6 Best Video Editing Services for Real Estate + Ideas & Tips

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Real estate videos have become a powerful marketing tool when it comes to selling or leasing property. Watching them, people can get a better “feel” of the space, see various details and features, and make an informed decision of whether they want to get this real estate or not. 

However, recording videos is half a success. It is important to edit them properly, removing distractions and highlighting the winning points.

By delegating this tedious task to experts, you can be sure your property videos will perfectly display the advantages of the interiors and help clients imagine being there.

To make certain whether you will get pro-grade real estate video production assistance, you should evaluate the company’s expertise, pricing policy, and turnaround time, and check out previous projects. Besides, you should clearly understand how much you are ready to spend on outsourced video editing. Currently, professionals charge $80/30 minutes or $10/hour.

FixThePhoto is one of the leading real estate video services. The team consists of talented editors that know how to make any video look attractive by removing distractions, correcting colors, and applying other changes. Besides, they specialize in virtual interior staging. 

No matter whether you have footage recorded with a camera or a regular smartphone – these guys will accept it and make it shine. They will add matching music, transitions, titles, and other elements to interest potential buyers. You can easily contact the team via chat, email, or phone.

The agency charges $80 per 30 minutes of a source video. Besides, they offer 15% and 30% discounts if the total cost of your order exceeds $1500 and $3000 respectively. 


  • High quality 

  • Work with phone videos

  • Intuitive registration and navigation 

  • Always stick to deadlines 

  • Pricing & services FAQ sections 

  • Bulk discounts


  • Few details about revisions

Veedyou Media prides itself on its exceptional customer service. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the edited video, they prioritize open communication and responsiveness to their clients' needs.

Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction sets them apart from other video editing services and cements their position as the go-to choice for real estate professionals seeking unparalleled video editing solutions.

Their expertise allows them to accentuate the unique selling points of each property, highlighting its best features while ensuring a seamless and stunning video.


  • Customer-tailored videos with branded colors, logos, etc.

  • Voiceovers in different languages and accents

  • For personal and business use

  • Customizable video packages

  • Can calculate price in advance


  • Unclear deadlines

This is another company you can address if you need basic help with video editing. In fact, these guys offer more services and perform work with photos, virtual staging, and virtual dusk & twilight transformation. They promise to deliver finished videos in 24 hours and can work in accordance with clients’ references in terms of styles.

The thing that causes confusion is the lack of transparent pricing. It is impossible to know how much you’ll have to pay for your specific order, and this inconvenience puts off some clients. 

Besides, if you are interested in non-standard video-editing techniques, this service can hardly satisfy your demands. They mainly stick to good old approaches. 


  • Lots of work samples 

  • Virtual staging 

  • Photo editing 


  • No pricing details 

  • Limited team capacity

  • Client support needs improvement

This real estate video editing service actively cooperates with large companies that want to upgrade their businesses, convert more leads, and promote their offers in a creative manner. In addition to video editing, the team has developed special tools for realtors that can be used for creating and managing web pages, performing search engine optimization, making marketing content, and more.

Similar to the previous agency, Luxury Presence doesn’t have any pricing information on the website. This seems strange and somehow discouraging for clients that want to calculate their expenses in advance. 

Moreover, while they accept video editing orders, they prefer tasks that involve making videos from scratch.


  • Ready to make revisions

  • Amazing customizations 

  • High quality standards


  • Confusing turnaround time

  • Mainly focused on video production and digital marketing

  • Unclear pricing policy

If you need a complete package of video editing services, you should reach out to this company. They can edit recordings, and create interesting video tours and walkthroughs in order to help realtors show the property to clients and help them feel the space more accurately. Besides, YourEditingTeam offers 360-degree videos for panoramas.

The thing that can disappoint clients is an hourly payment system. The cost is $10/hour if you send them RAW footage. Thus, it is very difficult to estimate how much your order will eventually cost unless you precisely know how long it takes to edit such a video. 


  • No obvious limits 

  • Expert English-speaking editors


  • Clunky uploading 

  • Unclear turnaround time and revision policy 

  • Poor flexibility

  • Can’t calculate price in advance

Ranked as one of the best video editing services for real estate, Alex Drone Photography can edit short videos aimed at social network audiences as well as commercial and drone footage that will be used for serious business promo campaigns. 

While the range of offered services is truly fantastic, the pricing info is missing on the site. They state that the final cost is calculated based on the type and length of footage, and the complexity of editing. 

While such an approach may be disheartening for some clients, the impossibility to upload files larger than 20 GB is absolutely distressing. Another thing that can upset clients is frequent deadline-breaking. 


  • HD video editing

  • Limitless revisions 

  • Royalty-free music and stock footage


  • No pricing data 

  • Client support needs improvement

  • Unclear deadlines

Top software & apps for real estate video post-production

It is impossible to record a perfect video, so you will need to edit it for a wow effect.  Here, you’ll find a list of affordable and free video-editing software suitable for basic and advanced corrections. 

These programs have many useful features, and you can use them to create slideshows and property listing films, customer testimonials, and more. In general, with such powerful software at hand, it will be easier to advertise any property. 

Price: free trial, $54.95 one-year license, $79.95 lifetime license

Movavi Video Editor is professional video-editing software full of useful features. Using its pack of tools, you can cut, trim and crop footage, resize and reverse clips, as well as add transitions and filters. In addition to basic options, the program also contains interesting color adjustments, slow-motion effects, image stabilization features, and chroma keying. 

Besides cool video editing tools, there are also great options for enhancing audio. For example, you can use an equalizer, beat detection, noise cancelation, normalization, and unique audio distortion effects. 


  • Neat, beginner-friendly UI 

  • Over 180 filters

  • Fast exporting 

  • LUT support


  • Watermark in the free version

Price: free trial or from $20/mo

Motionbox is a standard real estate video-editing software. It comes with tools for real-time collaboration and idea-sharing for the most productive teamwork. It is very popular among freelance experts, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. On the developer’s website, you can download interesting video templates for complementing videos with subtitles in an instant. 

Once you’re done with standard video edits, you can experiment with sounds, subtitles, voice-overs, titles, transitions, and animations.


  • Auto subtitles with different fonts and sizes

  • Quick video cropping and splitting

  • Fantastic co-op possibilities 


  • Premium support only for paid users 

  • Storage limitations in every plan

Price: Free or from $18.99/mo

If you want to improve your real estate marketing campaign by producing top-quality video content, this program can satisfy most of your needs. It contains a teleprompter, automatic captions, audio and video-editing tools, as well as features for collaboration. The best part is that you can create content specifically aimed at social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Besides, this video-editing software for beginners has instruments for customizing the background. For instance, it is possible to adorn the background with custom logos, titles, subtitles, effects, and more.


  • Optimized for mobile devices 

  • Integrates with Stock Media

  • Auto captions


  • No 4K video export 

  • Few advanced features 

  • Subscription-based pricing

Price: From $59/mo

This real estate video editor offers an online video maker, online video editor, and video-to-GIF converter. Promo comes with a slew of beautiful templates that can be customized to fit your current projects. 

Making adjustments is easy. You need to upload files from your gallery, edit text, add a logo, make resizing, and export your video. Remember that all users have limitless access to iStock content and Getty Images.


  • Newbie-friendly 

  • Over 4K adjustable templates 

  • 23+ million premium HD videos and photos


  • Not the cheapest option 

  • Occasional bugs 

  • Some functions are too primitive

Price: Free trial or $20.99/mo

Adobe® Premiere® Pro is a good choice when it comes to a feature set. The software contains many innovative functions and tools for editing video and audio, applying effects, adding transitions, and more.

You can experiment with multiple filters to give your videos a unique feel. Besides, the software has an auto color correction function, level effects, detailed contrast and brightness settings, and instruments for muting colors and altering shadows/lighting. Complementing your clips with text and graphics here is also a no-brainer task.


  • Terrific transitions 

  • Simple color editing

  • Synchronized editing


  • Requires powerful PCs

  • Not for complete novices 

  • High RAM usage

Video marketing ideas for real estate agents

Real estate video marketing is extremely important if you want to build a relationship with potential clients, attract them to your services, and eventually ramp up your profit. Currently, you may need to go the extra mile to stick out from the crowd, considering how severe the competition is. 

Record an “About Me” video

An “About Me” video can serve as an icebreaker if you are going to introduce your services to new clients. While recording such clips, you need to tell viewers about yourself, your genuine interest in what you are doing, and how you can help them. 

Once you have such a video, you can add it to your YouTube page, pin it to the Facebook profile, and embed it on your site. Moreover, you can insert a link to this video in emails that will be sent to prospects.  

Of course, it is paramount to sound confident and credible in such videos. So, you should also dwell on your professional background, achievements, qualifications, and prowess as a real estate agent. Make sure to pepper formal information with some personal details, and you will definitely achieve the desired goal. 

Shoot client video testimonials to prove your credibility 

Filming the emotions and feedback of your former clients is a great idea for any real estate video marketing video. It is better to make recordings at different spots, e.g., when you close the deal or open the house, so that potential clients can see that you are good at dealing with different tasks. 

If your clients feel shy and don’t know what to say, you can prepare several brief prompts or questions. For instance, they can touch upon your responsiveness and readiness to grapple with complicated cases, the speed of fulfilling an order, your diligence, etc.

Show your former projects

A portfolio can either make or break your real estate video marketing game. Therefore, you should do your best to compile a portfolio that demonstrates your most successful cases, allowing prospects to see your efficiency and expertise. In addition to previous projects, you need to include active listings, contact details, and testimonials from previous buyers in the portfolio.

Another handy recommendation to keep in mind is to use different types of content. For example, you can include spoken videos, text, photos, and tables with statistical data. 

Describe the key moments sellers need to know

To persuade people to choose you among hundreds of other realtors, you should demonstrate your knowledge. 

For instance, you can record short guides dedicated to different aspects of selling property. This can be step-by-step instructions on how to price a home for selling, how to prepare for an open house, or what items to remove & fix before putting your house on sale in order to receive good money. By sharing such handy tips, you can build a certain connection with potential clients. 

Come up with tips for buyers

Sellers make up one group of your clients. The other group is buyers, and it is important to take care of their needs as well. If people are going to purchase real estate for the first time, they definitely have lots of questions about the process, possible risks, etc. 

So, it is a great idea to touch upon such topics in short yet informative videos. For example, you can explain to them how to define the price range, how to get pre-approved for a mortgage, why a home inspection is important, etc.

Consider real estate market updates & trends

New trends spring up in the real estate sphere every year, and it is very important to know them and build your real estate marketing in accordance with such concepts. You should constantly keep an eye on promising real estate opportunities, market innovations, policy changes, and all those aspects that have a direct impact on your success as a realtor. 

Besides, you need to be flexible in order to adjust to new conditions in a quick way.

Think about the FAQ

There are similar questions that pop up in clients’ minds when they are going to sell or buy property. As a real estate agent, you have probably heard most of these questions many times, so why not record a video answering them? 

For example, you can talk about closing costs, the procedure of signing documents, property insurance, home inspection, etc.

Show your regular working day or behind the scenes

In addition to standard marketing video ads for realtors, you should also try recording a clip showing your customary working day as a real estate agent. Such content is very popular, especially if you add interesting audio and titles to it. 

You should decide whether you want to go casual and convivial or choose something more formal. In general, a more relaxed storytelling manner is more enjoyable. By making such recordings, you can better demonstrate what it takes to be a professional realtor and what hurdles you need to grapple with to make clients’ dreams come true.

Inform about common mistakes first-time buyers make

Besides recording video guides for inexperienced buyers, it is also helpful to create succinct clips that highlight common mistakes they tend to make. These videos will become a kind of warning and can save people thousands of dollars and much stress in the long run.

For instance, you can record a video about “popular home renovations to avoid”, “things to consider when visiting a house for the first time”, etc. Make sure to present information in an understandable manner and complement it with interactive details.

Create a “Just Sold” video

Showing the joy of your clients who have just bought their desired properly with your help is surely the best method to market your services. 

When people see that you can walk the talk, they will be inclined to trust you and will choose you as a real estate agent when they need to sell or buy real estate. 

Real estate video editing tips

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of real estate video editing, these simple recommendations may come in handy. 

1. Add motion effects and texts

For starters, you can insert text into your video so that viewers can better understand what you’re trying to explain to them. Moreover, you can embellish your footage with creative effects, accentuating specific frames or generally setting the mood for your videos. 

Fortunately, making such adjustments is very easy if you use any real estate video maker from the list above. 

2. Experiment with audio

Sometimes you just need to add matching sounds to your video to make it exciting and engaging. With the help of music, it is easy to set a particular mood for the story. Besides, you can use audio as a transition from one spot in the house to the other.

When choosing a suitable soundtrack, you need to decide what message you want to communicate. Some experts even claim that every property has a unique personality, and it is crucial to select audio that coincides with it.

3. Apply movement effects in moderation

You need to be very accurate when embellishing your marketing video ads for realtors with movement effects. If you go overboard with them, your content may become chaotic and difficult to comprehend. A good rule of thumb is to apply no more than 2-speed ramps. 

4. Reach out to a reputable real estate video editing company

Recording and editing videos for real estate marketing campaigns can take much time, so some realtors decide to delegate this tedious task to experts. Besides, by choosing this option, they can save money on professional equipment.

Today, there are lots of companies that offer real estate video editing services. Therefore, you’ll be able to select the agency that perfectly suits you both in terms of pricing policy and services offered.

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Reaching out to a credible real estate video production company is a reasonable option both in terms of money and time spent. Experts will edit your footage and turn it into a high-quality marketing video. 

While professionals take care of your recordings, you can focus on other activities. To make sure you’ve found a good service, you should consider such aspects as pricing and packages, customer feedback, turnaround time, the availability of revisions, and communication. 

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