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Top Cinemagraph Apps for Photographers

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So, what is a cinemagraph? Well, unlike traditional photographs, one portion of the image in a cinemagraph is animated while the rest remains still. Cinemagraphs give viewers an eye-popping visual experience; hence, engaging them more than anything else. Since they are becoming a popular marketing tool, you may want to incorporate them into your online photography portfolio.

Top 9 cinemagraph software for 2024

Interested in making cinemagraphs? You will find a variety of cinemagraph software for iOS, Android, Mac, and even Windows. You can also find a program for making a cinemagraph online. These apps will make it easy for you to learn how to make cinemagraphs on iPhone or Android devices using the pictures from your camera. Here are the top ten cinemagraph makers

Cinemagraph Pro

If you need a relatively straightforward cinemagraph app for iPhone and other iOS devices, then consider experimenting with Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel Photos. This app provides tutorials for beginners and professionals on how best to utilize it. The cinemagraph maker from Flixel Photos also avails a gallery full of the best examples of cinemagraphs to get you inspired.

One reason you will love this app is that you can customize every frame you shoot by adding filters. You can also edit your recorded images frame by frame; hence, quite convenient for everyone. Besides, it is easy to get started: upload your video or shoot directly from your device. Select the portion of the footage you want to animate and the section for freezing, and click save.

Though a free version is available, you may not like the giant Flixel logo on your finished product. Get rid of it by paying for a subscription to Flixel Cloud Web + Apps service.

This cinemagraph software is exclusively available for Android devices. Known for its simplicity, Fotodanz makes for an excellent choice for those new to the field of cinemagraph techniques, and don't have too much time on their hands. You can use this app like a pro by shooting directly from its interface, and then choose the areas of the video you want to animate with your finger.

It is also free with in-app purchases, but quite convenient for the photographer on the go since it lets you capture footage using the Android phone camera. The only challenge you may have to contend with is that it allows only five seconds of video footage.

Zoetropic is an excellent alternative for online cinemagraph apps available for download. You can choose the free version if you wish to try it out, or are operating on a tight budget. It lets you select areas from still pictures which you blend to achieve the motion-like effect.

However, it may be quite challenging to make these motion-like effects look realistic. But it is a perfect place for beginners to practice with still images before moving on to videos. If you want to hone your skills and produce the best cinemagraphs, Zoetropic is the way to go.



Lumyer is another cinemagraph app that lets you add animations over still photos and videos. To have a clear picture of how this program works, get a look at what people are doing with the GIF function on Instagram Stories. Users of Instagram can add some animated effects to their portraits and selfies before posting them.

The effects in Lumyer app boast of a higher quality if you compare with Instagram Stories, and can export in GIF and MP4 formats. You can download this app for free from the Google play store.

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Cinemagraph is a simple cinemagraph app for Android users who don't have much experience using complex applications to create videos. With a collection of filters to choose from, you can easily create and edit cinemagraphs quickly and share them directly to social media.

Apps like Cinemagraph are mostly free with in-app purchases but feature a sleek interface that makes them comfortable and enjoyable to use. The only problem is that you have to film all projects from the app's camera, and the lack of a stabilization feature. You will have to find additional equipment to achieve better results.

Motion Stills

Motion Stills

Created by Google, this cinemagraph app allows you to create cinemagraphs and time-lapse videos. Though it offers essential editing tools, it boasts of a video stabilization feature to help you create professional images. The stabilization capability also makes your video appear like a still image; thus, arresting and engaging the attention of your audience even more. You won't have to pull down a portrait from Hogwarts to throw your fans into a frenzy – create looping three-second videos, and share them with your friends and family.

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PICOO Camera

PICOO Camera

If you want to shoot and filter stunning cinemagraphs, and are using an iOS device, PICOO Camera is for you. Whether at work, in a party or hanging out with family and friends, this cinemagraph maker can immortalize the crucial moments with relative ease.

When free, you can scroll through all those surprising cinemagraphs others have created, and all this is for free. You can also post your creations for others to swoon over and admire.

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Liquivid Easy Cinemagraph

This cinemagraph creator is available for Mac systems only. It lives up to its name: it is incredibly simple to use, featuring a simple interface design. You can create a project by directly importing a video of your choice and selecting the areas you wish to remain static. In short, Liquivid Easy cinemagraph is the fastest way to make cinemagraph online.

Lumia Cinemagraph

As the name suggests, this app was meant for Microsoft mobile devices, formerly made by Nokia. Lumia has been around for quite some time, and you may expect it to have ironed out any issues that may have been affecting its performance over time. And it is free software.

Being a Lumia app, it is neither iOS nor Android oriented; hence, unique software for users with individual Microsoft mobile devices. However, any cinemagraphs made using Lumia can only be viewed on Lumia devices, implying that you stand to lose a majority of your clients and fans who are on iOS or Android platforms.


Loopsie is one of those unique cinemagraph apps available for both iOS and Android devices. It is also one of the easiest to use, requiring only a few swipes of your finger to choose which area of your photo to animate. Your moving picture should be ready in seconds.

Unlike other cinemagraph software, Loopsie comes with a stabilization algorithm, so you won't need additional equipment to create stunning cinemagraphs. Besides, you will also love the fact that it is free, though with in-app purchases. On the flip side, it may not exactly be the most precise cinemagraph creator, but it still does the job.

With the right cinemagraph app, you can create stunning cinemagraphs for personal and commercial use. However, you need a reliable photo editor, such as Movavi Photo Editor to give a professional finish to your pictures. Download and install Movavi Photo Editor for Windows and Mac on your device and start creating amazing cinemagraphs.

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