Best Free MP4 Splitters

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April 2, 2021

Do you wish to cut away not-so-good parts of a video you captured? How about removing ad sections in a favorite video movie you downloaded? Perhaps you want to split a large MP4 video into multiple smaller segments? For all these actions, you would need to use an MP4 splitter.

There are many free MP4 splitters available for almost every desktop and mobile platform. Most of the latest splitters offer basic video manipulation options, including video splitting, cropping, merging, and others.

The best MP4 splitter free, however, offers a lot more functionalities but remains easy to use. No matter your reasons, you need to try some of the best free MP4 splitters available today. This post will outline some of the best tools to use if you are looking for how to split MP4 easily alongside its pros and cons.

Comparing MP4 Splitting Software





Movavi Video Editor PlusMac OS X, Microsoft Windows 10Easy to use with powerful splitting featuresFull features only available in the paid version
Free MP4 SplitterMicrosoft Windows 10Lightweight and simple-to-use appNo help file or user support
OpenShotMicrosoft Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS XEasy to learn and to use in trimming MP4 videosThe app can be buggy
AvidemuxLinux, Microsoft Windows 10, Mac OS XPowerful trimmer with added editing featuresUI is too basic for the average user
LightworksMicrosoft Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS XSupports large videos of up to 4K resolutionOutdated UI is difficult to navigate
iMovieMac OS, iOSSimple and user-friendlyThe iOS editor gets clunky when processing large files
MagixMicrosoft Windows 10 64 bitHighly responsive splitting interfaceThe UI looks and feels out of date

Best MP4 Splitters: Free and Paid

Movavi Video Editor Plus features an easy-to-use yet powerful MP4 split software that you can use to spit a video in a few clicks. The MP4 splitter lets Windows and Mac OS X users easily separate a video file into two or more sections and save them independently.

On top of the reasons why Movavi Video Editor Plus is a popular tool to split MP4 video is its straightforward interface. The sleek, simple interface and video timeline make it easy for both amateurs and professionals to use. The editor also offers many other MP4 video editing features, including rotate, tilt, crop, filters, and even combining video fragments.

Pros of Movavi Video Editor Plus:

  • Features a sleek, easy-to-use interface
  • Splits both small and large video files pretty well
  • Detailed zoom-in on the video timeline makes precise MP4 splitting possible

Cons of Movavi Video Editor Plus:

  • Movavi Video Editor’s free version offers limited video editing functionalities

Free MP4 splitter became a popular tool when it launched because it is easy to use and was specially developed to split MP4 files. Novice users quickly learned to depend on it for quick and straightforward MP4 splitting tasks. While this MP4 video splitter’s interface could use an update, it is highly functional and makes the entire program easy to navigate.

As the name hints, Free MP4 Splitter is a freeware video editor that offers limited functionalities. It makes it easy for users to quickly import videos of MP4 formats and split them into separate video clips. The splitter also offers preview functions with a built-in media player and maintains the original quality of video and sounds in media.

Pros of Free MP4 Splitter:

  • It is a lightweight program that installs in seconds
  • Splits MP4 files very fast
  • Preserves video-audio sync and quality of original files well

Cons of Free MP4 Splitter:

  • Available only on Windows
  • Offers no user guide or help files

OpenShot is a cross-platform video editor that you can use to quickly and easily split an MP4 file into two or more parts. The software features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to add MP4 files to split and is designed for both hobbyist users and businesses.

Like most other video editors today, OpenShot offers several essential video editing tools aside from the MP4 splitter. Whether you need to trim and crop a video or just want to separate parts, the editor does a better job than some paid apps. Overall, OpenShot's MP4 video splitting performance is good, but some video editing features of the app may not always work as expected.

Pros of OpenShot:

  • Features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
  • Splits videos of any size fast
  • High zoom timeline enables precise trimming of video

Cons of OpenShot:

  • It takes longer to save split MP4 file videos
  • Some users found the software buggy

Avidemux is an open-source video editing software that competes with some of the market's priciest tools. Its MP4-split free tool is just one in an arsenal of tens of video editing features. It is an ideal MP4 splitter for beginners and casual users looking for software that is easy to learn and fast to use.

As open-source software, Avidemux strives to make it easy for users to learn and use its features. If you are a beginner in editing video content with limited computing, this software would be invaluable because it uses minimal processing power and RAM. Some of the top features it offers aside from MP4 splitting are cut, flip, rotate, and color filtering.

Pros of Avidemux:

  • Offers multiple basic video editing tools aside from MP4 splitter
  • Lightning-speed trimming even when running on a computer with limited resources
  • Avidemux is an open-source software

Cons of Avidemux:

  • It does not support precision trimming in open frames
  • Allows the selection of only one part from the parts of the split video

Lightworks has been in the video editing software business for over 25 years, and they know a thing or two about what makes the best free MP4 splitter. Their cloud-based video editor offers unique functionalities and features that make splitting a video into sections easy and fast.

The drag-and-drop method of video clip selection makes Lightworks one of the best free MP4 splitters out there. The video editing suite also offers a long list of added features that a user may be interested in, including color correction, FX plugins, and exporting split MP4 clips to different formats.

Pros of Lightworks:

  • Cloud-based, meaning that users can use it on the browser.
  • Supports drag-and-drop
  • Export clips directly to YouTube

Cons of Lightworks:

  • The user interface is a bit outdated for cloud-based software.

Apple markets the iMovie as a simple personal tool that anyone with an iOS or macOS device can use to turn their plain videos into magical clips. iMovie is one of Apple's top software that has won accolades for being easy to use, hence popular. The only catch, however, is that you can only use it on an Apple device.

iMovie offers seamless editing tools that ordinary users can use to create professional-looking videos fast. Its MP4 splitter and joiner is a convenient tool that separates sections of a video file into separate clips in a matter of seconds.

Pros of iMovie:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Preserves the quality of the original MP4 video
  • Supports the editing of the same video file from multiple devices using AirDrop

Cons of iMovie:

  • The MP4 splitter on iOS can get clunky when splitting large files.

Professionals use the Magix Movie Edit Pro to create top-notch quality movies and video clips. However, this movie splitter would be useful to you if you are looking for a simple yet easy-to-use MP4 splitter. The software offers many features and tools that a hobbyist would not need.

Magix MP4 splitter is not as simple and straightforward as others on this list. This is because the app contains many features and can be challenging to navigate for first-time users.

However, when you find it, the splitter is fast and offers advanced 64-bit support to accelerate the speed of MP4 splitting.

Pros of Magix:

  • Converts videos fast, especially on 64-bit platforms
  • It offers many MP4 splitting options
  • Delivers frame-precise video trimming

Cons of Magix:

  • Lacks a reliable file import tool

How to Use an MP4 Video Splitter

Here is how to split an MP4 file quickly and easily using Movavi Video Editor Plus:

Step 1: Open Movavi Video Editor Plus

Open the video editor if you have it already installed. If not, it is available for free download here. Movavi Video Editor Plus features an intuitive and well-illustrated onboarding process that takes only a few minutes to master.

Downdload Movavi Video Editor Plus

Step 2: Locate the MP4 File You Want to Split

On the left of the screen, click on Add Files, then navigate to the location of the MP4 file on your computer. The MP4 file will be added to the Media bin, from there you can drag it to the timeline.

Step 3: Adjust Timeline to Split the MP4 Video

There are many ways you can split an MP4 video on Movavi Video Editor Plus. To split a video into two halves, drag the red marker to the middle of the video. Use the video preview window to find the exact location you wish to split the video.

Step 4: Cut Out Unwanted Segments in an MP4 Video

You can also cut out an unwanted segment on a video. Drag the red marker to the beginning of the part you wish to cut out, then click on the Split icon. Move the second marker to the end of the video segment you want to remove, then press Delete.

Step 5: Save Split Video

When done with splitting a video, you must save it on your computer in the correct format. To save an MP4 video, click on Export, then choose the format to which you wish to save. For instance, click on MP4 to save the resulting video file as an MP4 file.

If you wish to export the trimmed MP4 file to a different device such as Android, be sure to save it in a suitable format. Locate the directory on which to save the video on your computer, then click Start.

Great, now you know how to split a video with Movavi Video Editor Plus!

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