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How to Combine Pictures using the Photo Collage Software from Movavi

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 24, 2019

Finding decent photo collage software for PC or Mac can be a challenge, but why are people looking for it in the first place? The reasons can be many and varied. Some may want to attach multiple photos to their social media post but can’t do so, so they try to combine several pictures into one. Others just find it fun to let their artistic impulses flow, making a completely new composition from different pictures.

Whatever the reason, if you really want to create a beautiful photo collage, you’ll need a decent editing tool, such as Movavi Photo Editor. Aside from being a powerful editor, this easy-to-use software also functions as a great collage maker for PC and Mac. Download the program and follow the instructions below to learn how to make a stunning picture collage.

Install Movavi Photo Editor

Launch the downloaded file to start the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the program. Double-click the desktop icon to start the editor.

Add an Image

Choose the picture you want to start your collage with and simply drag and drop it onto the program interface or add it by clicking the Browse for Images button.

Add Another Image

To add another image, go to the Insert Image tab and click Paste an Image. Browse to find the picture you want, select it, and click Open. The new image will be placed on top of the last pic.

Move the second picture to the desired position in relation to the first one, either side by side or one on top of the other. You can also change the size of the second photo by dragging on its edges. If you have trouble viewing the whole picture, click Zoom out at the bottom left of the screen or press Ctrl - to expand the viewing area. When you’re satisfied with the result, hit Apply.

Add More Images (Optional)

Repeating the actions from step 3, you can add as many images as you want, resizing and moving them around the canvas.

Crop the Full Picture (Optional)

If some of the added pictures go outside the border and create empty spaces, you may want to crop the whole collage. To do this, go to the Crop tab and move the edges of the area selector to the desired position. You can also use one of the templates, which are sorted by the difference in aspect ratio. When you’ve made your selection, click Apply to crop the picture.

Add a Color Filter (Optional)

It can happen that the pictures you combine slightly differ in color or temperature, which makes the final result look somewhat inconsistent. The best solution to this problem is to apply a color filter, which will add a uniform tone to the whole collage. Go to the Effects tab and select a color filter that you find appropriate. You can set the intensity of the effect by dragging the corresponding slider. To save the result, click Apply.

Save the Collage

When you’re satisfied with the full version of your collage, it’s time to save it. Click the Save button in the lower right corner. In the window that opens, you can enter the file name, choose the desired format, set the quality (if you save in JPEG), and designate the output folder. When everything is ready, simply click Save, then sit back and enjoy your beautiful collage!

Movavi Photo Editor is the perfect collage maker to download right now and start creating beautiful images today. The program works on Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OS X (10.7 or higher).


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