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Best Websites to Download Free Collage Templates From

Edited by Ben Jacklin

Making a photo collage is no doubt an excellent way to manage a set of memories into a beautiful bouquet of images. That’s the main reason why free collage templates are sought these days. Not just free picture collage template is practical, but they can also be a way to express your artistic creativity.

In the past, making a collage needed trimming and ruining your picture to fit them into one shape. Nonetheless, with a computer, and the right heart photo collage template, you can easily make and remake your memories into a series of various patterns.

Now, if you are searching for the best birthday collage template to use, this post is perfect for you! We will present you with the best websites to download collage templates and how you can download them.

Let’s get started! But before we continue to list the best free collage templates, allow us to present you a few good reasons why you need to make a photo collage.

Taking advantage of best websites to download collage templates from

Have you ever dreamt of being an artist but cannot draw more than a single decent stick figure? Perhaps you are one of those types of people. However today, there are many alternatives to paint and canvas. With the help of a computer, it’s now possible to make art in the form of collage.

You can make collages of almost anything, but the most sought-after options are from photos of your friends and family, or to celebrate a holiday. You could put as many images together in the same layout as you wish, blend them, or resize them.

If that sounds too technical for you, then give the task to free photo collage templates to make a unique layout for you. A professionally-made photo collage could be the loveliest thing ever!

But, do not stop there as there is a website where you can make a collage of pictures. They will not just create your collage layout, but they will turn it into a Jigsaw Puzzle for you. That makes it a truly wonderful gift for someone close to you or a memento to hang on your wall.

Best free photo collage templates

You will find lots of family collage template online that can help you in making awesome looking image collage. They only take minutes to download and make. All you need are your images that are to be uploaded and then you can make a collage effortlessly.

Here, we will share some of the websites where you can make a collage of pictures that you must keep in your disposal at all times.


PosterMyWall is an online-based promotional video design, graphics, and poster software. Some of its features include video and mockup collage free, custom fonts, Getty stock collection, free stock options and so much more.

The website specializes in quality downloads and prints and also provides social media post templates for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media marketing platforms. The good thing about this free photo collage template platform is making a design a breeze for concerts, retail promotions, businesses, sports team and so much more.

You can easily invite other people to edit and comment on designs. Ultimately, PosterMyWall works on tablets, computers and even smartphones allowing users to make those last minute adjustments on the go. You can pick or upload images, Flickr images, clip-art, and backgrounds.

To download free, you need to open your design in the editor itself. Then, click the Download button. Choose the Free option for the basic quality PNG/JPG of your photo. With PosterMyWall, you can also download a high-resolution file and print it locally.


Freepik is another Christmas photo collage template that will unleash your creative side. It is an infographic software which offers a search engine of free vector designs. This website provides users with quality designs which boast graphics resources and high-class illustrations which allow you to include your content which can be utilized in both personal and commercial projects.

The users have a platform for becoming a premium member that allows them to download licenses needed for managing their resources without having to give credits to the creator. The vital features presented by Freepik include a poster, frame flyer, logo, mockup, watercolor, banner, business card, abstract background and more.

To download free, here’s how:

  1. Click the image you wish to download

  2. Click the green Free Download icon at the top right hand a corner of the page

  3. After that, go to the Free Download icon to begin your download

  4. Once you have followed the steps, you will download a Zip file which includes an EPS or AI file, a license document letting you utilize the birthday collage template as a free user as well as a Font.txt file which will redirect you to the font used in the template.


FixThePhoto has a plethora of useful information found on its website. It includes a fantastic blog which describes updated topics and offers tips for retouchers and photographers. There’s a section where they sell Photoshop actions, and Lightroom presets, textures, and overlays.

Currently, the website offers 25 mockup collage free templates that every user could take advantage of. One of the best things about this free picture collage template is their heart photo collage template, Christmas photo collage template, and other templates are 100% free. Every template is free and is downloadable without any extra charges. You can get them after clicking the Download button on your email address.


In case you didn’t know yet, Vecteezy is a very functional website to download collage templates quickly and online. What’s more, its interface facilitates its use because it is very simple but complete. Once you visit the website, you will be presented with a lot of tools to tailor your photo. This tool enables users without prior experience in design to edit pictures in a very easy and complete way.

You see, this website is also a resource for the family collage template. You can search for a template and download or edit through the Vecteezy Editor. You will find a rich resource of graphics you can discover and are categorized very well. Nonetheless, they are split into Premium and Free. The Premium is available for members with yearly, quarterly, and monthly subscription.

It is also worth mentioning that this website allows the user to download any templates without registration unless it's a "Pro" template.

On the other hand, is an exciting platform as it offers templates not just for MS Office but for Drupal, Corel, Adobe and a lot of other applications. You could find a huge deal of templates at this website, but many of their templates aren’t their creations.

The platform concentrates on gathering templates from other platforms and post them in one place. Thus, if you are seeking for templates for your holiday layout online, this is an excellent place to start.

To download your template, you need to register first. After you register, you are free to download any collage templates you like that will satisfy your creative mind.

If you are looking for a photo editor program for your photos, why not try Movavi Photo Editor from Movavi? Even though it's not free, the trial version has all the features of the full one. Our photo editor is your ultimate set of tools for practical yet sophisticated photo editing. The powerful controls allow you to make your images look as if they are taken and enhanced by an expert. No matter if you prefer automatic filters or manual enhancements, you will find lots of options.

There you have the best websites to download collage templates plus our photo editor program! This list could be a bit extensive as everyone searches for various stuff while making collages. Nonetheless, the above list is composed of top known platforms that are simple to use and convenient.

What’s your favorite photo collage template website? Let us know by putting your comments below! Feel free to share this guide to your friends who are also seeking for the best free collage templates.

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