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How to fix photos

Edited by Ben Jacklin
Memorable photographs can bring back positive memories and represent great value for their owners. Alas, any picture can be ruined by blur or bad exposure. Additionally, if the photo is old, it may also have spots and scratches that can literally distort our memories. Of course, there are a number of online services (like PhotoFix or Tucia) that can improve your photos, but these services require continuous Internet connectivity, which is not always possible. Plus, online services usually offer only a small number of adjustable parameters at no charge.

Don’t worry, there’s a much more convenient way to fix your photos – you just need reliable photo-fixing software like Movavi Photo Editor. It will help you to sharpen a blurry image, improve colors, fix exposure issues, and remove scratches, spots or other imperfections from your photos. The intuitive interface lets you easily achieve the results you want in the blink of an eye! Just download the appropriate installation file and follow the tutorial below.

Step 1. Install the software

Open the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2. Add a photo

Click the Browse for Images button to add an image. You can also drag and drop individual files into the program window.

Step 3. Adjust the image parameters

The Adjust tab lets you auto-correct contrast and brightness or change image settings manually. Magic Enhance is the key to improving brightness and contrast. For manual adjustment, move the sliders under the Magic Enhance button until you’re happy with the results. Alternatively, you can set the desired parameter values in the respective fields, which you’ll find on the right of each slider bar. For example, blurry pictures can be fixed with the help of Sharpness. If a photo is too bright or too dark, try adjusting Exposure. Feel free to experiment with other parameters as well to improve the image quality even more.

Step 4. Remove photo blemishes

Go to the Object Removal tab. Choose the tool for marking unwanted objects from the Selection Tools menu (Brush, Magic Wand, Lasso). To remove blemishes from photographs, the Brush tool is best – it’s the default selection. Adjust the Brush size by dragging the appropriate slider below so it will fully cover the unwanted area with red highlighting. If necessary, use the Selection Eraser tool to remove the excess highlighting. Click Start Erasing to remove the blemish. Repeat these actions with every unwanted object. To learn more about removing various items from photos, read our tutorials on how to remove blemishes, people and objects or date stamps from a photo.

You can compare your edited image with the original at any time by holding down the eye-button in the upper right part of the program. Click Revert Changes, if you want to cancel all image changes.

Step 5. Save fixed photo

Click Save in the lower right corner of the interface, choose a folder, and save your photo in an appropriate format.

With Movavi Photo Editor, you can easily fix old photos and improve new ones with just a few clicks!

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