Steam vs. Epic Games: What Is the Best Game Launcher of All Time?

Choosing the best gaming platform can be a difficult task for many gamers, given the number of seemingly great options available. When it comes to PC gaming, two names often pop up in the debate: Steam vs. Epic Games. Both are leading platforms and often seen as direct competitors, but how do they fare when put head-to-head? This has led many people to argue over Epic games vs. Steam for the best game launcher of all time. 

To help answer that question, it could be helpful to determine what makes a good game launcher in the first place. Many consumers favor a wide game selection, an easy-to-use interface, frequent sales and discounts, and helpful customer support. Do Steam and Epic Games deliver in these categories? Let’s dive into each one and find out.

Quick summary

  1. For creating and sharing modified content: Steam

    Besides a vast library of games, Steam is popular for its robust social-networking features and the exclusive Steam Workshop, where users can create and share mods for their favorite games.

  2. For exclusive game deals: Epic Games

    Epic Games regularly offers free games: users can claim and keep a game at no cost every week. Additionally, Epic Games has exclusive rights to some games, making them only available through its platform.

  3. Editor’s choice for editing gameplay videos: Movavi Video Editor

    For gamers who want to share their gameplay experience, use Movavi Video Editor to produce high-quality content that stands out. Cut out unwanted parts, add your own intro and voice-over, and easily share your content right from the program.

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What is Steam?

Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation. It offers a wide array of services including video game distribution, multiplayer gaming, video streaming, and social networking. Launched in 2003, Steam has since evolved into one of the most prominent platforms for PC gaming.

Key features:

  • Game library. Steam hosts a vast selection of games from various genres. From indie games to AAA titles, Steam has something for every gamer.

  • Community features. The platform includes robust social-networking features. Users can join groups, chat with friends, and communicate in forums.

  • Steam Workshop. This feature allows users to create and share modified content (mods) for their favorite games.

  • Sales and discounts. Steam is famous for its seasonal sales, offering huge discounts on a wide variety of games.

  • Steam Cloud. This allows players to save their game progress to the cloud and access it from any device, including the proprietary Steam Deck, a powerful-yet-mobile gaming platform.

  • Steam achievements. These provide extra goals for players within their games and can be shared and compared with friends.


  • Extensive game library

  • Regular discount events

  • User reviews to guide purchasing decisions

  • Strong community presence in chat, community pages, and forums


  • Cluttered user interface

  • Regional price disparities

  • Limited refund policy

  • Low quality control on new titles

What is Epic Games?

Epic Games Launcher is a digital game distribution platform developed by Epic Games, the company behind popular titles like Fortnite and the Unreal Engine. It was introduced in December 2018 and has been gaining popularity as a major competitor to other game platforms like Steam. 

Key features:

  • Game library. Epic Games Launcher hosts a variety of games, including both in-house developed titles and games from other developers. It has exclusive rights to some games, making them only available through its platform.

  • Free games. One of the main attractions of Epic Games Launcher is its regular offering of free games. Every week, users can claim and keep a game at no cost!

  • Epic exclusives. Epic Games has attracted attention with its exclusive game deals. These titles are only available on the Epic Games Launcher for a certain period.

  • Competitive pricing. Epic has also tried to differentiate itself with a more generous revenue-sharing model for game developers, which has the potential to lead to lower prices for consumers.


  • Free games on a weekly basis

  • Exclusive titles unavailable on other platforms

  • More generous revenue split for developers

  • Simplified user interface


  • Smaller game library compared to Steam

  • Absence of user reviews

  • Less robust community features

  • Limited modding features

Comparing Epic Games vs. Steam

When it comes to the Epic Games Store vs. Steam, the difference between the two is quite noticeable in various aspects. It's not just about the sheer volume of games, but also how each platform has set up their unique features.

When directly comparing Epic vs. Steam, users will immediately notice a difference in the user interfaces. Steam’s is busier in general, and its community features add many more tabs and buttons when compared to Epic Games. However, both are relatively easy to install and run responsively. The real differences begin to appear when one compares their main features.

Game library

Steam has a truly expansive library, which includes a myriad of obscure and independent titles, making it a preferred platform for gamers with diverse tastes. Its considerable collection offers more variety, especially for those who enjoy discovering lesser-known games and supporting independent developers. On the other hand, Epic Games takes a different approach, focusing more on quality over quantity. While its game library may not match the sheer volume of Steam's, it compensates by securing exclusivity deals with developers. This strategy ensures that Epic Games provides unique, high-quality games unavailable on other platforms. However, many of Epic’s exclusives do eventually come to Steam and other platforms some time after their release. This means that for almost any game you want to play, Steam is the more likely candidate to carry it.

Winner: Steam

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Sales and discounts

Both Steam and Epic Games cater to their users with periodic seasonal and holiday sales, making these platforms appealing for bargain hunters. However, Steam tends to hold more frequent sales events and generally offers deeper discounts, providing gamers with opportunities to purchase their favorite games at significantly reduced prices. Despite this, Steam offers fewer free games compared to its competitor; Epic Games sets itself apart by offering a free game every week. This unique strategy allows users to steadily build an impressive game library without having to spend any money, thus adding an attractive value proposition to their platform.

Winner: Steam

Community features

Steam is celebrated for its robust community features that significantly enhance user engagement and overall gaming experience. Features like user reviews provide invaluable insight into the gameplay and quality of titles, aiding users in making informed decisions. Furthermore, Steam's website forum encourages discussions, information exchange, and fosters a sense of camaraderie among gamers. The ability to connect and interact with friends enables users to share experiences, team up for multiplayer games, and build a personal network within the gaming world. These community aspects are important as they foster a sense of belonging, promote shared experiences, and provide avenues for assistance and learning. In contrast, Epic Games, being relatively new to the game distribution scene, currently offers fewer community features. While it's making continuous strides to enhance its platform, it still has some catching up to do.

Winner: Steam

Developer support

Epic Games presents a more appealing revenue model for video game developers, offering a significantly better revenue split compared to Steam. In fact, Steam takes more than double the revenue share from sales that Epic Games does. This crucial financial aspect could not only influence developers' decisions regarding game distribution, but might also lead to some developers choosing to make their future games exclusive to Epic Games. Consequently, this could impact the availability and diversity of future games on each platform, but only time will tell.

Winner: Epic Games


When it comes to exclusivity, Steam tends to take a backseat compared to Epic Games. Although it boasts an expansive library, Steam offers relatively fewer exclusive titles. Conversely, Epic Games aggressively pursues exclusivity deals, making certain games available only on their platform, thus creating a unique attraction for its user base. Additionally, Epic Games' strategy of offering a free game every week adds a unique dimension to their platform. Even though these free games are not exclusive in the traditional sense, they could feel like exclusives for those users who do not intend to buy a game but would play it if it was free. Thus, Epic's approach of exclusivity, coupled with regular free game offerings, presents a compelling proposition for many gamers.

Winner: Epic Games


While not every game on Steam has Steam Workshop available, many of the most popular titles do. This means video game modders can create and modify a game’s content and upload their work to the Workshop. Then, gamers can download their work to create more replayability and enjoyment for the supported game. Epic Games doesn’t have a comparable feature, making Steam the obvious winner here.

Winner: Steam

Final verdict



Epic Games

Game library size

Sales and discounts

Developer support

Community features


Free games


If you value a vast library with a wide array of games, including obscure and indie titles, alongside a robust community and more frequent sales, Steam would likely be your preferred choice. Its mature community features, extensive library, and regular sales make it an all-around strong contender.

On the other hand, if you prefer quality over quantity, enjoy regularly receiving free games, and appreciate exclusive titles, Epic Games Launcher could be your go-to platform. Its competitive pricing, exclusive games, and the strategy of offering free games every week create a platform that many users feel loyalty towards.

It’s worth saying that a great deal of gamers opt for a hybrid approach to enjoy the best of both worlds offered by Steam and Epic Games. There’s no law saying a consumer can only have one game launcher, so they simply download both launchers, and take advantage of the sales offers by each during respective seasons. For games they want to mod, they purchase on Steam. They also look at Epic Games’ free game offering each week to build their library. Some users even use Steam to look up reviews for a game, before buying it at a lower price or on sale on Epic. By using both launchers, gamers can amalgamate the perks of each platform, broadening their gaming horizons while benefitting from the exclusive advantages each launcher has to offer. This ensures an enriched and diverse gaming experience.


In essence, choosing between Steam and Epic Games boils down to personal preferences. Each platform has its unique set of advantages and drawbacks, and the optimal choice hinges on your gaming expectations and priorities. Amidst this gaming exploration, it's essential to have the right tools to display your gaming prowess (or become a content creator).

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