Screen Recorder

The perfect way to record anything from your screen

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

Movavi Screen Recorder

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