15 Best Screen Recorders with Facecam [2024]

  • Record screen and webcam simultaneously

  • Create tutorials and screencasts

  • Share your videos easily

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A screen recorder with facecam functionality is great for making videos for YouTube and other uses. We’ve created a list of top screen recording software that includes a facecam.

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Best facecam screen recorders for a Windows PC

  • Price: free trial, $44.95/year, or $59.95 for the lifetime version

Movavi Screen Recorder gives you lots of different parameters to choose between, and the option to make a recording of one specific area of your screen. As well as taking quality screen grabs, this can act as a screen and face recorder, using your camera to capture you talking to your audience as well as whatever is happening on the screen itself.

Key features:

  • Overlay the webcam preview and change its size and shape
  • Capture keystrokes and mouse actions to explain complex content in easy-to-follow detail
  • Record in Full HD or 4K and customize your screencasts with editing tools
  • Draw shapes and notes on video to guide viewer’s attention to the elements
  • Reduce background noise your mic picks up and get crisp, clear sound in your videos 
  • Take partial or scrolling screenshots in a couple of clicks


  • Excellent for making presentations as you can show your face, what’s on the screen, and things like annotations and keystrokes

  • The editing functions are quick and easy to get the hang of

  • Exceptional, high definition video recording


  • Get access to all the features in the full version of the program

EaseUS RecExperts

Best for: a simple free screen recorder with facecam
  • Price: free version, $19.95 for the full version

Key features:

  • Option to choose a part of your screen to record
  • Output to a number of different formats
  • Option to record as a GIF file
  • Some simple editing functions

This is a good option if you want to find a free screen recorder with a facecam option, but you aren’t too worried about making long videos. It cuts off some of its functionality after five minutes of use. For the time you can use it though, it is great, and it has some impressive options such as streaming video and capturing audio from multiple sources.

Follow the link below to download EaseUS RecExperts:

Go to the program’s website


  • Great game recorder for making highlights and short videos

  • Relatively simple interface

  • A totally free option for those who want to make short clips


  • Free version watermarks and limits the recording to five minutes

  • Limited editing functionality


Best for: live chroma key video
  • Price: free trial, $39.95 for the full version

Key features:

  • Record from external devices that are connected to your computer
  • The option to schedule recordings
  • Easy green screen options to change your background live
  • Draw and use click effects to outline your point

This Windows-only software has some cool features and functions when you consider the fact that it is free under the Shareware license for videos up to 10 minutes. It’s also great for streaming and making live videos with edits on the fly, as you can use effects including chroma key (green screen) while you make the video. Bandicam does have a premium version to take away the watermark and unlock some features.

Follow the link below to download Bandicam:

Go to the program’s website


  • Simple to download and start using the software

  • Lots of annotations make it much easier to give presentations


  • Watermarks the videos if you use the shareware version

  • No option to use it on Mac

Best screen and face recorders for a Mac

QuickTime Player

Best for: free screen recording for Mac users
  • OS

    Mac and Windows

  • Price


Key features:

  • Updated and supported by Apple
  • Already installed on Apple devices
  • The option to show your mouse clicks in the recording

QuickTime is known as a video viewer, but it is also possible to use it as a screen recorder with audio and facecam functions. It’s a little more complicated to set up than some other options as it is not made as a game recorder or the sort of software you’d use to make complex videos. Instead, it gives you a simple and effective tool that is free, without any watermarks.

Follow the link below to download QuickTime Player:

Go to the program’s website


  • No need to download and install if you have a Mac

  • Quick and easy to use without any confusing functions or messy layouts

  • Record videos as long as you like for free


  • Very limited editing options

  • Can be awkward to set up a facecam video

OBS Studio

Best for: live mixing
  • TechRadar rating
  • OS

    Mac, Windows, Linux

  • Price


Key features:

  • Set up an unlimited number of scenes to change the configuration at the click of a button
  • Mix audio and video in real time
  • Add VST plugins for audio effects
  • A huge number of output options

OBS is really built with streamers in mind, and it functions as production software allowing you to switch between audio and video sources easily on the fly during a live video. You can use it to capture video, too, so it isn’t just for streamers.

The facecam screen recorder can be set up in a few different ways and you can choose to connect an external camera and use this if you wish. The free software is backed by sponsors and it is very powerful, but it can also be tough to get the hang of.

Follow the link below to download OBS Studio:

Go to the program’s website


  • A powerful suite to stream and create videos with lots of transitions

  • Totally free and regularly updated


  • Not easy for beginners to get the hang of

  • Requires more setup and forward-planning to use this as a screen and face recorder

Debut Video Capture

Best for: color and video effects
  • TechRadar rating
  • OS

    Mac, Windows

  • Price

    free version, $24.99 for the full version

Key features:

  • Easily add timestamps and text on top of videos
  • Schedule recordings as required
  • Record to many formats including AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, MOV, and more
  • A simple green screen tool

Debut Video Capture has some great inbuilt options to add effects and alter the look and sound of your video, but the interface itself feels a little dated. One plus point is the fact that this is pretty affordable, so it doesn’t require a huge investment to get rid of watermarks and use the software to its full potential.

Follow the link below to download Debut Video Capture:

Go to the program’s website


  • Relatively affordable to buy the full software

  • Easy to make tweaks to brightness and color settings


  • The interface feels a bit dated

  • To use the editing features you need to buy a specific editor by the brand

Screen recorders with audio and facecam for Linux


Best for: free Linux software

Key features:

  • Some basic special effects include mirror, invert, negative, mono, pieces and particles
  • Use inbuilt or external video sources
  • Takes up very little hard drive space
  • Support for a number of movie and still image files

This is incredibly simple and lightweight software. It has a small file size, and while some of the functions are basic it has all you need to use as a facecam screen recorder.

Guvcview has been around for almost 15 years now, and it has been used as a still and video capture option and facecam app for Linux software, but it also gives you the option to screen record and layer videos together. It’s got a simple interface and doesn’t take long to master.

Follow the link below to download Guvcview:

Go to the program’s website


  • Free, with a good network of users and support

  • Makes a simple control panel for your video capture


  • Limited features and not as many effects as many screen recorders with facecam

  • No real editing functions


Best for: flexible sound inputs
  • OS


  • Price


Key features:

  • Captures in WebM format
  • Captures from multiple audio and video sources
  • Source code is available to edit and upgrade

This is another very simple piece of software that allows you to capture your screen contents, including a live feed of your facecam.

It links well with PulseAudio, so if you have audio inputs including audio interfaces connected to this then you can use them as a way to capture sound from lots of different sources. Kazam can be a bit limited, but it is a free and simplistic screen recorder with a facecam and no worries about watermarking.

Follow the link below to download Kazam:

Go to the program’s website


  • Lots of chances to add audio inputs and video inputs

  • A good community of users who may answer any questions you have

  • Free of charge


  • No editing options

  • No easy effects to add


Best for: capturing multiple webcams
  • OS


  • Price


Key features:

  • Linux builds for different systems including Ubuntu
  • Lots of interesting effects
  • Countdown mode
  • The option to use multiple sources

If you think of software like Snapchat, but for your Linux system, you will get a rough idea of what Cheese can do. It adds a lot of fun effects and video and still image options. As you can record from different sources it is one of the best screen recorders with facecam if you’re using the Linux system. It also gives you the chance to plug multiple cameras in and use these as different sources.

Follow the link below to download Cheese:

Go to the program’s website


  • Free of charge

  • Easy to share video to social media


  • Not as good for professional videos like presentations

  • No option for gestures and click tracking

Best online screen recorders

  • Price: free version, $9.95/month or $39.95/year for the full version

Key features:

  • Totally secure online capture
  • Multiple inputs including webcams for face recording
  • Choose your sound and connect a microphone if needed
  • Upgrade to remove watermark

This facecam screen recorder doesn’t require any sort of download, and with a watermark, it is also usable free of charge. There are some simple editing features and functions included and the chance to choose your video and audio input.

You can take screenshots, trim the video, and even share it directly from the site in which you’ve captured it. It all takes place right there in your browser.


  • Super simple capture and editing from multiple sources

  • Easy interface

  • Totally secure with no issues around privacy


  • There is a watermark on the videos without an upgrade


Best for: adding captions and transcription
  • Price: free version, $12/month for the full version

Key features:

  • Totally browser-based
  • Select from numerous video and audio inputs
  • Upload sections of video and use this as a video editor
  • Easily transcribe and translate videos

VEED.IO is another browser-based option for capturing videos from your screen and including your webcam. It’s not a cheap way to do things if you want to access the full package, as the monthly and yearly subscriptions are more than most, but the software has some cool features.

As well as an inbuilt editing suite, there’s the chance to add subtitles and automatic captions to your videos, and to use a variety of different layouts for your screen recording. VEED.IO also makes it easy to create presentation-style videos that look really professional, all inside your browser.

Follow the link below to access VEED.IO:

Go to the website


  • A simple layout that takes no time to get used to

  • A lot of templates to choose from


  • The transcribe and translate functions aren’t 100% accurate

  • Not the most affordable option

Best screen recording extensions

Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome

Best for: free, unrestricted capture
  • Rating

    3.7/5 stars, 13 reviews

  • OS

    Mac or Windows

  • Price: free version, $9.95/month for the full version

Key features:

  • Record long videos and as many as you want
  • Simple to install and launch within Chrome
  • Totally secure with no browser data scanning
  • Outputs in MP4 format
  • Captures HD video with facecam

If you are looking for a way to capture video for free within your browser, including using your facecam, then Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome is a good option. It’s totally secure, and all you need to do to start using it is to download the Chrome plugin. Unlike some competing models, this also does not have any time restrictions, though you do need to create an account if you want to get rid of the watermark.

Follow the link below to access Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome:

Go to the extension page


  • Incredibly fast and simple to use

  • Lightweight install that doesn’t slow down your browser


  • Watermarked unless you pay for the full version


Best for: quick video sharing
  • Rating

    4.7/5 stars, 10,039 reviews

  • OS

    Mac or Windows

  • Price: free version, $8/month for the business license

Key features:

  • Record screen, camera, and numerous audio sources
  • Notifications when people react with your video
  • Download your recordings easily
  • Use the Loom web app to trim and edit the video you create

Loom has become a way to share messages quickly and easily, and it is used by a number of companies and individuals to do exactly that. There’s a free version, but you need to pay to make unlimited videos. You can also use Loom via an app and all of your videos can be stored and shared as required.

Follow the link below to access Loom:

Go to the extension page


  • Simple to use

  • Easy sharing and collaboration including comments and replies

  • A widely-used app


  • Not free unless you want to create videos less than five minutes long

Best facecam apps for a smartphone

AZ Screen Recorder

Best for: recording Android gaming videos
  • Rating

    4.5/5 stars, 1.5M reviews

  • OS


  • Price: free with in-app purchases

Key features:

  • Record internal and external sound
  • Use your front-facing camera as a facecam
  • Record screen as a GIF
  • The option to record gestures using screen drawing

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the simplest ways to make videos such as Android gaming videos and reaction videos right there on your device with no need for annoying added extras. It’s free, but some features are hidden behind a paywall.

Follow the link below to download AZ Screen Recorder:

Go to Google Play


  • Easy to get the hang of recording

  • One of the simplest ways to record Android gameplay

  • Simple facecam app

  • Make simple edits within the app


  • Some features are behind a paywall

Record it!

Best for: Apple screen recorder app
  • Rating

    4.6/5 stars, 276.1K reviews

  • OS


  • Price

    Free with in-app purchases

Key features:

  • Easy to personalize and change where the facecam appears
  • Includes a free editor
  • Add filters and change the canvas background
  • Capture HD video with facecam

Record It! is an intuitive Apple app that can be used on both your iPad and your iPhone. It’s flexible, and you can use it to add audio over the top of videos and to add your reaction over an app or a YouTube video.

Follow the link below to download Record it!:

Go to the App Store


  • Enhances the functionality of an iPad or iPhone camera

  • Easy to organize all of your recordings in one place


  • Requires M1 chip

  • Some of the features require in-app purchases


Best for


Free Linux software

Secure online screen capture

How to record facecam with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder

Download the program from our website. Run the downloaded file and install the recorder on your device.

Step 2. Adjust your settings

To set the capture parameters before you start recording, click Preferences on the sidebar. You can choose to include a webcam recording among other settings such as the output folder for your recordings.

Step 3. Check that facecam is on and start recording

Now you can click the Screen recording button. With your mouse or trackpad, you can draw the frame to select the area you wish to record. Make sure that the Webcam is turned on to show your facecam.

Step 4. Record your video

Now click the REC button to start to record, there’s a quick three-second countdown before it starts. When you’re finished, simply press Stop.

Step 5. Edit and export

You can use your cursor to select any areas you want to remove and then choose Cut. Repeat as needed. You can also choose a part you want to remove and hit Delete fragment if you want to get rid of a section of a video.

Finally, click Export. In the dialog box, you will get some simple exporting options including the output folder. Choose the options you want and continue with the export.

Best facecam recorders

  1. Movavi Screen Recorder – best for video and audio capture
  2. Guvcview – free Linux software
  3. Screen Capture – best for recording your slides online
  4. EaseUS RecExperts – asimple free screen recorder with facecam
  5. Bandicam – best for recording videos and gameplay on a PC or Xbox
  6. QuickTime Player – best for users who want an all-in-one recorder and player
  7. OBS Studio – suitable for live broadcasting on Windows/Mac/Linux
  8. Debut Video Capture – best for adding video effects on Mac or Windows
  9. Kazam – flexible sound inputs
  10. Cheese – best for capturing multiple webcams
  11. VEED.IO – extra features
  12. Movavi Screen Recorder for Chrome – simple browser capture in Chrome
  13. Loom – suitable for sharing and commenting using a browser extension
  14. AZ Screen Recorder – no time limit (mobile app)
  15. Record it! – great video filters


To choose the best screen recorders with facecam you need to make sure you have considered a number of features and functions, these include:

  • Usability: This includes compatibility with your device, and how simple it is to use the actual screen recorder. If you want to find the best screen recorder with a facecam, you don’t want to spend hours trying to work out how to use it.

  • Features: Does it have the features and functions you need? For instance, do you need an editor included so you can trim your video, or will you be doing this on another piece of software? Do you need it to capture in HD? Work out what you’re actually going to require from the screen recorder, so you don’t end up disappointed.

  • Price: You need something that fits your budget. If you can get something that has either a free plan or a free trial, then you can test it without having to part with any money at all.

  • Support and online community: A lot of screen recorders have the support of the developers, so if you have an issue, you can contact them. However, a lot of the free options and the Linux screen recorders with facecam options don’t have a lot of developer support. Instead, they have some pretty good online communities where you can find FAQs and support.

Movavi Screen Recorder

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

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