16 Ways to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on a Mac

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Try Movavi Screen Recorder to take screenshots easily!

  • Screenshot and record entire pages and documents

  • Add arrows, callouts, and highlights

  • Save and share in one click

There are many situations in which you might want to take a scrolling screenshot on a Mac in order to capture an extended image of a web page or document. If you're not sure how to take a scrolling screenshot on your Mac, this guide will show you 15 different methods. If you also want to record your screen, try Movavi’s screen recorder for Mac.


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Users who want all the screenshotting and screen recording abilities in one program

Users who want to easily take screenshots from URL addresses

Users who want to take screenshots without needing to download or install anything

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Safari-friendly screenshotting


All screen capturing abilities in one program

Movavi Screen Recorder

Fully-featured screen recording


How to take a screenshot of a web page with desktop programs

Best for: Users who want all the screenshotting and screen recording abilities in one program

Price: Free 7-day trial, 1-year subscription for $42.95

G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5, 50 reviews

If you're looking for a simple answer for how to take a long screenshot on your Mac, Movavi Screen Recorder is the tool you need. This downloadable program makes it easy to take a screenshot whenever you want, even when recording your screen. With this program, you can also add lines or arrows to your screenshot, as well as edit it. The app also offers complete screen recording functionality, ideal for capturing any screen activity, as well as snapping Mac scrolling screenshots of pages, posts, and documents. It's easy to use and even comes with built-in editing tools, too.

Key features:

  • Take scrolling screenshots of web pages on your Mac computer or MacBook in a couple of clicks

  • Edit the result, add callouts and captions

  • Record your screen with system sound, microphone, and webcam

  • Save the result to your hard drive or share it online


  • Many screen capturing tools: simple screenshots, scrolling screenshots, screen and webcam recording

  • Simple interface

  • Sharing videos and pictures with Movavi Cloud


  • The trial version is limited to 7 days

How to use:

  1. Download and install the software to your device
    Download Movavi Screen Recorder for macOS

  2. On the sidebar, click the Photo Camera icon.

  3. Select the page or the document you want to print-screen.

  4. Choose Scrolling screenshot, click the window you want to capture, and wait while the app is rolling through the page or the document.

  5. Edit, save, and share the final image.

Best for: Users who want to be able to screenshot, screencast, and edit with just one program

Price: Free trial, premium from $29.99

Mac App Store rating: 4.4 out of 5, 290 reviews

Capto is a fully-featured screen recording and screen capture application you can use to grab a scrolling screenshot, take a picture from a video, record your desktop, and more. The app has a free trial that users can test out before committing, and it offers a wide range of features, including 60FPS video capture and a huge range of editing tools. It also runs on iOS and has easy sharing to DropBox, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Key features:

  • Take screenshots at the click of a button

  • Also can be used for screen recording and editing

  • Instant sharing to a range of sites and platforms


  • Lots of different features and functions

  • High-quality screenshots and screen recordings

  • Great for sharing


  • One of the more expensive options

How to use:

  1. Download and install Capto to your device.

  2. Open the page or website you want to screenshot and launch Capto.

  3. Press the Capto icon in the menu bar and click Snap Active Browser URL.

  4. The screenshot with scroll will be automatically saved to your Mac's library.

Download Capto

Best for: Users who want to capture text from web pages

Price: Free trial, premium from $7.99

MacSources rating: 4.5 out of 5

TextSniper is an interesting app that is actually used to capture text from images, web pages, and other digital documents in a matter of seconds. So, if there's a website that you want to copy the text from, you can use TextSniper to do so. All you have to do is drag a box around the area you wish to capture, and TextSniper will do the rest. This can be very useful for things like video tutorials, photos with text in them, and YouTube videos.

Key features:

  • Used to scroll-capture text from web pages, videos, and more

  • Also has Text to Speech

  • Can read barcodes and QR codes


  • Very easy to use

  • Relatively cheap

  • Can be useful in many different situations


  • Only works for capturing text, not images

How to use:

  1. Download and install TextSniper to your Mac.

  2. Open the program and find a file or page that you want to capture the text from.

  3. Use the drag system to cover the area you want to capture.

  4. Your chosen text will be copied to the clipboard, ready to paste into a document or note file.

Download TextSniper

Best for: Users who want a Safari-friendly screenshot capture tool

Price: Free

Mac App Store rating: 4.3 out of 5, 42 reviews

Last but not least, we have BrowseShot, another downloadable app you can set up to run on your Mac and capture pages and images from your Safari browser. It works with most sites, including social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and it's fully free to use.

Key features:

  • Safari-compatible

  • Can work with websites that require log-ins, like Facebook

  • One-click PNG screenshot capture


  • Completely free

  • Easy to use

  • Optimized for use with Safari


  • Doesn't work with certain websites

How to use:

  1. Download and install the app to your system.

  2. Find a page you want to screenshot.

  3. Click on the BrowseShot icon and select to capture the screen.

  4. Your screenshot will be saved automatically to your device.

Download BrowseShot

How to take a screenshot of a whole page scroll on a Mac with extensions

Best for: Users who want a versatile screen capture browser extension

Price: Free version, premium $1/month

Google Web Store rating: 4.9 out of 5, 59,266 reviews

GoFullPage is another useful tool you can use to create a Mac screenshot whole page scroll. It offers one-click screen capture directly in your browser and then opens up your capture in a new browser window, allowing you to download and save it wherever you want, drag it over to your desktop, or directly share it with friends. The tool is perfect for capturing browser windows, e.g. for taking Google Maps screenshots or saving an article from your favorite website. There are no ads or unnecessary limitations with this extension either.

Key features:

  • One-click screen capture

  • Extra features available in Premium mode, like annotations and editing

  • Download your files as PNG, JPG, PDF, or other formats


  • No extra permissions needed for installation

  • Really easy to use

  • Produces high-quality images


  • You need to pay to unlock the full range of features

  • Only available for Chrome

How to use:

  1. Download and install the GoFullPage extension for Chrome.

  2. Click on the extension icon or press Alt+Shift+P to take a screenshot.

  3. Your screenshot will appear in a new tab, where you can save or share it.

Download GoFullPage

Best for: Users who want a screenshot taker and screen recorder in one

Price: Free version, premium from $4/month

Google Web Store rating: 4.6 out of 5, 15,977 reviews

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is another fully-featured option that will let you scroll and screenshot on a Mac. It can be downloaded and added to your Chrome browser as an extension and offers whole or partial screen capture on any size of the screen. You can annotate and edit a screenshot, too, and use this tool to make recordings and screencasts.

Key features:

  • Capture whole or partial screenshots

  • Can also be used for screencasting and recording

  • Instant uploading and sharing


  • Easy to screenshot while scrolling a page on a Mac

  • Lots of extra features for editing and recording

  • Great for business use


  • Many features locked behind a paywall

How to use:

  1. Download and install the Chrome browser extension.

  2. Find a page you want to save.

  3. Click the extension button and press the Entire Page button.

  4. Edit or save your screenshot, as desired.

Download Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

How to make a Mac scrolling screenshot with online tools

Best for: Users who want to easily take screenshots from URL addresses

Price: Free

CaptureFullPage is a free, easy-to-use online tool that you can rely on to take full-size scrolling screenshots of URL pages from across the internet. One of the best things about this tool is its simplicity; you just have to enter a URL into the box provided and then click to capture. On the downside, it doesn't offer any additional features like editing or annotating the screenshots you create.

Key features:

  • One-click capture system

  • Screenshot directly from any URL

  • Download image to your device immediately after capture


  • Really easy to use

  • One-click capture, perfect for beginners

  • Produces high-quality images


  • Lacks features

  • Doesn't give you much control over how your screenshots are captured

How to use:

  1. Head to the official CaptureFullPage page.
    Go to CaptureFullPage

  2. Copy a URL address of the page you want to capture and paste it into the box provided.

  3. Complete the Captcha, if necessary, and press the capture button to screenshot.

  4. Download your image and try again without another URL, if desired.

Best for: Users who want a free screenshot maker to use in any browser

Price: Free

Product Hunt rating: 4.2 out of 5, 8 Reviews

If you've ever wondered “Can you screenshot while scrolling in a browser?”, then Full Page Screen Capture exists to provide the answer. This simple tool can easily and instantaneously capture a scrolling screenshot of any web page on the internet. It's highly accessible, completely free to use, and produces high fidelity images that can be instantly downloaded to your device, ready to edit, share, or use however you like.

Key features:

  • Captures screenshots directly from URL addresses

  • One-click captures and downloads

  • High quality captures


  • Really easy to use

  • Works in any major internet browser

  • Free to use


  • Lacks additional features such as editing and sharing tools

How to use:

  1. Head to the official Full Page Screen Capture website.
    Go to Full Page Screen Capture

  2. Copy a URL of the page that you want to take a screenshot of.

  3. Paste the URL into the box provided.

  4. Click on the Capture Now button.

  5. Your screenshot will appear below the Capture Now button, click it to download.

Best for: Users who want to capture social media pages and posts

Price: Free

Product Hunt rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Screenshot Guru is another all-online screenshot tool that is both reliable and accessible. It's also completely free, so you don't need to worry about making an account or signing up for a subscription in order to make the most of this screenshot tool. All you have to do is enter a URL address and Screenshot Guru will do the rest of the work for you. It will find the page you want to capture and take a screenshot of it to download to your device.

Key features:

  • High resolution captures

  • Works with any web page, even social media links

  • One-click captures and downloads


  • Ideal for beginners

  • Reliable and effective

  • Works well with Twitter posts and similar pages


  • Can be a little slow sometimes

  • Lacks editing and advanced features

How to use:

  1. Visit the official Screenshot Guru page.
    Go to Screenshot Guru

  2. Copy the URL address of the post or page you want to take a screenshot of.

  3. Paste or type the URL into the box provided.

  4. Complete the Captcha, if prompted, and press the Screen Capture button.

  5. Wait for a moment while your screenshot is captured and then right-click to download it.

How to take a long screenshot on a Mac with built-in tools

Mojave Hotkeys

Best for: Users who want to take screenshots without needing to download or install anything

Price: Free

It's actually possible for users of Mac OS 10.14 Mojave users to simply make use of a key combination on their devices to create scrolling screenshots on their Macs. With this method, you don't need to download or install any kinds of programs or apps; you just have to press a few keys together at the same time. If this built-in tool for screenshots on a Mac is not working, check your keyboard settings.

Key features:

  • Capture screenshots with one key combination

  • No download required

  • Other key combinations allow for other kinds of screenshots


  • Really easy once you know the combination

  • Requires no downloads or installs

  • Works on all modern Mac devices


  • You might forget the key combination

How to use:

  1. Find a page or document that you want to take a screenshot of.

  2. Press the Shift, Command, and 5 keys on your keyboard together at the same time.

  3. Press the Record Entire Screen button and click anywhere on the screen.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page/document.

  5. Click Command, Shift, and 5 again, and then press the Stop button.

QuickTime Player

Best for: Users who want a media player and screenshot maker in one

Price: Free

QuickTime Player is a built-in media player that comes as standard with Mac devices. You may commonly use this program to play media files and watch movies on your device, but you can also use it to take screenshots on your Mac, too. You won't need to download or install anything extra in order to make use of QuickTime Player for scrolling screenshots.

Key features:

  • Create scrolling screenshots with the click of a button

  • Can also be used for playing and editing scrolling screenshots

  • Can be used for screen recordings


  • A versatile app with a lot of features and functions

  • Built-in with every modern Mac device

  • No downloads or installs needed


  • Can be a little complicated for beginners

How to use:

  1. Find the page or document you want to screenshot.

  2. Open QuickTime Player via your applications folder.

  3. Click File, then New Screen Recording, then Record Entire Screen.

  4. Go to the page you want to capture and click on it.

  5. Scroll through the page/file to the bottom.

  6. Click File, New Screen Recording, then Stop Screen Recording.

Developer Tools

Best for: Advanced users who are familiar with Developer Tools and HTML code

Price: Free

Users of Google Chrome can make use of Chrome's built-in Developer Tools features to take screenshots. This is quite a complicated method to take screenshots, so it may not be the most appealing option if you are a total beginner, but if you don't mind working with Developer Tools and have some experience of HTML code, this can be an effective and versatile method for you to consider.

Key features:

  • Built-in with Google Chrome

  • Can be used to take various types of screenshot

  • Suitable for advanced users


  • Ideal for experienced coders

  • No downloads needed

  • A versatile screenshot method


  • Too complicated for beginners

How to use:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your Mac.

  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and click to open the Developer Tools.

  3. Open the search area and type screenshot.

  4. Select the desired size of your screenshot by clicking with your mouse.

  5. Take the screenshot and save it.

Print and save the file

Best for: Users who want to save long screenshots in PDF format

Price: Free

One of the fastest ways to take a long screenshot is also one of the sneakiest and cleverest ways: all you have to do is pretend to print your file but then switch to save it as a PDF at the last minute instead of confirming the print job. This will result in an entire web page, file, or document being saved as a PDF to your computer. Obviously, the downside with this method is that it only works with PDFs, so it won't let you save your file as a JPEG or PNG.

Key features:

  • Built-in with every device

  • Allows saving in PDF

  • Works with web pages


  • Very easy to use

  • No downloading or installing required

  • Perfect for saving PDFs


  • Doesn't let you save as JPEG or other image formats

How to use:

  1. Find a web page or file that you want to screenshot and open it.

  2. Click File and then Print to access the print menu, or just press Command + P together.

  3. In the drop-down Destination list, select Save as PDF.

  4. Click on the Save button to save your file as a PDF.

Firefox screenshots

Best for: Users of Firefox who want a built-in screenshot tool

Price: Free

Users of the Mozilla Firefox internet browser can also make use of a built-in Firefox feature in order to make screenshots of web pages and files whenever they want, without the need to download extra extensions, applications, or tools. It's a reliable option, and it actually provides you with a shareable link to your screenshots if you want to share them with friends or colleagues.

Key features:

  • Built-in with Mozilla Firefox

  • Creates shareable links of your screenshots

  • Able to take different sizes of screenshot


  • Ideal for Firefox users

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Great for sharing images


  • Only works in Firefox

How to use:

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your Mac.

  2. Find a page or file you want to screenshot and open it.

  3. Click on the Page Actions menu (three dots in the top right corner of the address bar).

  4. Click Take a Screenshot and then Save Full Page.

  5. Save or share your screenshot.

Safari browser

Best for: Users of Safari who want a built-in screenshot tool

Price: Free

To make a macOS scrolling screenshot, you can use Safari – the default Internet browser pre-installed on all the Mac computers. If you’re using it for surfing the net, you don’t have to install additional software – all the basic tools are already built into the app.

Key features:

  • Built-in with Safari

  • Exports the page as a PNG


  • No additional software required

  • Lets you choose the file name and saving destination


  • The screenshotting feature isn’t user-friendly

How to use:

  1. Click Safari on the Menu bar, hover over Preferences, and click Advanced.

  2. Turn on the Develop menu.

  3. Open the web page you want to screenshot and click Develop.

  4. Click the part of the page code which starts with the HTML tag and select the Capture Screenshot option.

iOS screenshot feature

Best for: Users of iOS 13 and above

Price: Free

It's also possible to take scrolling screenshots on iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads. This works on all iOS devices running iOS 13 or a more recent version of the iOS operating system. In just a few simple steps, you can use your device's built-in screenshot feature to capture full-page snapshots.

Key features:

  • Works on iOS 13 and above

  • Runs on iPhone and iPad

  • Can be used to capture web pages, PDFs, and other files


  • Great for screenshots on mobile

  • No downloads or installations needed

  • Saves in PDF format for easy sharing and editing


  • Won't let you screenshot in JPEG or other image formats

How to use:

  1. Find a page you want to save on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Press the Volume Up and Side buttons at the same time.

  3. A small image of the screenshot will appear in the bottom left - tap on it.

  4. Tap the Full Page button.

  5. Save your new screenshot as a PDF.

How to choose a scrolling screen recorder

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about how to take scrolling screenshots on a Mac, as well as finding out a lot of different ways to capture these kinds of screenshots. If you're still not sure which method or tool is right for you, here are some factors to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Usability: Try to pick a tool, app, or piece of software that is easy for you to use and matches your level of technical experience and expertise. The best screenshot capture apps tend to be very beginner-friendly and simple to understand. Try and find one with a free trial or one that is free to use when first starting out.

  • Features: Take a look at the different features offered by each screenshot capture tool. Some of these tools are quite basic and will only allow you to take simple screenshots, while others may offer extra features like screen recording and editing, for example, which can give you more options and possibilities.

  • User reviews: It's always a good idea to read through user reviews and check the average ratings for any piece of software before you download it to your device and start using it. User reviews can give you a good idea about how useful a piece of software actually is, as well as let you know if any major bugs or issues are present.

  • Support: Be sure to check what kind of user support is available with any apps or tools you plan to use. Some tools have almost no user support, so you won't be able to get any help if something goes wrong, while other apps have dedicated user support teams who will be available to help you figure things out and solve common problems.


Now you know everything about making scrolling screenshots on your Mac computer. Out of all the options, we suggest you try Movavi Screen Recorder. This app is not only good for taking long screenshots. It’s a great productivity tool that lets you schedule meeting recordings, create simple guides for your colleagues, and simplifies communications. So, why don’t you give it a try?

Movavi Screen Recorder

The perfect way to record from your screen

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

Frequently asked questions

How do you take a scrolling screenshot on a Mac?

You can use Movavi Screen Recorder to take a scrolling screenshot on your Mac:

  1. Download Movavi Screen Recorder to your computer.
    Download Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

  2. Click the Photo Camera icon on the program’s sidebar and select the page you want to shoot.

  3. Choose Scrolling screenshot, click the window you want to capture, and wait for the app to process the screenshot.

  4. Edit, save, and share the image.

What is the best way to take a scrolling screenshot on a Mac?

Here are five of the most effective ways to take scrolling screenshots on a Mac:

How to copy text from a scrolling screenshot?

If you’re using macOS Monterey, you can do it with the Preview app. Open your screenshot, then drag the cursor over the text you want to select. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like Picatext, PDF Reader Pro, and Prizmo.

How to take a screenshot of an entire web page on macOS with Firefox and Chrome?

There are built-in options for taking screenshots in many browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Safari

However, they’re usually very limited in functionality and not always simple to use. We recommend testing out Movavi Screen Recorder – a fully-fledged tool for all things screen capture

Download Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

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