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Want to zoom in your video? That's simple! Use Movavi Video Editor

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How to Zoom In on Video

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Want to focus your audience’s attention on specific details in your video? There’s an easy way to do it: just apply a zoom-in effect to the video to bring those scenes closer to the viewer. All you need to do this is a powerful video editor with zoom function – like Movavi Video Editor. It’s a multifunctional video editing and processing tool that will let you quickly and easily zoom in or zoom out a video, apply other special effects, add audio, titles, and transitions, and save it to any of over 180 media formats. Download the Movavi software and apply the zooming to your video now!

Step 1: Install the Video Zoom Software

Download the program file and open it to launch the installation. Follow the onscreen guide and the program will be ready to edit your clip in just a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Add Your Video

Launch the program and choose Create project in full feature mode in the welcome window. After that, click Add Media Files and pick the clip you want to edit. The selected video will be added to the Timeline automatically.

Step 3: Apply the Zoom Effect

Click the tab shown in the screen image and select Zoom. Open the list within the Pan and Zoom section and choose Zoom in-out. On the Preview Window, adjust the grey frame to select the image area you want to zoom in on or out from. Once you’re happy with the position of the frame, click Apply. This will apply the zoom effect to the entire clip from the very beginning (20% of the clip duration is zooming in, the video remains zoomed in for the following 60% of the clip, the remaining 20% is zooming out). If you want to focus on just a section of the clip, you’ll need to isolate the target section first. For more information, refer to the instructions for how to split video.

Step 4: Save Your Clip

Click the Export button and choose the tab that’s best for your requirements. You can save the clip on your computer, export it for viewing on a specific mobile device, or prepare your movie for uploading to the Internet. Once you’ve chosen the desired option, click Start.

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