12 Best MP4 Recorders for Any Device [2024]

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  • Record in MP4 (H.264, AAC)
  • Adjust resolution and frame rate
  • Create high-quality recordings
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MP4 files are ideal for online streaming because of their high quality. Several MP4 recorders on the market offer impressive features and capabilities. We’ve reviewed screen recorders for PCs and mobile devices, online recorders, and browser extensions.

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Free screen recorder in MP4 for desktops

If you're interested in a highly effective MP4 recorder that will allow you to use it as an MP4 screen recorder or an MP4 video recorder, depending on your needs, desktop software can help deliver all the features you're looking for. Consider these software options.

Best for: High-quality recording

Operating system: Windows, macOS

Review by Windows Report

Movavi Screen Recorder is a high-quality MP4 video recorder that will allow you to capture and record content directly from your screen. Movavi Screen Recorder offers a variety of useful features in its recording software. Available for both Windows and Mac, this excellent program allows you to quickly set up recording parameters, grab audio and video, and edit your file. You can also combine it with your Movavi Video Editor bundle to allow you to include your recordings as part of your overall video creation process.

Here’s what you can do with Movavi Screen Recorder:

Movavi Screen Recorder has an average of 4.5 star-review, and users worldwide have had a positive experience with this excellent software. Want to learn more about Movavi Screen Recorder and how it can help you capture MP4 videos? Check out the review link below for more information.

G2 Movavi Screen Recorder review


  • Record in HD or 4K

  • Draw on screen to highlight the most important moments

  • Make a capture of screen or webcam in a few clicks

  • Save the recordings in some of the most common file formats

  • Make screenshots and edit them on the fly for maximum efficiency


  • Some features are only available in the full version

Debut Video Capture

Best for: Burning MP4 recordings to DVD

Operating system: Windows

Review by TechRadar

Debut Video Capture offers a free version for non-commercial software or a professional version that can be used by people who need to create and capture MP4 videos on a regular basis. This MP4 recorder offers a variety of features, including:

  • Screen recording
  • Webcam recording
  • Capturing from other sources such as networked IP cameras
  • Color and video effects that you can add to your MP4 files
  • Captions and time stamps

The platform supports a variety of the most popular video file formats, including MP4, which makes it perfect for users who are considering using more than one video format. Video overlay can also simultaneously record your screen and webcam, while the built-in software allows you to easily burn recordings directly to DVD. This platform also makes it simple to take screenshots or snapshots out of the video at any time, which means you can quickly capture still images and use them as part of your overall video.

Get Debut Video Capture


  • User-friendly interface

  • Adjustable picture quality

  • Multiple file formats available


  • Time limit on recordings

  • Some users experience freezing when recording

  • Only available on Windows

OBS Studio

Best for: Audio mixing of MP4 recordings

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Review by PCWorld

OBS Studio is available for Windows, Mac OS 10.13 and higher, and Linux. This free, open-source software is an ideal platform for video recording and live streaming. It allows users to quickly download the platform and get started, thanks to its intuitive design and easy-to-use features. OBS Studio offers:

  • High-performance, real-time MP4 capturing of both video and audio content
  • Scenes made up of multiple sources
  • Unlimited scenes you can switch between seamlessly
  • An intuitive audio mixer, including noise gates and suppression
  • Easy configuration options
  • Modular docking panel that allows you to seamlessly rearrange the layout of the platform according to your needs, rather than feeling as though you're stuck with the original format

OBS supports most popular streaming platforms, making it a popular choice for people who are looking for an effective MP4 recorder that will connect easily with their other software platforms and options. As an open-source platform, it's free for anyone to use. Users appreciate its audio mixer, which makes it simpler to filter out background noise or remove unwanted sound from your recordings.

Download OBS Studio


  • Excellent audio mixing options

  • Picture-in-picture capabilities

  • Custom backgrounds


  • Uses a lot of CPU memory

  • Some users find the interface confusing

  • Sometimes continues recording unintentionally


Best for: Video game recording

Operating system: Windows

Review by G2 (4.2 stars, 24 reviews)

Bandicam bills itself as the best screen recording software for any occasion. It's a lightweight screen recorder software designed specifically for Windows devices: it does not have a Mac option. Bandicam offers a free download with its basic features, or you can get the full version for a premium price. It:

  • Compresses video while maintaining quality
  • Helps keep your streaming and content running smoothly while still capturing the content you want to share
  • Records everything on your screen, including game recording, to MP4 format, 4K UHD Video, and other popular formats
  • Allows for recording on external devices, including webcams, Xbox, Playstation, smartphones, and more

It also allows for a number of options that many users appreciate: scheduled recording options, voice mixer options, and a webcam overlay that will allow you to add yourself to the video as you record it. Besides, you can add drawings and outlines to your video or screenshot in real time, which means you can easily share specific information with your viewers.

Bandicam users rate it at 4 out of 5 stars. They appreciate its ability to capture images quickly and efficiently while still delivering high-quality images. Check out more information and reviews at the G2 review linked above.

Download Bandicam


  • Excellent for video game recording

  • User-friendly interface

  • Allows for recording on external devices


  • Only available on Windows

  • Some users find the file directories confusing

  • Causes some computers to work more slowly

Online MP4 screen recorders

Sometimes, you may not want to use MP4 screen recorder software directly on your device. Instead, you may prefer to use an online option. In many cases, online recording software can help you more easily capture, save, and store MP4 files. You can usually get started quickly with an online downloader, allowing you to start recording MP4 files within moments. Keep in mind, however, that online downloaders may have slower download times or may interfere with your ability to use your device during the download effectively. You may also find that video capture for MP4 format does not come out as clean with an online downloader as it does on a desktop format. To get the best video capture MP4 software or free screen recorder for the MP4 option, carefully consider the features offered by your online platform before moving forward.

Screen Capture
Editor's choice
Movavi Screen Recorder
Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Best for: Superimposing webcam commentary

Operating system: Any (web-based)

Reviews from Trustpilot (4.6 stars, 163 reviews)

Screen Capture is a new, free tool aimed at making the MP4 capture process as simple as possible. As a free online screen recorder, it offers immense simplicity and convenience for its users. Screen Capture makes it simple to:

  • Use your microphone or internal sound
  • Download from a webcam
  • Include what's happening on your screen or in your camera

Easily superimpose input from your camera over the top of your screen capture to make it easy to include personal commentary with your screen capture or simply record your video content on its own. It's a safe, easy-to-use platform that many people find an excellent option for managing MP4 screen recording online. However, Screen Capture does include a small watermark with each video, which could be frustrating to some users.


  • Superimposes webcam

  • Compatible with any OS

  • Free


  • Includes watermark

  • No video editing

  • Online version lacks some features of the desktop version

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Best for: Live screencast editing

Operating system: Any (web-based)

Review by TechRadar

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder makes it simple to start your recordings. Simply click the button to start recording and follow the on-screen instructions to create the most of this simple, intuitive online platform. You can easily customize the recording mode, making it simple to choose the section of the screen that you want to record or what options you want to include as part of your recording. This platform:

  • Offers extreme simplicity in the recording process: it's as easy as a single click to get started
  • Allows you to record all types of activities that take place on your screen, from video streams to live chats, webinars, and more
  • Exports videos to a variety of file formats, including MP4 format
  • Captures video and audio simultaneously

You can also edit your screencast in real time, which makes it easy to make additions to your videos. You may want to put in lines, callouts, text, highlights, and more as part of your final product. With Apowersoft, you can easily put in this information while working on your video. In fact, you can put in many of those details during the recording process.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder


  • Live screencast editing

  • User-friendly interface

  • Dynamic screen capture options


  • Sometimes crashes on Mac

  • Includes watermark

  • Not ideal for recording video games

MP4 video recorders in extensions

Many users use Google Chrome, either because they choose to use a Chromebook as a primary device or because they use Chrome as a browser and want to record MP4 content directly from that platform. Using a Chrome extension may mean that you use fewer system resources than an online downloader. Chrome is designed, overall, for a secure, streamlined experience, and its extensions provide that same high quality. However, your Chrome extension may not offer as many editing options as desktop software.

Editor's choice
Movavi Screen Recorder


Best for: Team-sharing

Operating system: Any (web-based)

Reviews from Chrome Web Store (4.7 stars, 10K reviews, 3 million users)

Loom is an incredibly powerful video-recording platform that makes it simple to record content and share it with your team. With more than four million users and a five-star review on the Chrome Web Store, it's clear that Loom's features over immense convenience and accessibility. It allows for simple collaboration within a team workspace. The platform is ideal for users who want to use Loom in a commercial format. It also has easy video-messaging options that will allow you to quickly and effectively send MP4 videos back and forth: a much simpler option than even sending an email! Loom offers several valuable features that can make it incredibly useful for many users, including:

  • A free, easy-to-use platform trusted by millions of users across more than 90,000 companies
  • A free-to-use platform that includes up to 25 collaborators
  • Easy recording of anything that appears on your screen
  • Easy editing and measuring
  • Easy solutions for K-12 teachers and students
  • Integrations with Slack, Gmail, Notion, Coda, Intercom, and Headway: some of the most popular collaboration platforms across the Web

Get Loom


  • Team-sharing capabilities

  • Add comments and notes

  • Choose recording area on the screen


  • 5-minute recording limit in the free version

  • Screen-wide videos are lower quality

  • Limited editing features

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

Best for: Adding custom watermark

Operating system: Any (web-based)

Reviews from Chrome Web Store (4.6 stars, 14.8K reviews, 1 million users)

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder makes it easy to screen-capture full or partial screenshots, then edit them directly on the platform. It also makes it easy to manage trimming, cropping, and converting screencasts, which can be quickly converted to either GIF or MP4 format.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder is a Chrome extension that can:

  • Record video from a screen to make a screencast
  • Record video from another active program
  • Record video from your webcam
  • Change your video settings, including screen resolution and frame rate
  • Annotate the video with shapes, including arrows and rectangles, that make it simple to share your thoughts, your notes, and other vital information with your viewers

If you purchase the premium version of Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder, you can also add your own custom watermark to any video that you record. That means that you can easily customize every element of what your viewers are seeing, including changing the way they interact with your brand and how they view you.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video recorder has an average of nearly five stars from its reviewers. With more than a million users, it's a time-tested tool that can help you achieve your goal.

Get Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder


  • Adds custom watermark

  • Useful editing features

  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • Only available on Chrome

  • Users report frequent crashes

  • Slow in saving files

Apps to video-capture in MP4 on an iPhone or iPad

When you use an iPhone or an iPad for your MP4 recording needs, you need an iOS app specifically geared toward your device. The right app can make a huge difference in your ability to capture and record video, whether you're looking for a video capture for MP4 option or simply seeking recording software for your iOS device. Some iOS apps do use substantial system resources, which can lead to glitchy gameplay or poor playback on some of your features. Test out your app before you get started recording an important segment.

Record it!
Editor's choice
Movavi Screen Recorder
AZ Screen Recorder

Record it!

Best for: Single-tap MP4 recording on iPhone

Operating system: iOS

Reviews from App Store (4.6 stars, 230K reviews)

Record it! Screen Recorder is the highest-rated MP4 recording software on the app store. It offers a range of features and convenience options that make it ideal for use on your iOS device as you work to record and use your MP4 files. It can:

  • Start recording with a single tap
  • Record everything that takes place on your phone, including games, apps, videos, tutorials, webinars, and more
  • Add FaceCam reactions to your recordings
  • Add reactions to your favorite YouTube videos
  • Trim your video
  • Record audio commentary, if desired
  • Install audio filters
  • Change your canvas or background color, or rotate your video, depending on your needs
  • Easily share directly on YouTube or save to your camera roll

Record it! is one of the best-selling video-recording platforms. It helps users make the most of their video recording options and makes it easy to edit with a tap.

Get Record it!


  • Single-tap recording

  • Easy to use

  • Add face-cam reactions


  • Only available on iOS

  • File-saving process is slow on some devices

  • Some users report issues with audio quality

DU Recorder

Best for: Editing MP4 recordings on iPhone

Operating system: iOS

Reviews from App Store (4.5 stars, 52K reviews)

DU Recorder has an average rating of 4.5 stars across more than 52,000 ratings. It allows users to create streams and record their screens easily.

It offers easy livestreaming options that will enable users to share their content via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch with ease. Users note that DU recorder is extremely easy to use. They appreciate its overall versatility and functionality. It's also highly reliable: an essential element for a video recorder since you don't want it to time out or stop working in the middle of your recording! DU recorder will allow you to record anything, including games, live shows, and sports, in a high-quality format that you'll enjoy watching again and again.

Also, DU Recorder provides various editing functions that iOS users will appreciate as they work to put their videos together and make the most of them. Through DU Recorder, you can:

  • Trim your video, including cutting out its middle parts, if desired
  • Add music to the video using a wide variety of soundtracks already included in the app
  • Add text, from custom video subtitles to call-outs that will draw viewers’ attention to specific areas of the video
  • Include frames and stickers
  • Add your own images or custom watermarks to your videos
  • Change the speed of your video, including adding speed adjustments for various sections of the video
  • Record your voice over the top of the clip to add video commentaries or other information
  • Provide filter effects that will enhance the quality of your video, adding depth and enjoyment
  • Crop the video
  • Merge multiple videos directly in the app. You can even choose the transition effect you want to use as you move from one video to the next within the app
  • Convert video to GIF that you will be able to use on social media platforms
  • Add reactions through the FaceCam feature

The unpaid version of DU Recorder does include a watermark, which some users do not like. Once you upgrade to the premium version, however, you can remove the watermark, custom pause pictures, crop, and utilize the VIP feedback channel, where you can get more information about your videos and their quality.

Users are highly satisfied with DU Recorder. If you want to learn more, check out the reviews on the App Store.

Get DU Recorder


  • Video editing options

  • Record up to 60 fps

  • Livestream feature


  • Includes ads

  • Adds watermark

  • Users report some glitches

Recording software for Android

Android users, like users of other platforms, need a streamlined MP4 recording option that will work directly from their devices. While Android does allow some screen capture and video recording directly from its built-in feature, you want to be sure that you're getting a highly effective MP4 recording platform that will enable you to easily record from your Android device. Ideally, you also want to maximize editing features and ensure that you're making the most out of each video you capture with your device. The apps you’re going to read about are specifically designed for Android devices, which means you will typically get better performance from them than from an online downloader. However, they may still cause some glitches and problems with your other apps, so make sure to test them out ahead of time.

AZ Screen Recorder

Best for: Editing MP4 recordings on Android

Operating system: Android

Reviews from Google Play (4.5 stars, 1.4 million reviews)

With more than 1.4 million users and a 4.5 star average review, AZ Screen Recorder is clearly delivering the quality many users want most from their MP4 recorder. With just a single tap on the screen, you can quickly start recording pretty much anything: gameplay videos, live streaming content, webinars, and more. It offers high-quality video and clear sound, which leads to higher-quality videos that users can count on to deliver the experience they're hoping for. AZ Screen Recorder's features include:

  • The ability to shake the device to stop recording the screen
  • Recording gameplay with or without external sound
  • Creation of animated GIF images directly from your video
  • The ability to draw on the screen while recording gameplay, allowing you to quickly draw viewers’ attention to a specific area of the screen or make sure that they see the details you most need to call out
  • Floating windows and notification bars that make it easy to control screen recording
  • Plenty of video-editing options, including the ability to trim the video, remove a segment in the middle of the video, extract an image, crop and rotate, or compress your video for easier online viewing or transmission
  • Easy transfer of videos or screenshots to the computer through WiFi
  • Easy video sharing

Get AZ Screen Recorder


  • Video editing options

  • No recording limit

  • Screen-drawing capability


  • Only available on Android

  • Some users find the interface complicated

  • Users report crashes

Screen Recorder

Best for: Insert custom images into MP4 recordings on Android device

Operating system: Android

With Screen Recorder, users can easily record screens and take screenshots no matter what you're doing or what platform you're using. The app does not currently support the recording of internal sound. It has an average of 4.3 stars in reviews across current users.

Overall, users feel that it's fast and offers excellent quality when watching the video, but it is only reliable over short videos. Longer videos, on the other hand, may have less reliable playback. Screen Recorder does provide several exciting features that users may want to take advantage of.

  • Save the video in any location you like
  • Use FaceCam to add reactions
  • Insert your logo text or logo image to customize your video
  • Draw notes, symbols, and other information directly on the screen while recording
  • Use the Magic Button for help, to stop and pause your video, or to see recording time so that you know what you need to accomplish

Screen Recorder offers simple, intuitive functionality that many users, especially those new to capturing MP4 videos, will appreciate.

Get Screen Recorder


  • Insert custom images

  • User-friendly

  • High-quality recording


  • Only available on Android

  • Some glitches

  • Users report lost videos

What to look for in an MP4 recorder

Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide what to look for in an MP4 recorder. To recap, here are a few essential things to consider when you are choosing a recording program.

  • User-friendliness: some programs can be very complicated to operate. Look for one that matches your experience level.

  • Features: look for an MP4 recorder that offers all the features and functions you need, like video editing, cloud storage, or export options.

  • Price: find an MP4 recorder within your budget. If possible, choose one with a free trial, so you can make sure it works for your needs before you commit.

  • Support: check to see what kind of help is available if you run into issues with your chosen program.

  • Reviews: check out some user reviews and professional product reviews to see what other people who have used this program have to say about it.


Best for

Operating system


High-quality recording

Windows, macOS

Superimposing webcam commentary

Any (online service)


Any (browser extension)

How to record screen in MP4 with Movavi Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download and install Movavi Screen Recorder

Download the MP4 recorder on your PC or Mac, launch the installation file and follow the instructions. The app will open automatically.

Step 2. Adjust settings

Click Start recording and specify the area of the screen that you want to capture. You can select the entire screen or just a window, too.

Step 3. Start recording

Make sure the settings are right for your Webcam, Microphone, and System audio. When everything is ready, click REC. The process will begin after a few seconds.

Step 4. Record your MP4 video

Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to take screenshots, make annotations, and highlight important things while recording. Click Stop to finish the process.

Step 5. Save the result

Edit the video if necessary – you can delete the unwanted parts with the Cut and Delete tools.

Your video will be automatically saved in the MP4 format, but you can convert it to MP4 in a few clicks – just click Export, select MP4 as the desired output format, and click Save.

Best MP4 recorders for any device

  1. Movavi Screen Recorder – best for video and audio capture
  2. Screen Capture – best for recording your slides online.
  3. Loom – suitable for sharing and commenting using a browser extension.
  4. Debut Video Capture – best for adding video effects on Mac or Windows.
  5. OBS Studio – suitable for live broadcasting on Windows/Mac/Linux.
  6. Bandicam – best for recording videos and gameplay on a PC or Xbox.
  7. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder – best for capturing long videos with an online tool.
  8. Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder – best for adding custom watermark.
  9. Record it! – great video filters.
  10. DU Recorder – video editing.
  11. AZ Screen Recorder – no time limit (mobile app).
  12. Screen Recorder – best for one-tap recording on Android devices.

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Movavi Screen Recorder
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